The Crew

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Note Fr EJ

Whats going on people!
I have been getting this question a lot lately and I felt it would be the best topic to blog about! A lot of people ask me what is it that you really do?!?!? Well I will break it down for you so it can forever and consistently be broke!! 1st I'm a radio show host over @ Bangnat Radio ( I have a wonderful co-host KB. And we be TRIPPIN!!!! Check out our B.I.G Trib. Along w the CIAA / SEA Awards recap.

But my 2nd job in this wonderful world of music. Is that of a Personal Promoter. Which is a fancy title meaning I handle different artist promotional needs. My roster includes...
Ozy Reigns
F.P. Streetz
D. Chiz
Ford Bound
Jeff Lucky
Charles Herron

Keep me very busy. These are my people that can call me and I drop all for. But I'm always up to help new artist get their promotion game on track. Scream at me. Some promoters like to be in the lime light. Thats never been my style. I feel if you know my artist or google them after you read this... And find them without having to dig. I've done my job. Of course theirs more to it... But if I give you all the details and inner workings now would their really be a market for me to D-Bo? LOL Nope. Then everyone would try and be a personal promoter lol. Just know I go to work... I get the job done!!