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Friday, January 30, 2009

A True Flash Back...

(Yeah I'm going to stop being lazy and write something new... Next week when I get back from my trip... But hell this is a true flashback. 6/25/07 man i looked and looked for clips from this show... But oddly I can't find them. Because they have been removed... But hell I got some pictures from the foolishness)

The Attack On Hip Hop
Now normally I have my mid-day nap when Oprah comes on. So I caught her tonight @ 9 by just flipping. And I was just stuck on the topic. Seeing that I am a Brown woman in hip hop with in the 2G Era I really felt the need to watch. This is not the 1st time I have heard of this topic or had these thoughts.
I'm just really tired of keeping my peace now. So the world is really about to get a peek into the mind of Journee'. I couldn't help but think.... On the Left side. There is some people making some fucked up tracks. Period. But what these "Black Leaders, Writers, Activist" are for the most part trying to take our 1st amendment right from the music game! (YEAH I TOOK IT THERE AND IF YOU DON'T SEE IT AS THAT YOU NEED TO LOOK IT UP...) They are really trying to censor the music we listen to??? What are they going to do next out law dancing??? Have us become the real life foot lose?
Really look at what's going on. I'm not saying that its cool to call someone a bitch and hoe every other word. But you trippin if you don't say there are people out here that truly fit those descriptions! You know who you are and what you act like. So I don't think people should get mad when a rapper calls that female out on her faults to a hot beat. They had those chicks from Spelman siting there like they don't call their class mates bitches and hoes on a daily bases. THEY GO TO A ALL FEMALE SCHOOL... Tell the truth.... "That BITCH stole my brush." "That HOE Stole my man." You just not going tell me that these females don't use bitch hoe and worse on a everyday bases! But since they don't say it over a dance track that makes it aight??? You know the odd thing is who said they were talking about a female when they use those words? It may be me but I call more men these days hoes! Same for bitch! Male or female, I think the people who take offense just happen to see a little more of themselves in those words then they would like to admit! Now those same chicks who were trying to come off all high and mighty on that show. Be the same chicks dressing/ dancing like the females in those videos. (SPEAK ON IT)
There have been many songs that make you sit and look at your own faults. Look at 2 Pac's "Wonder why they call you bitch" He break down the whole meaning behind why he called a certain female a bitch. That song had a powerful message, and made a lot of females look deeper at their behavior!
I am all for the up rising of rap and true hip hop but not at the expense of free speech! They got the game messed up. Leave it up to them we will be listening to the theme of pretty little pony and a bunch of cut your wristPhotobucket tracks! What's next... only G rated movies? I don't believe you should put a cap on no one's creativity!!!!! That's what they are trying to do.
Honestly 1/2 the people on this Oprah show I wanted to push out their chairs. Now that I watch part two of this show, it hits me... This Oprah panel is one sided. Why didn't she have the artist who they are actually speaking about, On the stage defending their work? Common is not that artist. But you still want to attack his music. Oprah is a middle age white women, not afraid to pull a problem out. But petrified of confronting the people she calling out. She speaks on the music of Snoop, Nelly, 50 cent but I promise they will NEVER be on the Oprah show, to defend their selves. Why because she can't control these guys. She scared that they may say something that she don't agree with. Far be it for someone in the world to go against Oprah's way of thinking.
I don't understand how you only going to have a one sided panel. For the 10 females at Spelman Photobucket who went up against Nelly tell me what happen to the females who were dancing and enjoying his music. They knew he had that track before they invited him to go to their school. What about the females who were trying to find out where he was staying and trying to shall we say "GET CLOSE TO HIM." There is nothing you can say to make me think differently on this subject. They knew what they were getting before hand. Now if the whole student body wanted him.... That's the problem you should have took up with your S.G.A. and not Nelly. There are times when you have a group of people looking too deep into things. "Well i think its a imbalance in the nuclear d.n.a. of the rap world causing double relapses and pro tool up rises." IE investing too much damn money in that thought!
Rap is NOT pornography! Some rappers have other ventures they go into. If porn happens to be one that they are comfortable with then that's their business! No! That's really GOOD business sense. Snoop knows he wont be 80 and rapping! Everyone retires 50, Jay-Z, Puffy etc knows this. So they make investments! Creating drinks, clothing lines, shoes etc. In doing this it not only creates a way for their families to live a comfortable life so that poverty will not be in their family again. (You can't knock someone who is providing for their families.) No one is making you watch or buy their work. Salt and Peppa said it the best when they came out with let's talk about sex. "If you don't like it pick up the needle press pause or turn the radio off!" Everything is not for everyone. Its like the older generation who has this problem with rap never did anything or said worse. They act like the only thing they ever did in their bed is sleep and pray. (Lies they tell)
Bruce Gordon was like the only one who sees the bigger picture. Everyone else is screaming TAKE Their deals. This is where they got the game twisted. We are a new breed of musicians! We are in a generations of brilliant business minds. Look at Cam'ron he signed his-self! How you going to pull a deal from him. Think on it. He can press ship and market everything in house. How can you take that?
If we let them take control over the music we listen to its going to be just like when the government made alcohol illegal it was made illegal and everyone went underground and started making it themselves. The music will still be heard. Rather in a club up town. Or Harpo's Juke Joint! You can take the music off the radio but what's next you going to listen to every song on the net and pull it?
This cycle will never end! They tried this same thing with Prince, P-Funk All Stars, Dorothy Dandridge even Elvis!!!! And they are all musical genius's. I think a lot of these activist are running out of causes! Psychologist saying its problems from childhood. Got writers saying that rappers are present day jig-a-boos putting on a minstrel show for money. A lot of these people come from nothing and have made a way out of NO WAY. Why weren't they out there trying to help these artist when they were living in the worse of standards. Eating sugar and mayo sandwich's! You don't know the full truth about anyone so you have no right to name or judge them. PERIOD!
Two things about part two of this "Town Meeting" (A town meeting with no real people from the "TOWN" in which she is speaking on!) One lady stood out to me. Now many people on this show pissed me off mainly Oprah. Please watch the 2nd part of that show! Everyone who got up to say something she didn't like. Everyone who went against her point of view on the subject Oprah would cut them off! "O.K. your point has been made" How are you going to have a real discussion on a topic when you are only letting clones of your point of view get their points across? I never can catch the funny looking guy with the glasses name. But he called people in the hip hop world "Clowns" hmmmmmmmmm pause for a second on that one. Clown's.... Now there are only one group of clown's in hip hop that I KNOW. Are over there in Cali with "Tommy the Clown" Helping kids stay out of gangs and trouble while crumpin! He really has some bloody nerve. I think he is the only "CLOWN" that was on that whole show!!!!!!
Trying to say the most controversial things he could possibly say in order to boost his standings as a writer. (O game peep game) Shut that there down. Sorry y'all know I have that add problem, which is bad on subjects like this because I have so much to say.
The lady that stood out to me was in the audience. A African American women well pass a size 14 who wants to speak on the rap artist show casing ladies bodies in videos. Now Im going to take it there. I have been a plump now thick chick almost all my life. So trust me when I say I remember the days when you wouldn't see a lady with real curves on a video in a magazine or bill boards. I remember the days where you only saw light skin stick figures of women. Cosmo was the deciding vote on what was hot.
Now we have videos who show all kinds of body types. We have artist up lifting the brown bodies. Look at De La Soul Baby PhatAnthony Hamlton Sister Big Bones . After years of being put down the industry is finally recognizing that thick is the shit.
And her BIG ass is going to get up there and talk down about these ladies showing off their curves! SIT IT DOWN. She just pushed the curvy big girl movement at lest 20 steps back. How rude. I think ladies showing their bodies is a beautiful thing.
I know I'm thick too perfection and show my BIG TATTED THIGHS my wide butt wonderful Boob-age-ture on a ERRRRRRRRRRRR-Day bases. Not giving one let alone 2 damns about what anyone has to say.
I am a brown female who listens to RAP MUSIC LOUD. Yes and some songs that call some females BITCHES and HOES while having road RAGE going down the highway screaming BITCH get out my way (And no the music didn't influence me to call anyone a bitch, I came up with it on my own. Learn to use your blinkers BITCH!)
I'm just tired of this whole attack on rap music. If you that concerned about the youth of tomorrow how about you leave that comffy writing job and go and teach at a High School in the "Inner City"? I don't get it. These leaders are worried about rap music when gas is $3.00 a gallon!!!!! DAMNIT I think that's a bigger problem. Can someone write about that???? Can we have a Oprah show on that??? Can we have some Black Leaders march and ask questions on that. The radio free... Im dropping damn near $80 at the pump every week! Let's talk about that!!! I'm a day away from becoming a video chick my damn self just so I can afford to go to my 9-5 everyday. Speak on that somebody. And that boycotting gas for the day is NOT going to work. So stop sending me those damn e-mails and think of something else.
I'm just saying there are MASSIVELY bigger problems. That should be on the forefront! Why are our troops still over seas being murdered?????? What is this the 30 years war revisited??? There are more important issues you should be angry about. That's why the government is loving this war on rap. Your focus on the war on rap is taking the focus from the war in Iraq!!!! SAVE OUR FUCKING TROOPS!!!! Look at what's going on!!!! The Brown World needs to wake the fuck up!!!!!
And if you would like to know who I am.... well I'm Empress Mother Funking Journee' (If you need a resume I'm a graduate of NC A&T SU with two degrees and a certification. Any questions feel free to hit me up. I stand by my words.)
As Spike Lee said in my favorite movie School Daze....

Empress Journee

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hip Hop is Dead... Or is it????

(Classic Rant part 2! I wrote this back on 2/6/08 LOL O & since I never really said what it is I do. I'm a personal promoter in the indie hip hop circle. & net radio personality dropping soon.)

This is a special addition of my rant because I am pissed! What we
like to call the hell off! I'm not holding my tongue no fucking MORE!
Let me drop some science right fast. I don't want to hear no one else
in the fucking United States... Yeah I said it UNITED STATES! Say "Hip
Hop is dead!" I'm about to break this shit down... So it can forever
and consistently be broke!
Hip Hop is NOT dead!
It's just being ignored by main stream. I'm about to break down the
game to the world. I have some good friends in this rap game who
really have talent. Lyrically! Some who have had major hits over seas!
Some who could shut down anyone you hear on the radio or see in these
mags without even breaking out their A Bomb material.
So I sent out a few tracks to a kat I know @ another magazine...
Peep the convo. (He cool people so I'm going to black out the name)
"Hey, I feel you...don't get mad at Personally, I prefer
artists like **** but it is what it is with the ***** audience. So we
have to cater to the demographics. I mean, **** might be big overseas
but ya know how the game is. Artists with the most talent aren't the
artists that people are checking for."
Now my question is who the fuck got polled for this. Why wasn't
there any "vote or die" shirts made up for this election. I mean who
did the census for what type of music people wanted to hear? I vote in
every election (even the small ones that ask if schools should have
more crayons ) Shit if there was an election I would have slept over
night at the door to cast my ballet.
Just because the cooperate heads in television and radio play
something over and over again. Don't mean people want to hear it. The
game is simple. 1st the artist with the most money get the most play.
They have the disposable income to buy their way into clubs and mags
radio etc. So the person with hella skillz and a 9-5 and over $40G's
in student loans is often over looked... What the fuck.
Come on people in real life.
Look at the 90s! We had Foxy / Kim Plus Gangsta Boo and Trina! Jay Z,
Nas, Biggie, Busta, Common & Pac.... & Ghost Town DJ's, Freak Nasty
and 69 Boys. There was variety back then. Who said it had to be all or
nothing? Where did this one way come from.
I mean 1st they take off video soul Photobucket then they fuck up rap city (Now they took it off)!
What's next people. It's like music in the main stream has lost
creativity. Even in video's! It's like directors are lazy now. Just
toss some booty shaking chicks up there and tape it. Hold on! No I'm
not hating do what you do. There have been a few moments where if I
had a Buffie Butt Photobucket I would have jump in a video lol. Times is hard
sometimes. I wont hate on how some ones eating but I miss the videos
that actually went along with the theme of the song. Plot story line
all that.
Work Wit Me People!
So lets recap we have A. Addressed the problem. Now we will B. Find a
solution. E Mail the radio stations magazines. Write fuss cuss! For
what you want. Its like people not voting but bitching about the out
come. If you don't stand up then you have no right to say shit. Just
shut the fuck up. This is the time. This is the revolution and it will
be televised as well as broadcast. This is our movement. Stand up
and be fucking heard. Photobucket

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Classic Journee' Rant.... On Indie Hip Hop

Side Note....
{Aight I went to support one of my homeboys at this show last night. & I had a flashback to the time I wrote this. Thought it would be a nice time to re-visit the topic. O I still feel the same way I did... 3/20/2007!!!! And I still want this message to get out to the masses. }

I was @ this open mic on Monday past lost and confused! Wondering why in the hell do some folk about here make music. I mean DANG! Do you like hearing your own voice??? All I heard Photobucket was Foolishness to a beat! The break down. Most of the kat's out there are in some type of "MEGA GROUP" I mean Wu Tang size. (Not just the Wu i'm talking about the Wu with the ext. wu tang members.) MEGA MEGA Groups. The type where 1/2 the group has to stand along side the stage because their is no room. Then everyone wants to hop around like the Easter Bunny and Scream! Now since it's a mega group they have the same producer. So they be rapping on the same beat for at lest 45 min's and then here come's the 2nd MEGA group to do the same thing. Every now and then you may get a hot artist to pop up at that spot but this is rare. Then you have the BS DJ who wants you to pay for play!!!!
WOW that's deep.
I have no respect for this DJ for so many reason. Mainly because he put out a mix CD the 50 Top Mc's in NC and it was the worse thing I ever heard in my life. (No back up.... Afro Man is the worse ish I ever herd. But trust this is a close 2nd!) There might have been the top 50 MCs in 74 that night. But far from the top Mc's in NC! Then they were rapping over the same BS beat. What was that???? I promise you 46 of those kat's should NOT have been on there! In REAL Life.... I would be shame to even be on there. How you gonna have the top NC Mc's and not have Ike Trunah, Bishop, The One Kemist, Charles Herron..... what are you really going through.
I'm not hating i'm just stating this rap game aint for everyone. Just because your best friend tell you something is hot... Don't feed into that hype. Just because your grandma support your dreams of being the next wack rapper to kicking Main Stream Hip Hop in the gut after its already been gang raped by foolishness. I'm just trying to save you. Because when Hip Hop recover it's coming back to get you.
Remember what goes around comes around!
You shouldn't be so careless with your extra money! You know you could get your credit right with that money you spend on wack beats and studio time. Feed some homeless kids. Something but stop with the wack-ness... I'm putting my foot down!
Next time I hear a wack rapper i'm going to freeze tag you! Tap you on your shoulder and you just STOP!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Journee' on Traffic


There is really no reason for traffic.

As I make that long commute to work each day. It hits me, like a stack of rocks. I know why there is traffic in cities across the US. So sit back. EJ is about to break it down! So it will forever and consistently be BROKE! There are only I’m going to say 10 or so people who cause morning and afternoon traffic. If there isn’t an accident! Car trouble! Or road-work! It’s no reason for traffic. NONE WHAT SO EVER!!!!

--> Morning traffic is caused by people who don’t like their jobs.

They are dreading the work day ahead. There for they will go 35 on the highway just to prolong their arrival. Since they don’t want to get to work, they don’t want you to get to work on time either. Thus the traffic jams. (Yes we have a few people who are just running late and want to shave or brush their teeth while driving. But the one’s I’ve encountered haven’t held up traffic. Just put other people in jeopardy…)

----> Afternoon traffic is caused by people who don’t want to go home….

Either they don’t want to be in the relationship they are in. And don’t want to see that person. Or there is no food in the house! & they don’t want that round of ramen noodles for the 7th day in a row. Or just don’t like their living lifestyle.

Either way it go… Get the hell over it and either move out the damn way. Or get a shrink, new job. Or learn how to spice up your noodles. Something. But you need to pull it together…

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Funny 2 Start Your Day...

OK I had a good Monday. I really didn't have anything to say..... But I always like a good laugh. I found this clip of Maronzio Vance. He is funny as hell. I hope you enjoy....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Skinny Jeans....

I didn't realize how long its been since I've been to a mall until yesterday. I went to the mall & was overwhelmed! I knew that some people had been consume with this mainstream metrosexual epidemic... But i didn't know that this plague affected 95% of men walking around right now. I just don't understand what's going on. What women would really want to be with a man who brought their clothes on the same rack as she did. What is really going on? I feel like I'm in that Boondocks where the gay rapper had everyone walking around in drag...
Just waiting to roll down the street and hear "Homies over hoes" blasting... This shit must stop... I'm newly single. & its like wow... So the dating pool is this shallow out here... I'm not dating no kat with nut huggers on... Photobucket . This shit is NOT OK! My gaydar is all fucked up... Because men walking around like females. What is that... I saw these high school guys in the mall. With the tightest of tight red pants on. And had the nerve to be sagging. What is really going on...


Aint nothing cool about male yeast infections.... I just want to know what happen to the manly man... I guess my age is catching up to me. And I'm just not on the cutting edge now. But I don't care. Give me a man that wear pants his size, and shops in a male store anyday... Because stuff like this....

Photobucket don't cut it...
I blame the parents... For not putting their foot down. And I blame rappers too. Photobucket


It may just be me... But I don't want to see the out line of a man's thigh.


need i go on? I can't bring out my Andre 3000 "OOOOOOOOOOOOO he can get it" voice... I had those leggings in blue back in 86... But I'm a chick.... Perfect ex. of your man wearing your clothes. Some things should stay a double standard. I can wear a male's shirt and boxers. But if I come home and see a in my t-shirt and panties there would be problems.

Coolin on a Sunday Afternoon...

I'm really chilling... Enjoying this moment to do absolutely nothing. On a very nice Sunday afternoon. Taking the time to reflect, pack, and cool out. I have a very busy week ahead of me. But somewhere between my thoughts of what the hell am I going to take to ATL & why the hell are there so many realty shows. I got to having flashbacks and smiling. Thinking about someone... And couldn't not stop smiling...

Yeah its a good Sunday to do nothing...

If you have the chance to..... Just cool out. You owe it to yourself. Hell I almost took a road trip. 2009 is going great!

25 Random Things About Me...

uNow I'm bootleggin this off FaceBook.. But I was tagged. & I can't sleep So I guess I'm going to just rock with it. {THE RULES ---> Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. Very few people in this world know my real age...
2. In 2nd School & High School I was a odd ball... (I still am)
3. I was the only female drummer in my schools from 5th-8th grade... That's when I got kicked out of the band for spassin out on the teacher... errrrrrrrrrrrrr
4. What Happen 2 Baby Jane is one of my favorite movies.
5. I have a huge crush on Percy Daggs the 3rd... (Forget you Corey it could happen.... & if anyone knows someone... help me help myself lol)
and Michael Cera (Yeah I know no one saw this one coming...)
6. I played tennis for 8 years. & was really good... Now not so much...
7. I've been in love once in my whole life... If I had the chance to do it all over again... I wouldn't
8. My dream job... & goal is to be on VH1's best week ever.
9. I laugh at the most inappropriate moments. & have problems stopping...
10. I curse like a grown man. (I'm working on it)
11. I taught myself how to skate board when I was 24 years old. I only fell once... (& my step dad wouldn't help me up. He just stood there laughing... ;-( and when he was done laughed some more)
12. I learned how to DJ @15 years old.
13. I do NOT like Roller Coasters! I don't like them @ all...
14. My best friends name is Corey... He keeps me in line.
15. I hate getting my hair done. But I do it every week anyway...
16. I love scary movies.
17. I chain chew Orbits gum...
18. I have three degree's. Yeah I'm something like smart.
19. My favorite book is The Invisible Man
20. I was a high school teacher for two years... Then I ran away.. (People need to start back beating their kids)
21. Me and my brother use to collect garbage pail kids! & collected enough to make the big picture lol. Man the classics.... Photobucket
22. I never made it to the top of the rope in gym class... I just jumped on it and then got off lol.
23. I've had over 13 cars since the age of 13.....
24. I think the Carolina's will be the next place to really make it big in music...... Respect the flavor!
25. I'm a very BLUNT person...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My fav Poet!!!

I have to put a spot light on my fav poet. If you not on him get to know him....
His name is Poetri! He's Funny Deep & Creative oh and I can't forget modest lol. You can't beat that! Support the arts!


Journee's BITCH Slap of the DAY!!!!!!!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HELLS NAW.... As I was roaming the net I came across something... So disrespectful... Soooo O hell... racist and just down right foolish... (And not in the good foolish way...) I don't know what's going on in NY. Because if this pooh pot mother fucker was down here. If this bitch was in Charlotte NC... trust he would be receiving many a foot up his rusty ass...

So I'm Mos Def giving him my very 1st World According 2 Journee' BITCH SLAP of the day...

A Fucking Drunken Negro Head Cookie... FUCK YA COOKIEPhotobucket !!!!!!!! Its taking everything in me not to fly to NY and shit on his cookies (I SAID IT)

Bitch Slap Theme Song... I feel like slapping somebody today!! SLAP SLAP Photobucket

And let something happen 2 our president... I know a few folk that's going to pay you and your cookies a visit... I thought I was done... But no... I just got mad all over again... You know what this is a PJA... {Public Journee' Announcement} I got a arsenic pie you can try. Wit Ya Punk ass...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Albert In The Hood Part 3

This kat is a fool for these Fat Albert remakes. For real. I wasn't ready for this.. A late night Friday laugh for you....

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul Now?

This is the most disturbing video I have ever seen. I was unable to sleep after watching it.

Why Is it All Or Nothing...

In my line of work I run into bone headed people on a everyday
bases! (Yes I said it) & it often makes me sit & wonder about the
state hip hop music is in. I came up with only 1 question. I'm sorry
to say.. Nope it's not "Is HIP HOP DEAD" because I already know the
answer to that 1. Its HELLS NAW (in my Sophia from The Color Purple
voice.) The question really at hand is why is it all or nothing???

Think back in the 90s we had Jay-Z & 69 Boyz! Nas & Arrested

Development! LiL Kim Photobucket Foxy playing along with Gangsta Boo and Lauren Hill. Jade & J.J. Fad! I don't know where it became all or nothing. I
wish I could pin point the year. But honestly ya girl getting old I
can't. I guess it was somewhere during the rise of the south (I'm not
hating) when did the rule became "if it's not hitting in the
club its not a banger." So answer me this WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO BE IN
A CLUB ALL DAY? I know I fucking don't. So why have ONLY "CLUB
BANGERS" on the radio all day? With a few simi-R&B type songs thrown
in for the hell of it.
I mean in this age of "Hip Hop" I know artist from the south
who are real lyricist be told their not from the south (That's deep)!
Just because they don't have some club beat behind them! Someone who
has true word play manipulation skills story line & plot within their
track, can't be from the south now. Wow I missed that memo. Unlike
many I don't have a problem with club music but like in real life
there is more. And it's more to this industry
then club music. So when will the variety come back? (Take a stand
Shit everyone is always trying to bring back the clothes and style
of the 80s / 90s why not the radio set up? How about we bring back
variety and leave the BOX BE!! Photobucket {Yo people who are rocking the box
AGAIN... (In any form Gum-bee's High Rights Low Lefts High top fades
Ronald Reagan... Photobucket ) Let's DON'T & just say that we did!} You people you just missed it... Leave it @ that..

This is a wonderful time for a vintage video play...

Confessions Of Fire...

As I was coming to work today. I had a flashback. Which made me put on that Cam'ron Confessions of Fire. When this cd dropped it was my favorite! I listened to it track for track. Loved the whole. Album. I can't remember the last cd I got that I can honestly say that about... Maybe Andre 3000 Love Below.. (Thats a whole different type of blog) But the point is. Cam'ron C.O.F. was so slept on...


No random funnyness I just like this album...The last time I road with my best friend we were bumping that track Feels Good Feat. Usher in the 300 ZX... Rolling... @ How much Me & My Boo was like me and him... Man I miss Brandon. Good do die young. :-(

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making Love In The Club....

OK I'm a little late on this one... But hay I'm just starting this blog thing. So my thoughts on "Making Love In The Club..." {Random side note... I so liked the remix better then the original } But let me start with telling the world. A. You can't make love in the club! If you are making those type moves in the club your fucking... Period. Call a Ace a Ace. Now I'm all for spicing up the old sex life. & being creative. But fucking in the club is just nasty. This is coming from a chick who thinks taking your shoes off is the worse, thing you can do in the club. Really. The club is not the cleanest place in the world. If you can't work your heels Photobucket then you don't need to wear them! Have you ever looked on the floor of the club. My feet stick to the floor in shoes. So i can only imagine what people go home with on the bottom of their feet when they take their shoes off in the club. When you add up how many drinks are dropped in a night. Ashes being dropped, gum, and those really drunk folk who can't hold their piss or liquor & earls everywhere. Plus who knows what else. You just asking for gangrene of the toes... Photobucket & now you want to "make love in the club" ewwwwwwwwwwwwe... So we going to add sperm to the mix. Great! Whats next.... But just remember these things next time your in the club wanting to take your shoes off... And or make love... Photobucket

I Bust The Windows Out Your Car......

LAWD... Grown women let me holla @ You... And this message is focused towards the 25 and up... Women and hell some males... But if the 24 and under crowd can take something from what I'm about to say... Well.. That's a plus. So what brings these thoughts to the fore front after so many years.... (Because busting the windows out someone's car is so high school... )


on her single Bust Your Windows Out Your Car.... And for those of you who are still in the dark... peep the link

OK.... Ladies 1st Please don't let this track get you in trouble. Or empower you in anyway! Please just don't. I personally have never busted the windows out of anyone's car. Mainly because I'm more creative then that. I mean... If you are trying to pay someone back. Don't do something so childish and over all wack. If you are "that" hurt put some thought into it. If he has insurence the car will be fixed in a matter of hours. And hell.... if you have a snitch type boy on your team your ass will be locked up before the sealing drys on the windows you broke. Which he just got fixed. And that leaves you what hurt, scared and locked up. Or facing charges. Then you have to pay and look for effective Legal Representation! (That has the power to keep your record clean...) Which will cost you more then he spent to get his windows fixed.

Now over all what did that prove....?

If he cheated did that stop him from cheating? Doubtful!
If he left you for whatever reason... Did that get him back??? Hell is that going to make him want you back?

Nothings Changed... The point is... A man isn't going to do any more then what you allow him to do to you. Period. If you want to pay him back for hurting you, be smart about it. Holla @ ya girl if you need some tricks and tips. I have dished out my share of pay back. *Trust* I still have minds twisted. I play no games. And no one got hurt. LoL The same go for keying cars and slashing tires. I've had a guy slash my tires. All four of them And its like really.... In real life... To this day I look @ him as a pussy ass bitch for that. It proved nothing but he was a pussy ass bitch... Did it fix our problems no... Just started a mini war. It's dumb as hell.. So all I'm saying is think before you go this route. Busted windows leave you nothing but BUSTED... And if you get cut up because of this... man you going to look like a real dumb ass...

Moral of the story is... Busted windows leave you nothing but BUSTED....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Out Break Monkey's

I live in two worlds. One full of music and fun. & of course one in a cube Monday - Friday. In this cube world. I pretty much stay to myself and zone out. They don't know that greatness is among them (how sad). But the chick that sits beside me is a real out break monkey Photobucket . Spreading her bird flu to the whole office. And the bitch knocked me down for the weekend. errrrrrrrrrrrrrr... So that killed my whole weekend trip to DC I had been planning for many a month. Really. I can't go traveling with the snot nose. So not a good look. So I'm stuck in the house. I spent most of the weekend trying to figure out different ways to get back at her. Then I ended up falling asleep. I should be back on to my everyday tomorrow. Then maybe not. They are calling for snow. And in this part of the south... One inch means its a wrap. A which means two days away from the cube and out break monkey. And more time to work on Bangnat Radio.... :-) Either way I'm going to make it do what it do... I know its time to go to sleep now. Seeing the only thing on TV is Daddy's Girls... Hell if they can have a show why don't I have one. Because those chicks are boring as hell. I don't see their point. That show is like watching paint dry. Really. Anywho my Pillow is calling me in sexy tones wanting me to come bed. So I'm going to break....