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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Empress Journee 2009 Wrap Up

So standing here on the dawn of 2010, I cannot help but look over the passed year. And I just want to recap the goinz of what happen! Compared to 2008 this was the best fucking year ever!!! Let's see... I started the year off with a bang, LOL I should have known it was going to be bonkers.... This is my 1st year being single since the divorce. I had honestly forgot how
crazy dating can be. From the crazy who has been trying to get his ish together for the last five years. I do not know what the hell that was about! And who can forgot the crazy who had a bitch fit because I did not sit on what you thought was the proper side of the table for a young lady to sit on.... In real life... What is wrong with guys these days? I happen to run into a bunch of crazys from my past... who just reminded me why they were just that my passed.

I also got a chance to show my best friend Ozy the west coast for the 1st time. We had a ball from laughing at the crazys on Venice Beach, to just the whole feel and vybe. He liked it so much he moved to LA in October. I miss him. But I will be moving to the west coast in 2010 too. So things are about to switch up. Ozy was also in a movie coming out in 2010 called Pathways!!! I cannot wait to see it.

I was also in four videos this year. If I had a fat ass I would be a vexen!!! LoL. Watch out!!!

I got to go to my very 1st SC Music Awards! It was different! i will tell you like this. That was one for the record books. One way or another.

I also did something I do not ever see happening again! Chick went on a cross country road trip. WOOOOOW Drove from Greensboro NC to Denver CO! I do not see myself ever doing that again! Not never!!!!

This year I was able to start my podcast and net radio station (still working out the kinks but so on deck... in the mean time check out the podcast we are a few shows deep and getting a good response.... So we just going to keep tellin whats on our mind.... Mad love going out to KB!!!)

Closer to the end I was interviewed as a part of this documentary that my homie What What (He hates when I call him that!!!!) But if you're on twitter -> @Mehkavelli I cannot wait to see this. Droppin during CIAA in Feb. So if you are in Charlotte during that time I will hit you off with the details. You can find out the real real about the Charlotte music biz. yes we have one.

Like I said way too muuch has happened this year. Just know I am very thankful for everything... I could not have asked for a better year. Now I did get this shoe addiction that I could prob do without. But hell we all have our vices! But keep watching. I promise some crazy shit is about to go down!!!!!! I am back bloggin!!!

Finally I got a chance to start my blog and meet all you great readers!!! I also neglected it! I's sorry!!!!

2009 EJ & KB wrap up dropping later today!!!!! Be on the look out!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I know I know.... I have let my blogger fam down!!!!!!! I have been trying to get the radio show together and have found myself neglecting my bloggers. So rude of me I know. But trust I'm coming back. Its one of my new years resolutions.... So get ready for the random thoughts of Journee...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I know I haven't blogged in a while. Trying to get things with my station ready. In the mean time if you were diggin the stuff I blogged about you are going to love the podcast. Check it out. Me and my side kick K.B. ust going in....

This is the latest P.J.A. via podcast we like to call Lame Larry

And the one before that Get off Kanye

Don't worry Bangnat Radio is officially dropping soon.
Just want to make sure we have everything right...
In the meantime become a friend of the podcast, and we will keep you up on the goinz.....

I'm about to dip but you know I can leave without dropping some great foolishness on you. Watch how this winner gets her wig snatched off... THE BEST!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Charles Herron feat Sonny Cheeba (CampLo) - Quarter 2 Eight Hoppa

OK OK OK Now this video is Bonkers... And I'm not just saying that because I'm in it. But yeah that makes it extra spiffy... This is really one of the only times you will see me dance!!!!! And the dance i'm doing with Chuck is called the Money Grip! (Bet you can't do it like me!!!!!)

You too can do Da Money Grip

Let me and Lo Herron show you how EZ it is...


Monday, October 12, 2009

My Couples Retreat ReView

So I as lazy today!!!!! So I didn't feel like writing the blog. So I did a Video Blog...

And noooooooooo I don't know why it looks like I'm going to war!!!!!!! I'm not gang banging on the movie. I'm just asking a question...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Derrion Albert Rest In Peace

CHICAGO (Sept. 28) – Three teenagers were charged Monday in the beating death of a 16-year-old Chicago honor roll student on his way home from school, a melee captured on a cell phone video that shows a group striking him with boards and kicking him as he lay on a sidewalk.
The death of Derrion Albert, a sophomore at Christian Fenger Academy High School, on Thursday has reignited community outrage over chronic violence involving city students and is putting pressure on school and police officials to address gang problems that often are at the root of such violence. More than 30 students were killed in 2008, according to district figures, and the city could exceed that toll in 2009.

for the rest of the story pls go to

This is fucking crazy.... Out of the million and two people out there standing around watching no one could help this little boy? No one could call the police before things got to this point? It's really sad when people act like this type of violence is an everyday thing and just allow things like this to happen. I find it senseless that another young life has been ended over some bullshit. When will this stop?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exclusive A3C premier trailer for the film "PATHWAYS"

Exclusive A3C premier trailer for the film "PATHWAYS" will be held on Thursday Oct. 1st @ The Beatz & Lyrics 10th anniversary show hosted by JayForce. ATL Icehouse in the East ATL Village @ 9pm. $5 or free with A3C pass. Performances by J-Live, Toure, Ozy Reigns, Naira, Stahhr, DT and more.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Don't Get It

I've been shopping for my fall look. And I keep coming across shoes missing their toe's. Photobucket I do not understand these toe-less boots!!!! I cannot help but ask..... If it's cold enough for me to wear boots.... Why would I not want toe part to be missing? I am far from being a fashionista (is that what they call it?). So I may be a little slow overall sacrifice yours toes to be spiffy....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Radom Moment in the life of E.J.

Everyone seems to think I'm a little off... No 1 seems to think hay she has to get it from somewhere. Now I have no doubt on where this came from! As I was hanging with my granny today we got to talking. We always seem to talk about what she would do if she live to reach her 100's!!! Now the 1st time we had this talk I ask..... "Granny what would you do if you lived to be 110 or something like that...." She look at me and said "Steal.... What the hell are they going to do? Lock my old ass up?" LMAO So I fell out rolling at that one... We have almost the same question today! And her answer was so to the left..... I just had to look at her. And of course laugh to no end.... So here we go again..... I didn't ask what she would do at that age. We were talking about something a little different. But it still came up. She said "hell if I live to be that old (we were talking around 12o or something) people going to think I'm senile. But I'm going to remember evvvvvverybody who got on my damn nerves. And just go around jumping on them!!!! They not going to do nothing back because they going to say I'm old and don't know no better....."


You can always count on my granny to give you a good one. I promise!!!!!

HollyWood Africans


HollyWood Africans: A Celebration of the life and times of Jean-Michel Basquiat Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 Dialect design gallery Charlotte, NC

Monday, September 7, 2009

WTF Hardee's Wildin!!!

So Hardee's has a new breakfast menu which includes a freaking Oscar Mayer Fried Bologna Biscuit. Photobucket What in the hell were they thinking? Now who in the hell would pay for a fucking Bologna biscuit. I may not eat Bologna now but back in school this was the o aint nothing else on deck meal. Right now there with the Top Ramen!!! This is not a -O- I don't feel like peeling the red string off. Or waiting on the middle to pop! This is foolishness. I am scared to find out what ignorant shit they are going to come up with next.... I can't take it. I know I am not only one thinking this shit! A FOOL!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why would you wanna break up.....

So Mario has a new song out (aight not so new.... but far from the point) So this track break up is my shit. I know he's talking about tricking off the whole song. But hell! The beat is hot knocks in my truck! And Mario musical style is spiffy. I don't care for Gucci "Now its fuck shawty I don't like Gucci" Soooooooo true lmao..... but still not the point. Ok I didn't see the video for a minute. But all the time I hear the song on the radio not knowing who this Sean Garrett cat is.... I so stero typed him... (Hay I'm real with mine) I thought he was a skinny jeans wearing skate boarder jerking type kat. With this ole wee lil man voice. I see the video and all of a sudden this prison brake 230 full musle kat gets to singing..... wooooooooooow sounding like Ricky Bell from BBD. LMAO I can't take it. But I still love the song!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Journee's BITCH Slap of the DAY: Permanently Change Eye Color-Dont Do

This bitch stupid.... OK watch the video 1st!!!

OK this bitch stupid... I have to put the bitch slap down on this chick Laterra Photobucket So she wanted to permanently change her eye color.... And now she looks a hot funky mess.... And is mad that the operation came out wrong! Photobucket

I do not even know where to start.... But Just me.... being me.... Number one if I am about to allow someone to go digging in my eye's I am going to know everything it's about PERIOD!!!
Side Effects... How many cut slices it take! How many people have gone through with this operation. How do they feel about it. How it looks on them....... If I was not able to find anyone... Hmmmmm WHY cannot I find anyone who has had this operation!?!?!?!? Why is there, no INFO about this operation?!?!?!??!!?!? I mean I am going to have to research this thing to no end to make sure this is what it claims to be..... Again I say BEFORE!!! Then I am going to ask myself.... SELF!!!!! Why aren't they doing this operation in the states.... Why do I have to go to a Strange Land to get this done.... I mean hell I do not know anyone over here. How are their medical centers rated... How will their ratingss compare to the one's over here. Hell their A could be our F... Who knows... But these are the things that should be done BEFORE going to a strange land to let someone dig in your eyes.
But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
This dumb bitch going to do all that after the fact.... and now she want someone to be all sad and shit!!!! Now she wants to gang bang on the center because she spent 8G's and got fucked up.... It's sad it happen.... but O well That was a 8G lesson. I bet she will look in the mirror now before she goes pissin away 8G's on foolishness!!!!! I have no sympathy with her. Letting someone hack on your eye balls to higher self esteem. I do not get her logic. She did not want anyone know that it was not her eye color! So contacts would not do. Blah. This is a simple bitch if I ever met or seen one!!!! Now she is crying for the world.... Blah three times. She needs to grow the fuck up, go to the doctor and find out that she fucked up her cite for no damn reason. (Hmmm Here was an idea she could have used... Why the fuck did not see go to the doctor before she let these fools hack on her. And find out the side affects... Why did not she talk to them before! Let me tell you why she did.... not Because she knew she was doing wrong!) I would feel badly if it was a medical reasons like she did not have the insurance to get treated for some illness and had to go for what she knew. But noooooooooooooooo this bitch did this for no good damn reason..... now how is her self esteem.... Such a great idea on her part... You go girl.... (Where were her friends and family when she went to go do this foolishness... Although she is a grown ass women I still would think someone around her inner circle, would say "bitch your stupid... buy a gigglo and save the rest!" Something.... They should have done a group bitch slap!!!! This bitch crazy!)

She needs to start a war on herself!!!!
Worried about make-up matching... She needs to worry about going blind! With her dumb ass!!!!!

(Thank you Laterra I have not had a good cause to rant on in a minute! Thanks for being a dumb bitch)

She needs to start a war on herself!!!!
Worried about make-up matching... She need to worry about going blind! With her dumb ass!!!!!

(Thank you Laterra I haven't had a good cause to rant on in a minute! Thanks for being a dumb bitch)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kim Zolciak Of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Got A New Song

I am pissed!!! That is 2:44 of my life just gone. I mean she needs to sat yes SAT down! How you fuck up autotunes. I think you have to want to sound bad on autotunes. I rate this foolishness as a sat down. Because thats what she needs to do. SAT down.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Journee on Traffic AGAIN

Look due to me getting stuck in meaningless traffic again... Its time we revisit the topic! Period! Photobucket

There is really no reason for traffic.

As I make that long commute to work each day. It hits me, like a stack of rocks. I know why there is traffic in cities across the US. So sit back. EJ is about to break it down! So it will forever and consistently be BROKE! There are only I’m going to say 10 or so people who cause morning and afternoon traffic. If there isn’t an accident! Car trouble! Or road-work! It’s no reason for traffic. NONE WHAT SO EVER!!!!

--> Morning traffic is caused by people who don’t like their jobs.

They are dreading the work day ahead. There for they will go 35 on the highway just to prolong their arrival. Since they don’t want to get to work, they don’t want you to get to work on time either. Thus the traffic jams. (Yes we have a few people who are just running late and want to shave or brush their teeth while driving. But the one’s I’ve encountered haven’t held up traffic. Just put other people in jeopardy…)

----> Afternoon traffic is caused by people who don’t want to go home….

Either they don’t want to be in the relationship they are in. And don’t want to see that person. Or there is no food in the house! & they don’t want that round of ramen noodles for the 7th day in a row. Or just don’t like their living lifestyle.

Either way it go… Get the hell over it and either move out the damn way. Or get a shrink, new job. Or learn how to spice up your noodles. Something. But you need to pull it together…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

RIP Nate Quick

Photobucket My thoughts and prayers are going out to his family. He was an amazing DJ here in Charlotte NC for many years. He moved out to TX to do his thing when I was younger. But I still remember him very well! He will be missed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Real Housewives of ATL

ok I've been watching real housewives since it started. Yes the OC housewives! & I can't help but see that when it comes to the OC, NY & NJ! All have all white cast. But when it comes 2 ATL they didn't allow them 2 have a all black cast! They put Kim on the show! Which I don't even understand! Because she not even a house wife! She a over rated pros-tee-toot...!!!! it is what it is. I just don't understand why bravo don't think a all black cast could stand on their own! Its plenty of african american women that would have been better for the show then that bad wig wearing chick!!! I don't understand why the only cast that had 2 b mixed was the ATL 1! They would never put a black housewife on 1 one of the other castj keep it real! They wrong 4 that!

ANd don't even get me on the after show... Where did they find that errrrrful guy @. He is fucking or sucking someone. All I'm saying...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ankle Star/ Video Shoot!

So last week I was able to be apart of the Charles Herron Feat. Camp Lo video shoot! PhotobucketIt was crazy!!!!!!! And I made sure that what happen in the I.K.E. Turnah video

Ike Turnah - UPSIDEDOWN from kenneth owens on Vimeo.

didn't happen in this one!!!!! My ankle wasn't going to be be the only star in the video lol. And you know the funny part about that is. The dir. of the video came out. And was rolling about my ranting on how only my ankle made the cut... FUCK THAT!!!! I had a game plan!!! YEP YEP.... You see. I made a point of only sitting and standing next to people who I knew would make the cut!!!!!! :-) YEP. But I think it may have back fired lol I don't think my 1st cameo is going to make it... Due to our table Photobucket not following directions. Had people looking in the camera drinking lol we just dont listen... But we had so much fun!!!!!!! But I made up for it by coming down the soul train line with Charles Herron :-) I show you how to do this son! I normally don't shake my money maker on tape! But what the hell. I'm super proud of them!!!!! The video was so much fun. I cant wait to see the finished product. I got some photos and interviews on the other blog I met some really amazing people on this shoot.

I got sooooo much love on this shoot it was crazy...

And i caught this kats name but lost it somewhere from now until then but he was cool as hell too... hold it down for the 336! Photobucket but hell i've been tired all week after wards. Yeah we partied hard! Tomorrow back to biz....

Gone Too Soon: A Benefit For The Family of Titus "Baatin" Glover

Gone Too Soon:
A Benefit For The Family of Titus "Baatin" Glover

Sunday, August 2, 2009 @
5 Elements Gallery
2125 Michigan Ave.
Downtown Detroit (Corktown)

Starts @ 8pm

Come celebrate the life of Slum Village co-founder Titus "Baatin" Glover, who passed away on August 1, 2009. Join us for a night of music, spoken word and reflection @ 5 Elements Gallery located at 2125 Michigan Ave, in Detroit Corktown Area.

Music & Performances By:
Jessica Care Moore
+ Special Guests

Hosted By: Miz Korona

All Donations will go to family of Titus "Baatin" Glover.



RIP Titus "Baatin" Glover 1974 - 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Save B.E.T.

Needless to say that over the years B.E.T. has simi-fell off. But here's your chance to save it from the status quo its fallen into.... They have a new contest going called Rising Icons. And two guys I respect very much have been put up for the honor. Everyone is screaming that there is no good hip hop. That real hip hop needs to come back. Well this is your chance to make a stand. To have two people who bring nothing but the pure hip hop bless a B.E.T. show and stage. Its time to stand up my friends. For what's right! Please don't think Petey Pablo represents anything having to do with Carolina hip hop. That wasn't the real... This is the real.... Voting only takes like 3 seconds they are side by side make sure you cast your vote... Photobucket

Please bring back the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009



If you loooove scary movies this is the one to see!!! its crazy I love it i love it i loved it... Sorry to report that i may not be blogging for the next few days, because im going to get my tubes tied and burnt off after seeing this movie. Bonkers! This movie will make you not want to have kids or adopt. Its that crazy. Go see it!!!!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Its Empress Journee' approved.

R.I.P. E Lynn Harris

This is really a bad year to be a star. Today we lost a great writer... E. Lynn Harris. Photobucket im in so much shock... This is crazy 1st MJ now this....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ish Like This only happens to me!

OK I am fresh back from the club! Couldn't even sleep before blogging about tonights events. So this week I have really stepped out of my bubble partying in places you wouldn't normally see me. (LOL) But tonight I had to help my homeboy celebrate his birthday (Happy Birthday BJ!!!) But Im really over my club years. (Sad but true) So I found me a nice spot. Posted up. Kicked back and watched what was going on.... I ran into a old friend so we got to chopping it up. He dipped. And then it happen. This old man came macking on me. He got to telling me his life story. Y es I can tell you how he was born in SC. Moved to NY. Then came back down here. He is 47 years old... (I can go on). So I just sat there eating my skittles (Some people seemed to get a kick out of me bringing "snacks" in the club. But hell I'm not going to lie to no one. I had the munchies! Blame it on the acohol lol.) So I'm eating my skittles and I drop one. It falls down my shirt. (I did have on a low cut shirt) He asked where it went... I stood up shake my shirt it falls to the ground... It hits the ground. Yes the ground of the club.... It honestly bounced off the sofa and then hit the ground...

********** Extreme Nastyness coming**********

This man proceeds to pick said skittle up from the floor and eat it... Looks at me and says 3 second rule!!!!

I have no I repeat no words for such nastyness... Who do shit like that? please let me know! Who would pick up anything from the floor of a fucking club and put it in their mouths.... Do you know what happens in the club... Need we revisit the making love in the club post???
Its some nasty ish in the club....
I'm just saying if that man wakes up this morning with a fuzzy tongue and two days preggers with a sour patch kid.... Its to no fault but his own... Cause that's just nasty!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Now people think I'm trippin but honestly every few years a Ode 2 STD's comes out. And people go crazy about these tracks too. I can take it back to the beginning of time but I think I will just keep it on the more recent tip. A few years ago we had Usher letting it burn.... why he insist on letting something burn is beyond me. In this day and age they have all types of creams and shots.... You don't have to let shit burn. So why he wants to is just a puzzling thought! Now here comes that damn LiL Wayne with that track every girl... wow really... now you know so many mindless lil folk going to sit here and try and make this track a realty. Not thinking hell every girl in the world aint clean. If every girl in the world is clean, then there wouldn't be any std's!!!!! And LiL Wayne is the last person to follow after... The way he knocking up chicks. You can tell he's not the condom wearing type. So who knows what he has caught. But hell... I guess folk that's itching and scratching need a track to bop to too. lol O I can't wait to hear the next ode to s.t.d.'s

Don't let the music catch you slipping.


This is like one of my top five all time favorite shows of all time........... EVER EVER...... Who ever thought of such greatness!!!!! I owe them a lunch!!!!! Drink something. I always watch this show in hopes that I will see someone I know. Because I know my foolish friends and please believe me when I say they would they will give you a full hours wroth of foolishness... They would land the soup... best week ever... Im just going off the foolishness they do on the normal. LOL What a treat!!!!!!

And I'm going to tell you guys right now.... Let me land on Cheaters right or wrong I'm showing my ass.

----> Cheated On: O if I caught someone cheating on me. Man what a treat! (For the viewers lol) Because I would be so calm.... And while they talking to the other folk... They will have to try and look for me.... Only to see that Im standing on top of the tallest car. (while people wonder how my short ass got up there.... lol) I would just start quoting lines from Belly.... "You wanna Rump with me" "I'm the last QC Don Duh Da" Then Jump down on who ever closer be it him or her and just start schooling folk.... Everybody getting bitch slapped.

------> Cheater: O if I get caught cheating (so not my style) but o if I do... I'm going to show out... Please believe me. I will pull out my early 90s echo mic that i seem to still carry around with me. And bust out with the Jay-Z quote "He want us to end cause I fucked his friend. He gave me one more chance and I fucked him again. I seen the tears as he busted in. I its a draft bitch shut the door and come on in!" Drop the the mic and be out lol.

"and you knowed it" The best did you hear that greatness.... Did you see him yank her back..... "my food is important to me... you not important to me no more." lol WOW the fucking best.... This is greatness!!!!!!

I bet she aint leave him lol.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

My new look....

OK I didn't know I looked so different until yesterday. So I thought I would upgrade the pic right fast and show everyone my new look!!!!! Yes I have cut my hair.... I know a lot of folk are in shock!




Hair and make up done by Era of Glam Inc!

color me slow...

Aight color me slow but what the fuck is a "Twerk Team"?

Empress Journee speaks on the SC Music Awards

OK Some folk say if you don't have nothing nice to say then say Nathan. (There for they don't talk that much.) But my mother says if you have something on your mind let it off! And that's what I do. I have to touch on so much. I V-Blogged a little bit but hell its not enough I must drop the blog. Yesterday I went to the SC Music Awards in Columbia SC. Now 1st I have to show love to my SC folk in which I went down there to support. The folk who always support the moves I make in my career! They know all they have to do is ask and they will get! Anywho. The show got started a little late. Which was to be expected. It happens... NO biggie. (nope im not use to standing out side in the hot that long... But like i said this wasn't about me. I was up for an award. Wasn't giving one out. I honestly went just to show love!) Now pause for the cause. Just EJ's personal thought $40 to see a bunch of unsigned folk... Is a wee bit much! Shit should have been $25 hell $30 @ the most. Not like Nelly was coming out giving lap dances. And Kanye doing foot rubs. But fuck it. I drove a hour to hold it down. So I put the $40 down. Now I have to show major love to my graphic designer Chris who came and held it down with me. Drove all the way from the Triangle to be there . Man just thought about it. We didn't even get a pic together! :-( Anyway I don't even know where to start... I guess I will start @ what stood out to me 1st. The chick in her prom dress. WOOOOOOOW She walked by me like 5 times and I was never ready with the camera on deck. I know it was her prom dress because she screamed it out loud as hell in the line..... And blamed it on the recession! I think not! I had to shake my head....But I want to personally thank chick for being my entertainment during such a long line. Now you can hear some of my random thoughts on the night on the Prop Joe radio show. I got to be his side kick through out the night. .
So I guess the 1st thing that happen was the 1st group. I'm going to ask one of my folk who this group was. No it wasn't a group it was a rapper with a rock band. And let me tell you that rock band was the best. I am truly now a fan. Wish like hell I caught their name I would be googling them right now! They didn't even need the rapper. The band rocked out. Such a good way to start the show! Loved those kats. (Ha thought I was going to say something bad huh? Nope.) I also enjoyed This kat. I also enjoyed this group well I couldn't figure out if they were a group or if they were a crew and just came together. But i looked on the TV & it said kas The God there for that's the name Im going to use! Now Kas and crew (didn't catch the other two names sorry) But they put on a show. Kas was up there air hunching and rolling his hips around. It was just good to me... I think his hip hop rock track was put some sugar on me! You don't believe me? Check the clip The best right!!!! Now the other group that caught my eye that did an amazing job was Team Irac. Now they put on a fucking show!!!! They had back up dancers that were going to get it. All on the same dance at the same time! Very well put together. But I'm sorry the lady back up dancer with the Fro put the other one to shame. The didn't even need two the way she was going to get it. In real life chick needs to be a back up dancer on someones tour RIGHT NOW! She was doing her thing. Compared. The other chick was blah. And I'm so jello! They outfits were spiffy as hell!!!! They get major points in my book. And I didn't even mind the two million people on stage. Why do I feel differently about their two million people on stage. Because they weren't up there the whole. Time. When the I guess biggest song came on. Or the one everyone knew came on. Then people rushed the stage. Major difference. This kats are nice. Now I have to shake my head at a few things.... 1 the video I saw called "Shake it like a donkey!" wow.... no words for that. Its a very rare moment when Empress Journee has nothing to say... This would be one of those. Lies I tell how you going to have a song called shake it like a donkey but have nothing but it pit bulls in the video... That's my only thought on that....

Awesomely Random Moment: Chick making her ass clap in the aisle. I was waiting on the singles to start flying! It was so awesomely random!

I've been in this game for a while now. And I've been in a club "rain" storm more then once. (IE someone making it rain) And I'm still amazingly shocked at how people will run knock other folk down for a few singles. I'm sure the most anyone person got was $5. And I be damn if i run and knock down old women and kids to get $5. Hell I guess I got a big Ego!

Random Mess Up: Now the best random mess up of the night was the chick trying to be cute and announce the "winner" and bust out "And the winter is?" The winter is cold we know but who is the winner lol. Sorry that tripped me out.

Now most people know me and know how I feel on these issues! But my questions are as followed.....
* Why dose it take 3 million people to accept one award. That's officially doing too much!
* Why must people get on stage and do their whole cd? If its not your release party trust nobody wants to hear your discography! {I'm not dissing I'm educating!}

Now I have to give much love to the singers that blessed the stage. They had some amazing talent on that front. I really missed a lot of the groups names and people names do to the host. I could only understand like every three words that came out his mouth! Between his accent and drunkenness I really don't know what to say... Well I do ok honestly I'm not from SC and I really don't know much about their promoters down there. I know a few. So I don't know who this man is to SC! But I do know that they should have got someone else to host the show. 1st he was drunk. I mean to the point where everything he said sound like ramblings. (to me.) And he didn't say nothing funny! Not nothing. Just kept talking about how he had drink in his cup! (I call it drink but I mean alcohol). And by the end of the show this kat was gone! He started doing this lip popping thing that worked my nerves to no end! I had to V-Blog about it....
And I also noticed that a few of those rappers last night was knocking on 40 still trying to rap.... WOW....
And needless to say how much tht drunkingness errrked me so I had to do it a part two of some sorts.

Signs You May Need 2 Stop Rapping!

OK I think its time for us to revisit this topic. Signs you may need to stop rapping....
1. If you are 33 plus years old and still in the same place you were 10 years ago muscly! You may need to think of a back up career... If nobody knows you out side your neighborhood. You really may need to make different moves.
2. If you can't make a impact on stage without having 40 hype men with you.... A stage full of people with you.... You may need to working on doing something a little different.
3. If you can't remember your own lyrics you just need not grab the mic
4. If you still think you can get rich off this rap game in this day and age then you need to put the mic down now. If you in this rap game with no other grinds going on. You about simple for that.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

S.E.A. time Again!

Photobucket Make sure you get your votes in!!!!!

T-Shirt Show!


july 17... 7pm
funkshions gallery
612 w. morehead st
charlotte nc

leaders create culture t shirt art exhibit

imagine the freshest artist in the city coming together to provide you with A masterpiece of VISUAL ART & FASHION

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pimp My Blog....

Well my web designer has decided that my blog needs to be pimped. So for the next few weeks he will be cut pasting and changing some things. YAY. So that I can keep it jazzy for the people in blog world. He is also handling my new music blog. so check it out! I have decided to come up with a separate blog for the music. And not mix my random ramblings with it. lol Enjoy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Journee' on Books: The Hood Life

OK I so I'm late on telling the group that I finish reading the 3rd book in the A Bentley Manor Tale's lol. The last one I spoke on was Desperate Hoodwives which was BONKERS!!!!!!!! And I didn't think any book could top that one. And the 3rd one didn't. I will be honest. But hell (I don't want to give the 2nd book away for some of you. But trust its hard to beat some of that stuff. lol) but The Hood Life is still a good read. Real good read. This book is from the male point of view. And It will still have you rereading lines trying to make sure you understood certain things right. This book had m mouth open on some wooooooooooooooow that's FUCKED UP.
Its still crazy but it has me thinking wow will there be another book or is this the end.... This is def another one for the collection.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Random Moment In the Mind Of A Ass Hole....

So in my lifetime I wont lie. I've ran through my share of jobs. And hell I ran into my share of crazys and ass holes a like. And this weekend I have had to be the ass hole in the situation more then normal. (People were wilding out this weekend. I had to put the pimp hand down real strong....) But it got me to thinking about my top ass hole moments. And I guess this story starts with me and a crack head name Romeo. (I blogged about this run in a few post back but here is the link... ) Now I was working at this job where the people were really starting to work my last good nerve. I can't front. So when boss appreciation day came around. My team wanted to all put in $10 and buy our boss some flowers. My ass called "BULLSHIT" on this whole idea. Seeing it was 8 people on our team. 8x10= $80 and me going in on some $80 flowers. Wasn't going to happen. Not on no fake chick I didn't even like. FUUUUUUUUUCK that. And why should I spend $10 on a gift when I had the perfect gift... Photobucket 2 Liter sodas and a bag full of candy and all for 15cent. The perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect gift. (cheese) I think I enjoyed watching her eat that candy too much. Wondering if she knew where I got it from would she still have ate it.... (No it wasn't open or damaged. It honestly look like it came from a grab and run.) But hell I wasn't about to eat or drink that mess. Shiiiiiit. Brings a whole new meaning to "on the rocks." now had she not lied on me and been a prick bitch to me. She could have got $10 on it. But nope she just had to push my buttons. I ran into her the other day and just started laughing. The thought never gets old to me. I like to look at it as a personal win.

Hay.... Admitting you have ass hole tendencies is the 1st step.

Hi I'm Empress Journee' & I'm a ass hole.

Hi Journee'!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Smarty's World

My college homegirl started her on Web Show I support (most) of my Aggies & she cool as hell. Watch it!

Free Maxwell Outdoor Concert!!!!!! July 8th, NYC!!!!!!!

If you're in the NYC or surrounding areas....

Free Maxwell Outdoor Concert

CBS Early Show
Studio Plaza, 59th & 5th

ARRIVE @ 10:30AM

[info c/o Jy Powers if you on twitter @
jacqpow ]

P.J.A.: Fast Food Workers

Yes it is time for another Public Journee' Announcement. This is going out to all my fast food workers. Photobucket Now I feel it necessary to address this before it go any further. Now the funny part is I'm not even a fast food type person. I really rocks with the deli's you dig. But being on the road like I have been only reminded me that this needs to be addressed!!!! This has been going on for YEARS. And no one has spoken up against it. But o TODAY's The Day Empress Journee' has had ENOUGH. I am so FUCKING tired of these fast food workers with these FUCKING attitudes. Lets just get this 1st point out the way..... I never ever put a gun to no one's head and made them work @ Micky D's Captain D's or Burger King. NOPE I haven't. I never told anyone they better sling these fries or they getting put out of the house. NOT NEVER. I never went to no restaurant and filled out a application for no fucking body.... So I see no reason for anyone to cop a tude with me because they chose to work at this place. Hell its a recession they should be fucking happy to have a job $5 an hour and all. Fuck it. But really the attitude is played. I have been o like 8 states in the last week. And each and everyone had fast food workers who needed a strong Ike Turner back hand. ALL OF THEM. But honestly I'm not even going to put this type of behavior on the recession its been going on for years. PEOPLE! Some fast food people push you to the limits. I have had a life time of examples I could share with you. But i will simply share two. Because these two are more then enough. These fools here. Hell i hate when they always try and make it seem like you said or did that made them mess up your order. Or how they act like its just such a bother to give you sauce they should have gave you in the first damn place. Now the 1st example of fast food gone wrong has to be.... When I was @ BK (This was when I was back in college. Yes I use to eat beef) But I went to BK and Asked for a whopper! And they said they didn't have any more burgers. How is Burger King not going to have BURGERS?????? I said "say what?" and he cops a tude like I tossed out all the meat like patties lol. That was just odd....
This one time in band camp....
Ok OK i joke I joke i kid i kid....
But for real this one time I was @ BK. My Ex husband was sick as hell. I had 2 get his cold meds etc and get him something to eat (Ladies should know when some men get sick its just EXTRA. Wouldn't have had no time to cook!) So I stopped by BK (I'm starting to see a trend!) where I ordered a chicken sandwich w/ tartar sauce. (BK said I can have it my way so I ordered it my way) & like a Milk Shake and whopper.... So when I get the food chick gives me a Fish sandwich. I told her it wasn't right. She just starts to blank. So I push it into bitch mode. "I'm not moving until you fix the order." She did ask me to move up. But NOPE. She had already been hella mean and rude to me. So I said I would sit there until they got it right everyone else would have to wait... As I had to. This makes her madder. So this bitch did something "So disrespectful" (In my Big Boy from ATL voice) She threw the food in the car. Food flew all over the car. BULLSHIT. I went through that window Photobucket so fast to go get her.... Hubby grabbed my ankle before I could grab her. But I did throw a milk shake all in her face. She was really cut-n up. Beyond cut-n up. I bet she didn't throw nothing at no one else no more.... I'm just fucking tired of these people taking out their job situation on me. Don't flip me the bird because you flipping burgers. If you don't like working there then do something about it. Because I didn't do it to you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Cross Country Trip

OK I have been m.i.a. lately for two reasons. One my lap top battery passed away and it took forever for the other one to ship to me. And B. I took a cross country road trip. But I'm jumping ahead of myself. You see. A member of the Stiletto Squad has decided to move across the world lol. OK to Denver. But its not like that's hella close. So she asked me to help her drive from Greensboro NC to Denver CO (YEP DRIVE!!!) So after her going away party Photobucket (The Stiletto Squad @ The Red Bowl) Then it was time for the trip.... WOW All I can say is damn I'm a good friend... Check out the route we took I'm happy I did this because I got to see so much amazing stuff. Sadly most of the best pic's came @ night when it was pitch black. But we were rolling.
Photobucket I
had I never gone to some of these places. So had I not gone I wouldn't have known how bloody much I HATE KANSAS... I HATE IT.... I found myself just making ugly faces in the car at the thought of how long it took to get out that state. 9 HOURS to get out that state is CRAZY.... It was the state that wouldn't end. On top of that it was HOT!!! I mean its the devils ass cheek and all the hell he do is fart dry air. I was ever so unhappy! And it seems like a non-stop compost pile through out the whole state. The highlight of Kansas was the Windmills Photobucket o and during long hour stretches of Kansas highway they don't have gas stations. We were running out of gas on one of these stretches.... The drama of finding a station. NEVER travel without a GpS. Talk about a life saver! The gas station was behind three corn fields and some woods. Then out of nowhere there's this little one light town Photobucket and no brown people. I felt like I was in he real life Tommy Knockers. Me no like-e.

Errrr 29 hours later we finally touched down in Denver. It was cool but I know its clear that I am far from a midwest chick. FAR!!! The weather was too much... One minute its a million and two degrees... And the next its -38 raining. Its crazy. So not my style. So I left Denver and flew YES FLEW (I didn't want to ride in a car for the longest after that car ride. But i took it up north east coast lol. I said it once before I'm such a east coast bitch. lol <- (in case you missed it) I was overly happy to make it the east weather was very nice. Even got to spend some time in NY! few clips from that. I found this to be hella random in a shopping center Photobucket
I had the best slice Photobucket !!!! I promise I would move to NY for the food and to date!!! LOL But the smell was a little much for me. Hung out in Trump Towers man it was a nice chill type place. Photobucket
Even had my fav treat waiting on me Photobucket! Really I felt so spoiled. But I had to come home it had been a very looooooooong week. I have honestly slept for like two days. All so I can turn around and do it again..... This time i'm hitting up the south.


I was on the road when I got the news that Michael Jackson had pass. But you know I had to dedicate a blog post to the King. Rest In Peace MJ take a minute to enjoy one of my favorite MJ songs.... You are not alone!!!!

MJ,you are not alone from da K on Vimeo.