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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wendys Fries

Really... In real life.... Who told them to fuck up the Fries.... Dave WOULD NOT BE HAPPY!!!!!


Bring them back!!

This is all....

Christmas Time

Guess whose back... So I'm about to get back blogging... Past time.

So needles to remind everyone its Christmas time. I normally don't even acknowledge its coming until after the 17th. (Being a Christmas Baby its often hard to enjoy your day without it being over shadowed with Christmas things lol) Anywho. I've been shopping endlessly for my little brothers gifts.. He's @ that age where he is asking for less toys and more clothes and music. I'm beyond happy!!!! So when I saw that an MP3 player was at the top of his list.... STOP PLAYING!!!! I got it for him that same day!! Now the problem came of what to put on the thing.... I'm old so I just asked him what artist was he into these days.... I clutched all 52 of my pearls when he ran down his list that had everyone from Prince yes thanks to my mother he wants Prince. My 9 year old brother likes Prince.... (No words) dirty Money Rick Ross LiL Wayne and Rihanna.... I puts yep puts my foot down @ Rihanna.... I can't support such foolishness!!!!! So say I'm wrong or right I had to step in... And throw some vintage on there. Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, Ozy Reigns, Charles Herron, Boog Brown, B.O.B. I just couldn't let it go down like that. You have to educate the kids on musics beyond the mainstream.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Join The New Blog

OK OK OK So I super suck for not blogging in a while not for real blogging like I use to. But I have decided to put almost all my blog thoughts in to the show "Bangnat Radio" So I made a blog just for those thoughts. Please follow and subscribe and all that good stuff. Thanks for sticking it out with me this far. I promise you will love the show if you love the blog! And I am on twitter like the rest of the world follow me @EmpressJournee

Monday, October 11, 2010

Time To Vote!!!

Vote EMPRESS JOURNEE for "2011 #1 FEMALE PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR" U can text SEA123 to 25101 or go to


YEEEEEEEP I put on for my city!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cao 704 Dreams Video

I spoke on this song on the show and on the blog a few months back. Well the video has dropped. And you can see yours truly hold it down for the ladies of the 704! Good looks on this one. I had mad fun out there. Love Cap make sure you check out the behind the scenes video under the video. He's doing his thing.


You can also listen &download his cd Pose 4 Da Photo for free!!! Check out...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Nothing about this man makes me want my man to smell like him. I'm so not going to run out and buy no old spice for my PG if its going to make him smell like a man who wears white guess jeans in 2010. Wow

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meet Special "K" The Homeless Rapper

I shouldn't laugh as hard as I did... But hell I'm only human. This is beyond Funny.

Friday, March 26, 2010



My cohost K.B. so talented he just made me this banner. Thought I would share. I'm loving it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

CIAA Recap

Whats the biz ok ok i know i haven't dropped any deep blogs on yall in a while. but come on its 2010 its all about the being on the go. So why not download the podcast put it on ya ipods mp3 players or even a cd and take it with you. greatness on the go. :-) Keep up the goinz and music its all together greatness.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CIAA Weekend

Needless to say CIAA is one of the biggest events in Charlotte for the year. And it hell me and my girls get it poppin on the everyday so this was a chance to do it huge... I'm skipping right to getting to meet Pooch Hall (Ladies TV do him no justice... I have to say it just like that!!!) Now his manager, or the guy who was helping with him for the club we were at was a 100% ass hole. But Pooch was cool as a fan! For real. Photobucket

OK that's all I have to say about that! The rest of the weekend was cool but don't matter........ I will do a podcast on it later.....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is beyond funny...

Check out the podcast....

Me and K.B. @ it again. Check out our 1st podcast of the year. Valentines edition. We still tripping people... Enjoy
Photobucket (Good Looks go out to Kevin for the banging photo shoot. And Chris 101 for the cover... Bangnat Radio Mixtape drops this week!!!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bobby Ray AKA B.O.B pulled me on stage!

WOW talk about a crazy Valentines day. So I switched the same up this year! Instead of trying to be boo caking with someone I decided to go to the Goodie M.O.B. reunion show.... (Needless to say this was a EZ decision to make you can cup cake any day!But how many times you going to get to see Goobie M.O.B. (all of them!!!) And Bobby Ray... Boy stop!) So I decided to treat one of my fav cousins and bring her with! And we rocked the hell out! That was a good ass show!!! For real!!!
So D.R. was the opening act. He's one of the best DJ's round these parts for real. He keeps the party going!!!!!!! If you going to a party he DJ-ing please wear your comffy stiletto's or flats! Because he about to have you moving! I was almost beyond tired by the time B.O.B. came out! (Yeah he is that serious!) So B.O.B. came and rocked it. Now this is funny... He came on and me and my wonderful twitting skillz twitted. decided to do a few tweets about what I saw. so after he jumps right off the stage and comes and rocks out with your girl one time. They announced they were going to do something they don't normally do.... They say we going to call someone from twitter up... who is Empress Journee' (Yeah a chick had a slow moment.... I look @ my cousin and was like ...... that sounds like my name..... lol they read the twit... and up I go... to get that Bobby Ray VIP treatment... Photobucket I'm not one to start no rumors but look how he looking all lovingly in my eyes lol. (let me have my fantasy ha) Photobucket Hay I don't know if its my whip appeal or my baby face lol. Naw for real he made my day!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My 1st trip to ATL of 2010

So after four months apart I got to reunite with my business partner and best friend Ozy Reigns. He's been doing his thing in LA and I couldn't be prouder. But I did miss him. But you can peep all the crazy moments that happen during my trip. I could write it... But its 2010 we got the flip poppin off.

(You can tell a chick was beyond freaking sleepy huh.... Sleepy and cold.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Crazy Thursday Charlotte Night....

Now I'm the one not to do a lot of drinking or none of that carrying on... But some how some way I got messed up last night! (I wasn't driving) So my girls came to town and we decided to hit up this chill spot... That has waaaaay 2 many steps dips and trips to trap a lady wearing heels up when she been drinking. LOL Waaaay too many! So my 1st spill was taken while walking out of VIP! It was more of a slip but since my butt touched the step we shall call it a fall... I just sat there for a sec. But recovered..... Met up with my play brother... What up Josh!!! Photobucket He came to kick it with the ladies.... And my other homie.... We chilled out for a sec. Then made a break for it. This is when I went tumbling down the parking lot.Talk about random as hell.... I fell down the lot. And if you haven't caught on by now. "I'm a whole lotta woman" This was a hella hard fall... But good friends hold you down and pick you up... So I made it to the back seat safely a little sandy where the hell did sand come from... I don't know.. But I made it. All the way to the waffle house.... where i couldn't finish my food because crazy's want to go and shoot up the waffle house. now really who do shit like that??? Tacky ass niccas....But I had fun... Photobucket I love hanging with my girls... And a big blog hug go out to my sis Sheena for hooking up my hair!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Booty Dew

OK I'm late on my video watching... But we all know its not really no really no video shows no more.... But my question is this..... Aint this dance a little lady like for men folk to be doing????

I don't know.... Look like they rockin they hips a whole lot to me. I'm just waiting on them to bust out.... Hay how you doin....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Music From Ozy Reigns.

Before Ozy Reigns Exciting Times we had Ozy The Last Dragon. But even before that. Oz was 1/2 of the rap duo "The Spades" well "Spades In Midnight Malevolence" to be exact. They had a hot SC anthem that anyone from SC should be proud of.
The group broke up before the album could be released. But after so many year its now time to set off the musical greatness. Now for the 1st time ever... For free download I bring to you.... The long lost Spades album....
PhotobucketCD cover by "Chris Williams" of 101 ent

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Part Two

Man I try my best to keep everyone in my blog world up on the new new when it comes to the music. You should never just wait for the radio to tell you whats hot! Or wait on it to be on TV to jump on the new new. (Because all that shit be old by the time it drops anywho!) My homie Boog Brown just put out that hot hot!!!! WHOA! Any lady who got trapped up with some 1/2 ass ping ping will feel this one like I do!!! She said I should have "Molly whopped that bitch" wooooooooooooooooow!!!!!! "I hope she burn you like a perm" I can't take this shit!!!! I got to hear it again....


I gotta send that last line out to someone.... (they knew who they be...)
"Should have had more respect now learn to live with your regrets!"

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA She killed this one get on it!!!!

again she said Molly Whop.... Yes I love it! Imma need to get my hands on this mp3 like in three mins or less.... The return of the lady MC! Move out the way!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Damnit I'm Fly!!!!!

So my photo shoot with K.B. for went hella well!!!!
Kevin did his damn thing with these!
Much love to my Hair and Make Up artist Era Hailstock! She keeps me funky fresh to death ready to party!!!!!!


O and can't forget my web designer Jacques (who also did the graphics on the picture) is in the process of pimpin my blog. So soon you will check out the world according to Journee' and its going to be all spiffy.... (And I haven't forgot about the pictures from my tumble!!! They are just really big. K.B. cutting them down to size!)

With all this being said...the only thing left to say is... O hells bells play my theme music!!!!! (From my hometown homeboy Bettie Grind.....) Damnit I'm fly!!!!! That's just the way I'm feeling today!

Support local designer Jeff of get on BET RIP The RUNWAY JUST email and say HTDOGWTR need to be on 2010 Rip the Runway!!!!!!!!!!

(Now you are caught up!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

S.N.Y.P. Two Sides Video FT Shaun Lamont

Man I have to show S.N.Y.P. love. He was one of the 1st people to believe in me when I step foot in this game. Now I'm watching him grow as a man and into a crazy artist! He is doing his thing!


Make sure you show him some love. (And ladies he's a cutie too!!!!!Photobucket Damn I really have a bunch of cute friends lol) But his song Bedroom is still like one of my fav tracks to date. It dropped like five years ago and I still blast it like its that new new lol.

I'm from the Crown

For some reason I woke up really feeling my home town! I love where I'm from Charlotte NC is my home! And we are putting it on the map! if you don't love where you are from do something about it! Period. But I love my home forever! Got to show tis track some love. I'm mad I was suppose to be in this video but they did it during aggie homecoming. :-( The next one I'm on deck! They did the damn thing tho! I'm proud!

Royal Tee Blanked on this one here!!!!!!!

Tradewinds to eastland mall wow.... do i remember!

Ed E Ruger I Hate Everybody.mp3

Ed E Ruger took it there on this one!!!!!!!! I'm loving this track. Downloading it as we speak. I think everyone needs to take a listen and enjoy! I got a old boss I would kick in her ass without even blinking!!!! Then walk away laughing! I feels ya E! I feels ya. You have out done yourself on this one!

zSHARE - 05 I Hate Everybody.mp3

Follow Him on Twitter @Ed_E_Ruger

Now while you check it out for the 1st time I'm rocking it on repeat! "Fuck you fuck you fuck you.... but your cool lol." Get up on it!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

010 Photo Shoot

Clearly Bangnat Radio has been my pet project for the last few years. But in 2009 things started coming together. We have started droppin the podcast (major thanks to everyone who has taken a listen!!!) But in the 010 we going to do it again. but bigger. My web designer is hard at work revamping the site. So you know we had to hit you with the new new.... Take a look @ one of the shoots we got. Photobucket Thats me and my co-host K.B.(who just so happens to be one of my bestest friends in the world. We have been friends 10 years strong right now. Just thought I would throw that out there). But everything is happening. Keep your eyes open. Because we are here now!!!!!!

But you know I can't go nowhere without some pure foolishness happening. I guess my first ride on public transpo wasn't any different! For this photo shoot we took it to Charlotte's light Rail. And honestly I was waiting on a Marta girl moment! One that I didn't cause myself. LOL. Because until we met Eugene, me falling and busting my ass in the middle of the shoot... and Kevin getting pictures of the whole way down was the high light of the night. But nope.... Thanks to Eugene my mere fall was wiped off the map!!! YAY. So at this time my stylist had my flip. Sooooo blame her for not getting this greatness. she was slippin HARD. As we sat on the train. A toothless (I'm not saying he was a alcoholic, but its safe to say he aint been sober in a number of days.) sat right in the middle of us, and just went in!!!! Now Mr. Eugene looked suspect from the get go. I thought he was nakee under his trench coat!!!! Come to have it I wasn't alone in this thinking. Because he keep tuggin at his coat. And his clothes seemed to be as missin as his teeth. But who knew. He just started talking to Kevin and Bish like "Dem ladies over there fine" (talkin about my stylist and i). but the kicker was..... He seemed to be gay. But as many shades he was to the wind... hell I don't think it would really matter rather he had fish or fish sticks on his plate. He informed us t the next stop we were going to get off and go dancing.... when we said that we had work in the morning and it was already late. He let us know that he didn't care!!!! We were going dancing. So at this point it had already been decided through strong eye signals that we were getting off at the opposite stop as Mr. Eugene. I mean this man came out the darkness.... I have no idea when he got on. I'm just happy that crazy got off. lol

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy Man In The Cut!!!

OK guys I had another great weekend!!!!!! But I just had to share the crazy ish that happen to me. You see I was chillin at my fav deli with my rap fam. We were just drinking wine and have great conversations. When my homeboy Ike asked me to get him a beer. So I went to the cooler which you can see a little bit of. of in the picture. But while I was the cooler, And I catch a shadow of someone looking at me lurking if you will. So I jumped back and here I see this foolish in the darkness


who do shit like this????? this is super scary!!!!!! In the cut!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One of my 09 jams n 010

I looooooooooooove this track!!!!

The Captain Morgan Dance

So yet another crazy 010 night (I have to tell you guys I'm loving 2010!!!!)
Last night I went to hang out with my homeboys after their video shoot (I'm not in this one lol) But I caught my homeboy Sly doing his new dance.... Called the Captain Morgan. Just when I thought it couldn't get no better!!!!! It did!!!!!


The Captain Morgan Dance

Captain Morgan Dance Tutorial

The guy in the black coat just wanted to be seen!!! Blah 2 times on his ass!!!!!!

And if you not up on the 09 Dick Fingers craze.... Catch up!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My New Glasses

This year you need to really get your hand on some HTDOGWTR!!!! A hot new clothing line! Very reasonable. Very Fly!!!! Even Miss Keri Babi is up on it! Now its your turn!!! Photobucket




Photobucket and on

I so support local designers and that new new!!! Check out my HDW Glasses LOVING THEM!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Wrap Up

Check out me and KB's wrap up of 2009!

Make sure you follow us on twitter @EmpressJournee & @Heavymixxin

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!! (The Club Is no place for a 5 footer)

So as promised... Its the first day of 2010 and I am already blogging more then I did last year lol. So first things first!!! Happy New Years Photobucket

My year started off @ a club lol. I know crazy I am so not a Charlotte club chick. But I did run into a bunch of fam and friends in the club. But it was super packed! I mean to the point where you could not move around packed. VIP meant pretty much nothing. Because it seemed that was over packed too. But the whole night brought me to this one theory!

The club is absolutely no place for a fiver footer!!!!!! I stand five foot flat. Period not comma Photobucket! I was bopped in the head, stepped on, people dropped stuff on me, o and how can I forget I was burnt with a cigarette (then kat daps me up! What the hell.... He burns me in the club with a cigarette then wants to dap me on my freaking hand he burnt!!!! But I did not jump on him like a spider monkey! But I remained cool!!! With everything that went wrong, I just enjoyed being with my crew. Now where do we go from here.... who knows.... Guess you have to keep reading... But I will tell you this! In 2010 please respect the short people!!! We are going to make a come back and run the world, like Photobucket and i honestly do not think you want that problem!