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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Foolishness/ A Baby Back Dere

Now everyone can tell I love foolishness. I mean I am a cheerleader for some foolishness. But this right here may be a too foolish for me. Yes I said IT! Too damn foolish.

Wow The name of this song is She got a baby back dere.... WoW really O really! If the spelling wasn't bad enough wow. The song is called a baby back dere. Kertasy has lost his damn mind. PERIOD. If this is where music is going I am to stop listening period. Its over. I'm done. A fucking Baby Back Dere. No fucking words. I can't even talk about the chick who is on there flapping her wings because this fool is making baby sounds in the hook. This kat is not for real. If I was there A. I would ask for my money back even if I got in for free. B. I would have threw something on his the club owner manager and promoter because they are all wrong for not telling this fool he's CRAZY!

Nobody Famous-Don't Act Like I Never Told You

Nobody Famous-Don't Act Like I Never Told You from Nobody Famous on Vimeo.

My homegirl Janalyn is taking over LA! Has a staring roll in this Nobody Famous video Don't Act Like I Never Told You.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is the Stiletto Squad!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

OK I have never broke down what the Stiletto Squad is or who we are. How we work none of that. So this is the best time to do it. OK So we are a group of young ladies who met on the campus of NC A&T SU! (Aggie pride) Original members are Miss Avia Photobucket

Remy V. Photobucket Lady Jacole Photobucket and Empress Journee Photobucket . Why are we known as the Stiletto Squad well hell its because we have a mean shoe game. And we are drivin young ladies. The odd thing about our friendship is we are not just a group of fly chicks. But we all college degrees. Have our own! Homes Cars and hell even our own companies. YEP! We do it huge fuck big. Remy V. has her own production company DOHH or Days of Hip Hop.
She is doing the damn thing. Now Miss. Avia & Lady Jacole have bonded their companies together creating Dimesions Marketing. Miss. Avia handles the models & styling. Lady Jacole is the Graphic Designer of the crew handling Flyer Design Logo's Poster etc. You can check them out on Now me I'm Empress Journee & i'm a promoter. I work mostly with rappers all over! But I do promotions for different companies as well. Hell you are already on my web site but don't worry about it. My web designer is all on it. :-) Now with our powers combine we become captin planet lol. jokes but we do become a force to be fucking with. We support each other in EVERYTHING we do. We ride for each other and refuse to fail. We are our own street team. We often help different clubs & events promote different things. We are just taking over the world. So watch out.

Memorial Day Weekend

& see some of the prettiest women you have ever seen. Hell we trying to figure out who do their hair So I have to admit I had one of the most amazing memorial day weekends. Short break down. I can say it started Thursday when I got to go to speed street with my homie Bis. & got to see foolishness as far as the eye could see (you know I was like a kid in the candy store) But more importantly I got to see wait for it.... BBD! (O you don't believe me). and they still got it. These older men look like they did when they were 12! They have aged very well! Yeah suck on some of that greatness for a second. But the big thing was I even got a chance to take a pic w/ some cats who wasn't even born in the 80s rocking 80s gear w/ flat tops and ish. For some reason I can't find the pic we took together but here's the video clip you can see them in Yep crazyness huh. I just enjoyed chillin out. Now why don't they do a speed street type thing for CIAA is beyond me. Hell that would be the shit. But of course they wont be doing that. (For reasons we all know). YO how could i forget! We saw this chick get 100 BOO-ED off stage! Not once but TWICE! I didn't even have the flip ready. I know I suck. So Friday I was suppose to go to DC for the weekend. But two members of the Stiletto Squad ring me up and tell me we are going on tour. (what we call road trips lol.) So I hope in the car. & where do we go? ATL!!!! Got there in time 2 Check Ozy Reigns set @ Apache Cafe. But not before we got caught off guard by ATL night life. We rolling down 4thlol. Come to have it they were men on the stroll. O i can't wait to see that hookers on the point on HBO! Why it hasn't come out yet I don't know. It was a real cool ATL trip because I didn't have to work. & got to hang out & shop w/ the girls. The underground was a treat! So many interesting people. VERY interesting! (Hell I even ran into my graphic designer in the underground! He stay in NC like me. That was a nice surprise hell I haven't seen him since like 06. O the wonders of the Internet. Keeping friends together lol.) Its a different type of breed of man down there. They say whatever & don't care! Yes those on my twitter know what i'm about to say. But i had on a pretty low cut halter top. (I have like one pic of me from that day I have 2 get it from my graphic designer.) But this guy grabs my hand and says "Yeah I've been thinking.... & I want you to be my girl friend." Me being the slow ass that I am just bust out laughing. It was hella funny. Then he looks down and says "Yeah you must have put butter on your titties when you were younger." It was done deal from that point on. You know I had to marry him right... And that's how I met my 2nd husband. (Lies I tell. But I did laugh uncontrollably until I almost passed out!) lol. And I'm about to make all ya'll jelous! Yep. Because I got to see the Kool-Aid man. Aight it wasn't the real kool-aid man... It was a women dressed up as the kool-aid man. Ok I tell the truth it was a women in all red who put me in the mind set of the kool-aid man. Even her braids were red. But her whole outfit was like five different reds. We called it dusty reds! But all around the underground we screamed out kool-aid. hoping she would bust through a wall and have a few cups in her hand. (yeah we can be mean when we want to be but really I wanted to know. ) We ended up going to this pool hall later that night and kooling out. Nice relax setting. The guys @ the pool hall were no diff from the guys @ the underground. Not being able to take NO for an answer! But o the things we ladies come up with in order to swat a fly! LOL. Classic lines were made up that day. Lines I will never forget! (I would drop some but who knows if one of those no-blockers are following me. lol good to keep some things on the ground low.) But ATL was so much fun what a treat. I laughed and smiled the WHOLE time down there. But we had to leave for our beach trip! Yep we went to the beach for "Black Bike Week" which was a little lacking from previous years because of all the hating some of the folk @ Myrtle Beach did! But we met a lot of business owners who was very upset that the town did this to some of their busy-est times. You can tell they lost a LOT of money! Its real sad. In a little bit the Myrtle Beach we know will be a thing of the pass. & Trump is going to come down and take over & change everything. I said it mark my words. But we had a ball. Much love to my Myrtle Beach music fam down there who showed me so much love and fun @ Club Toxic. But it was a crazy night! Mad crazy!!!!!! But we had a ball! We brought it back to the Carolinas on Monday had a mini-adventure (journey if you will) getting home! One suspect left turn and we just lost for a few hours. Really! But we got to see the corn fields and the deep southern folk. It was a over all great trip. I can't wait to meet back up with the ladies on Thursday 2 get Avia's B Day popping RIGHT! Yeah we do what we do how we do when we do way big! Now its pass time for a nap.


SPECTACULAR FROM PRETTY RICKY Is really going to get it on this clip. I normally don't do this. But hell this is foolishness to the top! This nigga is buggin in his tighty red-e's lol! Did this nigga really call another I'm assuming grown ass nigga Lingerie. Did he say his boy Lingerie singing his heart out on that track. WOW in real life... Wow.... This shit isn't Thug-ish. I love thuggy guys and & red thongs type panties (As Spectacular has on) poppin his hips like he's about 2 break out into a singl ladies dance. Really. Naw not sexy. He knew who he catering to and it was no where close to being women. Fuck no. Fuck no Fuck no. FOOLISH I Tell ya.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Charles Hamilton get punched in the face

OK Honestly I don't even like Charles Hamilton! So this was extra great to me. He is way too full of his self. For someone who wont even be thought about next year. Really... But she socked him good! But on the left hand.... If she did fuck ole boy #1 (which is going out to her...) Lady you are way 2 cute 2 be fucking herbs! (Just saying. She look like she could be my little sis! So I have 2 talk to her as such!)
#2 when u fuck someone as young and simple (he seem simple) as him. You have gots to know that biz could be put on blast.

But I will have to give her mad love on that punch! GREATnESS

Thanks 2 my buddy for putting this out there

Monday, May 18, 2009

Proper "Open Mic" Etiquette

So.... I've been to PLENTY of open mics. And I have now decided to blog me a manual. A step by step booklet "bloglet" to help you get your manners in check when it comes to open mics. Because there are some very disrespectful mother funkers out here. & I would not be doing anyone a favor by not hipping them the proper mic Photobucket etiquette!
1. If you have been invited out to do a set... Please don't do your whole life's works. Please don't do your whole cd! Just honestly in real life! Real talk. Don't nobody want to hear all that shit. It is what it is.
2. In the event of a free style please drop your few bars & pass the mic. Nobody wants to hear a hour long freestyle. Trust me.
3. If you haven't ran your set by someone who is not related to you... Don't come out to do it to a mass group of people. Because more likely then not. It sucks!
4. Don't bring your family and extended family on stage. If a mother fucker you don't know can come on the stage & start doing the running man... HAY! You have 2 many folk on stage with you. If you can't stand out w/o all those people then you really need to rethink your rapping.
5. Don't get mad if someone don't like your track. If you can't take opinions on this level you just need to stop now. Give up lol.
6. Stop taking all these drink bottles on stage. That's just tacky.
7. If you are going to have a hype man please make sure he/she knows the lyrics of your song.
8. Please know the lyrics to your own song! Its nothing sadder then a rapper who don't know their own shit! If your music is not wroth you remembering.... It damn sure aint wroth me remembering!
9. You really never should talk shit to the people in the crowd. You never know who they may be.
10. If I'm in the house and I start playing hip hop duck duck goose. And you feel the tap. Please just step down and pass the mic. No Questions No Back Talk! Just pass the mic. And exit stage right!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Do the fucking Neck Bone & Cornbread... I have no words for such hmmmmmm yeah Fuckary covers it! Who has this much time on their hands to put together such naw its not even foolishness I tend to enjoy foolishness this is fuckary because its sad. Then the food has nothing but flys on it. WTF? Coonary @ its best!

Friday, May 15, 2009

MY Friday Video Pick

Honestly I didn't like twitter @ 1st but I have grown to love it. You get put on so much new ish its crazy! I love my following and the people I follow on there. I have a new follower Big Samir (If you are on twitter he would be Follow him.) He put me on his video outside my window. I don't know who his co-star is. But she's ill too! I'm really feeling this track! Big up's to both of them.

Start Friday W/ a Great Laugh

O this was good to me! I laughed from plaes I didn't ever know I had. Boy Stop.... No really he needs to stop lol.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If You Need A Photographer

This is for Carla Aaron-Lopez! The bad-est photographer I've ran across! Period! Look up! Trust if she can make me look like a lady! Trust she can do wonders!

Words From Carla Photobucket
I'm freelancing commercial photography with the help of a friend, Omar Richardson ( Everything will be on a quote basis in order to provide better shots for everyone. We can do headshots, weddings, products and photo shoots. In addition to those, we also provide all digital editing as well as prints for those interested. Please take a look at his website or add him on Facebook. Please drop me a line if any of you are interested in working with us.

We're both trying to stay in Atlanta after we graduate and we are trying our best to utilize our talents and skills to help our community, colleagues and friends. Please feel free to refer us to your friends and folks in need of professional photography in the Atlanta area.

Thanks so much.

email -

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Great Fall

So Anyone who knows even a little bit about me and my crew knows we do graduations up way big! So needless to say when the last member of the Stiletto Squad Jacole Photobucket (MUCH MUCH LoVe chick I'm so very proud of you.) was up for graduation you know we had to do it big. Now do to the years before graduation that partying the night before is not a good idea lol. (Man I think I'm going 2 have a sit down w/ all my homegirls and tape us talking about the night before our graduations! Bonkers.) So I drove up to Greensboro Saturday morning had on my little fit nothing too spiffy I had a banging outfit for the night of partying. And a comffy one for the cookout. So I get to the coliseum meet the nicest old man EVER! Like he went above and beyond the whole day for me. 1st by letting me park in this spot.... I wasn't suppose to but we not going to go too deep in that one because I don't want him to get in trouble. So I thought this day was about to be the best ever. Because that was a hella great park. So I'm walking in the coliseum about to meet up w/ the rest of the crew when it happens on the 2nd level by the mens room and a trash can I take a spill. Not just your everyday spill. but I'm talking a hell of a fall. My feet twist under me. My shoes are now shot to hell Photobucket. Not only that but the little boy who only wanted to go to the restroom was just stuck in a state of shock! He just looked at me with concern on his face.One guy that saw me fall most def got his seven laughs off me! But he help me gather the parts of my phone that went flying everywhere. Even a lady in a wheelchair rolled over to see if I was ok and her daughter told me "that's why i wear flats here these floors are way too slick" (which didn't help me at all but i thank them for their concern)! The little boy was still in shock! So i told him it would be ok to laugh. I brush myself off! Got up & hobbled on to my friends and switch shoes (yeah i had flats in my bag) My foot was hurt but it was still walk able. As time went on my foot got bigger and bigger. I hobble back to my car the old man who let me park and told me that i was looking real spiffy saw that i was hurt. And let me sit in his chair and went and got my car for me so I wouldn't have to walk on the gravel with my hurt foot. I made it down the steps and to the car so I thought maybe it wasn't that bad. I was going to press on and party it up for my homegirl. I made it into one of my homies houses. And notice my foot was getting worse. I changed and sat on the sofa waiting on her to get ready. Not noticing my foot getting bigger and bigger! Its time to go and i try and get up and hobble which I had been doing so great. And my foot wasn't moving! I tried using a bat to lean on nothing! I was FUCKED UP! Her fiance let me ride on his back piggy back style! And put me in my car. (You see what I mean when I say I have a group of amazing friends in my life!) I got scared and was like naw I'm not going to chance it. My foot was blowing up! I was going to try and get back up the road. Before I couldn't move it at all. So I drove on my bad foot the hour back home. And by some miracle I mad it back to my moms house. Seeing that my condo is on the 3rd floor there was just no way in hell I was going to make it. So as always my mom, dad & baby bro comes to my rescue! And takes care of me. Making sure I was comffy and had movies phones pillows whatever. Now my parents had already had a night out planned. I was sleep when they left but they knew I would have watched my baby brother (he will be 8 @ the end of the month). He was all set to "watch me" until it hits him. "well if someone breaks in I will be here all by myself! And she wont be able to help me fight them off with that bad foot! I would be here fighting all by myself w/ my golf club.... I think I will go to granny's!" And left me by myself lol. Kids these days I tell you. But today I started to feel bad having my mom take care of me on her day! So i made my way back to my place. And for the million-th time this year my homie Bis come to my aid! Get's me some crutches. Again I say how great are my friends! Just two weeks ago he went and got my sinus meds for me. Like damn. The chick who let him go is a dummy all day. I don't know y he is still single! I don't get it! Bis is a catch! Hell if I knew what I knew now when I was 18 when we 1st met. I would have snatched him off the market! Now we have been friends for too long lol. But I should kick myself for not snatching him up! All I do know is his X was a dummy for that one. But I have not made it home thanks to all those who helped me. And here I sit. But I couldn't be happier. Because as of yesterday! Every member of the Stiletto Squad has college degree's two or more businesses. We are those chicks that myth's are made from! Photobucket

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Not Always GOOD

OK I twitted this but I know I have to break it down. I'm so tired of people saying "you know how black people are about free stuff" Bah humbug. Don't get me wrong I see nothing wrong with getting stuff for free. But when it is done in mass amounts such as.... <span class=I have to ask the MAJOR questions... Why? Not the reason they telling us.... But really why are they giving away this food? I can't do it. I mean come on I was a Af. Am. studies major. My specialty was conspiracies! Now lets think about this for a moment. B-Rock is in office! And a lot of "Bush" folk mad! Just waiting for a way to get revenge. What better way to get revenge on a large group of black people.... While trying 2 prove a point? Well damn.... Why not give them "FREE CHICKEN"? And just to make sure they people show up. Tell them its care of Oprah! (People always want free shit from her!) LAWD! Now really. They would have knocked out 80% of the country right there. And they just want to catch people showing their asses! And for what? Some free damn chicken! I be damn wont catch me slipping. You know they gave out a free boat ride once.... You know what that ended up being..... Slavery! They gave out free flu shots too! You know what that was? Just ask Miss Eves' Boys... If you still slow Syphilis Experiments. Who the fuck knows whats in this "free chicken". All I do know for sure is... You can keep it! Just a little food for thought for you to snack on! Might as well go drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid! (And if you don't know what that means.... Read a book!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why R U Single?

So I was talking to one of my crazy ass friends (who i just realized knows too damn much about me lol) And he said "J I don't get it why are you single? You are smart have three degrees. Sexy. Got a good job. Own place. & your own car NO KIDS!!!! Why are you single really." (Those are his words not mine. Didn't add nothing in that's all him.) He knows about the whole "Divorce" thing. So i was like I'm just cooling out. I'm good!. He said "NO YOUR CRAZY!" Photobucket Why a chick have to be crazy just because she has her shit together and is single?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!!? Let me tell the story I was crazy B4. LOL. Men all I'm saying is stop trying to find flaws in women who are holding it down on their own. Maybe they are just trying to avoid the "crazy".I am not crazy... Hell you couldn't prove it if i was! LOL. I can't believe my homie of a million and two years asked me that HOW RUDE! lol. I had to do a short blog about that. And for the record.... When you have 2 pay 2 be single trust you don't go rushing back into relationships lol. Divorces AINT CHEAP!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Thoughts / Flashbacks of College

So that whole Stomp the yard blog I did got me to thinking about my days in Aggie Land. And you know I randomly spot light people who I hold dear to me. And I honestly know its time to just show this kat MAD love. My college best friend Will! (Don't get it twisted me and my whole fam will come after you if look @ him cross eyed! You better ask someone.) <span class=OK I will tell you how deep our friendship is. I have brothers and growing up they would always have to fight for my plate or take crumbs. It was to the point where my granny set a side a plate for me lol. Yeah It started getting violent! I started stabbing them w/ forks over chicken! HAAAAAAAAAA! I knew that Will had became a member of the fam when my granny started putting him a plate up. LOL I dated the same guy the whole time I was in college. And he NEVER got such good treatment lol. We met our freshman year @ T <span class= (HA! We look real young in the face!)and bonded over 1st semester. He is honestly one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. Man I guess its time lol. I told one of my readers I would break down my roommate hells.... And he saved me from one... a many of these crazy chicks I have encountered! And yes there were many.But during freshman year my mom made me live in the dorms... (O don't worry she is going to the old folks home for two years as pay back!!!!) My original roommate was way too much! She was real extra. I think the funniest moment with her was when these kids yes kids because they were 16 years old. Came drug her out of her bed. Down the steps up some more steps to the parking lot! Where she ended up getting her ass beat. It was funny but sad. But yeah I got my seven laughs out. So by the time she got back from a long weekend i had moved her shit out. (I don't do drama where I rest my head). Another chick moved in and she was letting her little cousins come and spend the night. I mean they were like 8 and 10. I got back from class one day wanted to take a nap that little girl had sun flower seeds all in my bed like in the covers. I mean the kind with slob on them. I was too done. Will hooked me up though. I convinced my granny to move me out the dorm before I started tossing females out the window! (I don't play well with others when it comes to living.) Will has always been that voice of reason! (Even though I never listened to him when he told me to stop getting tatted like four or five tats ago!) Keeps me calm! LOL Yeah even let him ding my car and didn't get mad lol. He's just an over all amazing person! He came to hang with me in the QC once and walked into a bunch of stuff I'm sure he looks back and laughs at. LOL. WOW! Because that was a crazy weekend. Man I should get the crew back together. We should have a cookout and do it all over again. Just cool out and wild out. But Will is an smart and amazing person! He got his degree in Poli Sci. And is doing exactly what he set out to do! And i have never honestly been so proud of someone. I know whatever I need if I ask him I got it. And hell he can send a thought of a request to me and its nothing! We have been through so much. LOL. Man thinking back on the college times is making me laugh. Stuff I can't even blog about. I thought about writing it but had to double back and clear it out. Somethings you just got to keep on the low. But I wouldn't change the time i spent @ aggie land for anything! The snow days are the best. Man I miss college sometimes! Kwasi! (If anyone that went to T knows where he is tell him of this blog! Tell him to get @ me!) Man I'm just thinking back on all the great times I had in school. I don't know how I became so lucky to meet so many great people! When my grandfather passed he was right there for me. I will never forget how much of a friend this man has been to me. If he ever has a political career i will promote for him its nothing! I hope all the great and wonderful things in this world happen to him! I will never be that chick screaming "men not shit" because of what a man has done to me. I can't! Because I know so many amazing men! I mean right out the book amazing! I have great taste in friends! Shitty taste when it comes to dating! And marriae for that matter! LOL. But I know I have great friends that will support me through it all. :-) I really love my friends!
<span class= <span class=
PS I told you guys we had some stomp the yard fine men @ T! I wasn't playing!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stomp The Yard

We all know I wasn't blogging when this Photobucketmovie hit the movies. But now that its running non-stop on TNT. I think this will be a perfect time to revisit my org. thoughts! Now I look at this movie as a new age School Daze/ Different World. It gives you a false sense of college life. Don't get me wrong I am more then happy to see so many Af. Am. in a movie. But I for one was a victim of TV / Movies. What do I mean. OK. Most of my family went to college close to home. JC Smith (Ewwwe) Livingstone places like that. And one thing I've always known was that I was going away for college. PERIOD! Nope didn't have a hard up bringing or anything like that. I just wanted to get away from Charlotte. Then I watch the movie Higher Learning! That damn John Singleton! (I still want to kick him in the knee caps for that shit! Scared the FUCK out of me. Yeah you prob. looking at me real cross eyed right now. Like "it was only a movie" FUCK THAT! That movie changed my life. I NEVER forgot what I saw in that movie. It was so unsettling! And with the school shootings that were really going on at the time.
Please know I took all that into account when i decided that I was going to a HBCU! No questions. And it was like damn how many other times in your life will you be able to experience something like that. And after watching School Daze "BOY STOP" I was ready to see the frats/ Sororities run the yard. Have beefs and break out into spontaneous song and dance. (OK I kind of knew pretty much that the whole random song and dance was not likely to happen) But I did think the Greek life was like that. (I speak the truth in my blog! I done yes done told ya) And I thought it was going to be like in a different world. Which honestly wasn't too off the mark. (Good Job folks!) Anyway I landed @ NC A&T by total mistake! Ok not mistake. I was suppose to go to Howard! But last min my brother got into uncc and pops wasn't trying to help either of us go to school (with his stanking ass) So I had to down grade my college out look. Out of state is the DeVil! Even w/ a simi scholarship that school still added up to disrespectful amounts! So I ended up @ NC A&T SU! Photobucket which was the best thing that has ever happen to me! Talk about the sweetest mistake! A&T changed my life. It was there I met some of the greatest friends I could have ever asked for! (Chris Avia Remy Jacole Ice Cold Will W. Will M. Will K. Mike E. Jeremiah lol wow Jeremiah Brandon R. Tye Ryan Yodie Nate lol everyone @ wnaa.... let me stop i can go on for days) I almost forgot my point of the blog lol. I suck i know. Point being. Movies like Stomp the yard will have you fucked up. Going to school thinking your about to see all these sexy men with 6 packs! Running around with their shirts off. LIES PEOPLE LIES! Don't get me wrong we had some sexy men folk @ T. But they weren't just running wild like they were on this movie. Boy stop. I would be a super duper SR right now. LOL. And yes their are some extra older folk on the yard but really. Who believed that Darn Dance Grooves was really a college student.

Speaking of I know that I have some younger readers following my blog so let me spit game. & I am going to crush some folk net game. Short story.... When I went to college I was 18 years old. And I noticed that there were some old heads who had nothing better to do then pretend they went to college (not saying that have never been. but hell they weren't enrolled at that time!) So there was this one old head who tried to hit on all the freshmans. Yeah he even tried to holla at me. O bootleg Ginuwine looking motherfunker. I mean every time Ginuwine changed his side burn this fool change his. Always walking around with his shirt off. One of those kats who was real extra! So when I was a 18 year old FRESHMAN this man was screaming he was 21 yers old. I graduated when I was 22 years old. & Was on myspace one day! Came across this mans page. He still screaming he 21. Now I've never been that great at math but those numbers don't add up. Those old heads will try and catch you slipping! Don't fall for it. Don't you do it!

AND PS. Don't think you going to go to school and be like they stomping the yard. Yeah no one says that!

Fighting for my virginity!

So I was @ this drag show<span class= with some of my Judy's (Judy's = gay friends). Yes yes I have gay friends! And love love love them to death! Anywho. So i have to break down how the club is. To the right you have your drag show. Left hip hop dance and top level you can look down on it all and get the best bloody long island you have ever had! The BEST! I have to say this one more time fore the cheap seats in the back! THE FUCKING BEST! (Yes they are that great!) Back to the story. Anywho. Anyway I know some club separate the whole men women thing. But not here. The gays party together. Black white young old they go and get their party on. So being a straight women in this type environment yes you do run the risk of being tried. We were in their deep. I had my gay friend male and my gay friend girl. The rest of us straight. Me and my homegirl was in there (both straight) So our friend girl said she would block any attempts on us. I said cool but I wasn't worried about it because I would fight for my virginity!!!
{Now being straight going to this type of club, you can't get mad if someone hits on you. Because hell you don't have no business in there in the first place. But.... Just like in any club you do have those people who just don't know how to take no for an answer! People please learn that No means no! That's going out to straight gay purple!}
So we walking... Having a good time... I mean I have noticed in a club you see a bunch of folk grinding and just being over all nasty! But when you party with the children! Man O Man.... All I can say is "Do you want to see the routine?" This one kat broke down the single ladies dance better then Beyonka could ever dream of even trying to do. Fuck it! That motherfunker right there made the dance up! PERIOD! She stole it from him! I've never in my life seen someone get it on the floor like him! NEVER! I should have been taping it but i was so stuck in amazement! He needs to be doing some one's video's coordinating someones tour something. Can't nahnutter motherfunker dance like that man right there. All I'm saying I didn't dance for the rest of the night after seeing that. Just watching him let me know that I can't dance. I do the same two step with a little twist if that. LOL. I know not what dance is! LOL Man let me tell you how i got myself in trouble! My song came on! Beyonka Get me bodied (I told u I'm not a Beyonka hater... She just do some extra shit sometimes! Moving on) I forgot where I was when the song came on. Because I was getting bodied. You know I was doing the routine... "pat your weave" (I don't have 1 but i was patting) "Do ya old school dance" I was going to get it so I thought. Then the part came on about "Wine it back" This cat got behind me And we were going back and down back and down. But I'm a old chick. I don't get as low as I did when I was a young tender in my youth! He was still going back and down I was just going down. I damn near bust my ass! I had to untangle myself from that carrying on! So me and the crew were walking in a line. My friend girl had went off to handle her two chick situation she had popping off. (She is a mac if I have ever seen one lol! She got game had side chick number 2 and 3 @ the club! O talk about funny!) So we walking in the this like line going from one room to another. When I feel a arm go around my shoulder and I see a chick coming toward me with "I'm about to make you my victim face" on. So here it is! My chance to fight for my virginity. I mean I'm in a almost head lock. But what do I do? What dose slow ass EJ do? Fall back and scream "SAVE MY VIRGINITY!!!!! I'm a victim I'm a victim" My homegirl looks back and laugh her ass off. I'm in shock! I was feeling like i did when that crazy looking lady with no teeth & stringy hair Photobucket tried to kid nap me from the K-Mart when I was 8! I had the same look on my face on and everything. I was ashamed of myself for not even pinching the bitch. I just fell out! But luckily it was just my friend girl. Who blocked some unwanted attention for me. But I was so disappointed in myself! LOL I didn't even pinch the bitch! I know I could never do any real jail time! Hell not the way I hit the deck. Just passed the hell out! LOL. I was so up set with myself. But I did have a ball! I even got to see foolishness pop off! Now normally you go to the other club to avoid the drama and fighting type deal. But on this night. I don't know what happen but this chick took a bottle to the face! I mean she looked like she came up out of a scary movie. The front of the club has these big glass windows! So when she popped up in the window it was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN Blood EVERYWHErE! She got fucked up for real. But was banging on that window with all that bloody streaming down her face like she was in that move Cabin Fever! Crazy night out all together!

Drag Show from Empress Journee on Vimeo.

But test the link. Its some great foolishness!