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Monday, May 18, 2009

Proper "Open Mic" Etiquette

So.... I've been to PLENTY of open mics. And I have now decided to blog me a manual. A step by step booklet "bloglet" to help you get your manners in check when it comes to open mics. Because there are some very disrespectful mother funkers out here. & I would not be doing anyone a favor by not hipping them the proper mic Photobucket etiquette!
1. If you have been invited out to do a set... Please don't do your whole life's works. Please don't do your whole cd! Just honestly in real life! Real talk. Don't nobody want to hear all that shit. It is what it is.
2. In the event of a free style please drop your few bars & pass the mic. Nobody wants to hear a hour long freestyle. Trust me.
3. If you haven't ran your set by someone who is not related to you... Don't come out to do it to a mass group of people. Because more likely then not. It sucks!
4. Don't bring your family and extended family on stage. If a mother fucker you don't know can come on the stage & start doing the running man... HAY! You have 2 many folk on stage with you. If you can't stand out w/o all those people then you really need to rethink your rapping.
5. Don't get mad if someone don't like your track. If you can't take opinions on this level you just need to stop now. Give up lol.
6. Stop taking all these drink bottles on stage. That's just tacky.
7. If you are going to have a hype man please make sure he/she knows the lyrics of your song.
8. Please know the lyrics to your own song! Its nothing sadder then a rapper who don't know their own shit! If your music is not wroth you remembering.... It damn sure aint wroth me remembering!
9. You really never should talk shit to the people in the crowd. You never know who they may be.
10. If I'm in the house and I start playing hip hop duck duck goose. And you feel the tap. Please just step down and pass the mic. No Questions No Back Talk! Just pass the mic. And exit stage right!


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