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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stomp The Yard

We all know I wasn't blogging when this Photobucketmovie hit the movies. But now that its running non-stop on TNT. I think this will be a perfect time to revisit my org. thoughts! Now I look at this movie as a new age School Daze/ Different World. It gives you a false sense of college life. Don't get me wrong I am more then happy to see so many Af. Am. in a movie. But I for one was a victim of TV / Movies. What do I mean. OK. Most of my family went to college close to home. JC Smith (Ewwwe) Livingstone places like that. And one thing I've always known was that I was going away for college. PERIOD! Nope didn't have a hard up bringing or anything like that. I just wanted to get away from Charlotte. Then I watch the movie Higher Learning! That damn John Singleton! (I still want to kick him in the knee caps for that shit! Scared the FUCK out of me. Yeah you prob. looking at me real cross eyed right now. Like "it was only a movie" FUCK THAT! That movie changed my life. I NEVER forgot what I saw in that movie. It was so unsettling! And with the school shootings that were really going on at the time.
Please know I took all that into account when i decided that I was going to a HBCU! No questions. And it was like damn how many other times in your life will you be able to experience something like that. And after watching School Daze "BOY STOP" I was ready to see the frats/ Sororities run the yard. Have beefs and break out into spontaneous song and dance. (OK I kind of knew pretty much that the whole random song and dance was not likely to happen) But I did think the Greek life was like that. (I speak the truth in my blog! I done yes done told ya) And I thought it was going to be like in a different world. Which honestly wasn't too off the mark. (Good Job folks!) Anyway I landed @ NC A&T by total mistake! Ok not mistake. I was suppose to go to Howard! But last min my brother got into uncc and pops wasn't trying to help either of us go to school (with his stanking ass) So I had to down grade my college out look. Out of state is the DeVil! Even w/ a simi scholarship that school still added up to disrespectful amounts! So I ended up @ NC A&T SU! Photobucket which was the best thing that has ever happen to me! Talk about the sweetest mistake! A&T changed my life. It was there I met some of the greatest friends I could have ever asked for! (Chris Avia Remy Jacole Ice Cold Will W. Will M. Will K. Mike E. Jeremiah lol wow Jeremiah Brandon R. Tye Ryan Yodie Nate lol everyone @ wnaa.... let me stop i can go on for days) I almost forgot my point of the blog lol. I suck i know. Point being. Movies like Stomp the yard will have you fucked up. Going to school thinking your about to see all these sexy men with 6 packs! Running around with their shirts off. LIES PEOPLE LIES! Don't get me wrong we had some sexy men folk @ T. But they weren't just running wild like they were on this movie. Boy stop. I would be a super duper SR right now. LOL. And yes their are some extra older folk on the yard but really. Who believed that Darn Dance Grooves was really a college student.

Speaking of I know that I have some younger readers following my blog so let me spit game. & I am going to crush some folk net game. Short story.... When I went to college I was 18 years old. And I noticed that there were some old heads who had nothing better to do then pretend they went to college (not saying that have never been. but hell they weren't enrolled at that time!) So there was this one old head who tried to hit on all the freshmans. Yeah he even tried to holla at me. O bootleg Ginuwine looking motherfunker. I mean every time Ginuwine changed his side burn this fool change his. Always walking around with his shirt off. One of those kats who was real extra! So when I was a 18 year old FRESHMAN this man was screaming he was 21 yers old. I graduated when I was 22 years old. & Was on myspace one day! Came across this mans page. He still screaming he 21. Now I've never been that great at math but those numbers don't add up. Those old heads will try and catch you slipping! Don't fall for it. Don't you do it!

AND PS. Don't think you going to go to school and be like they stomping the yard. Yeah no one says that!


KayJay said...

I wanted to go to a HBCU, but I'm stayin' in NYC for school now.

EXPENSIVE-ass New York City.

I might have to strip to pay tuition.
Or sell myself to divorced women...
Got any clients for me?

Empress said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I will keep my eye out for some lol I would never change my HBCU experiences though. Wish you could have gone! But my best friend from T was out of state. Man He owe a good 70G's last time i checked!

A Girl Called Adri said...

I just had THE best laugh of the day. First at your blog then at KayJays comment.Both hilarious.
I'm finishing my sophomore year at the WHITEST school I could have chosen. We have an HBCU about 100 miles away and it is....a shame to say the least. These kids are spending their days blowing back weed, and there's no sign of school work going on. This school makes HBCUs look bad, when I know they're not (Langston University). Anyway. Thanks for the read!

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