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Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is beyond funny...

Check out the podcast....

Me and K.B. @ it again. Check out our 1st podcast of the year. Valentines edition. We still tripping people... Enjoy
Photobucket (Good Looks go out to Kevin for the banging photo shoot. And Chris 101 for the cover... Bangnat Radio Mixtape drops this week!!!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bobby Ray AKA B.O.B pulled me on stage!

WOW talk about a crazy Valentines day. So I switched the same up this year! Instead of trying to be boo caking with someone I decided to go to the Goodie M.O.B. reunion show.... (Needless to say this was a EZ decision to make you can cup cake any day!But how many times you going to get to see Goobie M.O.B. (all of them!!!) And Bobby Ray... Boy stop!) So I decided to treat one of my fav cousins and bring her with! And we rocked the hell out! That was a good ass show!!! For real!!!
So D.R. was the opening act. He's one of the best DJ's round these parts for real. He keeps the party going!!!!!!! If you going to a party he DJ-ing please wear your comffy stiletto's or flats! Because he about to have you moving! I was almost beyond tired by the time B.O.B. came out! (Yeah he is that serious!) So B.O.B. came and rocked it. Now this is funny... He came on and me and my wonderful twitting skillz twitted. decided to do a few tweets about what I saw. so after he jumps right off the stage and comes and rocks out with your girl one time. They announced they were going to do something they don't normally do.... They say we going to call someone from twitter up... who is Empress Journee' (Yeah a chick had a slow moment.... I look @ my cousin and was like ...... that sounds like my name..... lol they read the twit... and up I go... to get that Bobby Ray VIP treatment... Photobucket I'm not one to start no rumors but look how he looking all lovingly in my eyes lol. (let me have my fantasy ha) Photobucket Hay I don't know if its my whip appeal or my baby face lol. Naw for real he made my day!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My 1st trip to ATL of 2010

So after four months apart I got to reunite with my business partner and best friend Ozy Reigns. He's been doing his thing in LA and I couldn't be prouder. But I did miss him. But you can peep all the crazy moments that happen during my trip. I could write it... But its 2010 we got the flip poppin off.

(You can tell a chick was beyond freaking sleepy huh.... Sleepy and cold.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Crazy Thursday Charlotte Night....

Now I'm the one not to do a lot of drinking or none of that carrying on... But some how some way I got messed up last night! (I wasn't driving) So my girls came to town and we decided to hit up this chill spot... That has waaaaay 2 many steps dips and trips to trap a lady wearing heels up when she been drinking. LOL Waaaay too many! So my 1st spill was taken while walking out of VIP! It was more of a slip but since my butt touched the step we shall call it a fall... I just sat there for a sec. But recovered..... Met up with my play brother... What up Josh!!! Photobucket He came to kick it with the ladies.... And my other homie.... We chilled out for a sec. Then made a break for it. This is when I went tumbling down the parking lot.Talk about random as hell.... I fell down the lot. And if you haven't caught on by now. "I'm a whole lotta woman" This was a hella hard fall... But good friends hold you down and pick you up... So I made it to the back seat safely a little sandy where the hell did sand come from... I don't know.. But I made it. All the way to the waffle house.... where i couldn't finish my food because crazy's want to go and shoot up the waffle house. now really who do shit like that??? Tacky ass niccas....But I had fun... Photobucket I love hanging with my girls... And a big blog hug go out to my sis Sheena for hooking up my hair!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Booty Dew

OK I'm late on my video watching... But we all know its not really no really no video shows no more.... But my question is this..... Aint this dance a little lady like for men folk to be doing????

I don't know.... Look like they rockin they hips a whole lot to me. I'm just waiting on them to bust out.... Hay how you doin....