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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Weekend Sound Track

I know I'm a little late today. (Crazy Day)----> Anywho let me school you. This one is for everyone in the QC for CIAA!!!!

What you know about it.... Have a great weekend. I honestly don't think I will get to really blog until Monday.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Change Your Style

Man its crazy how everything just flows right now.... OK I was on my homie Kam's web site. When I came across something hell up-setting!!!! I knew we had a problem of wack music out here. But wack covers to boot stop playing!


Are you fucking for real.... I'm a real life 80's baby! I remember the 80s very clearly! And the care bears were a major part of that for me. And he just going to gun down my cuddly care bears? He has no shame. Has me scared of the green one now... Who knew he was a thug... After all these damn years. When did they go from care bear stares Photobucket to gang banging... Why would he do such a thing....

This isn't the only FUCKED UP COVER! Check out his web site for the rest of the foolishness...

But after seeing this foolishness they call covers. I think it will be a wonderful time to toss up the video from Amdex & Kam Moye Change Your Style! Wack music wack covers.... Come on.... I think its past time to Change YOUR STYLE UP... If you think this is whats hot in the streets! (you know killin care bears and shaking your stanky leg.) Then it's past time for you to change up your style.!

Kam hit that shit on the head. "You aint poppin in the streets! Stop googling ya self"

I'm about to start a save the care bears movement or something. Do we need ribbons for this? I'm worried....

Today I Remember.....

Today I remember my best friend Brandon J. Deese. He was murdered Feb. 26, 1999 over some BS. People think before you act! Killing is some wack shit! Love ya B! I guess you were always right. The good do often die young.

Photobucket (I still don't like this song. But it makes me think of you.... lol.)

"We like Thelma and JJ, Brandy and Ray J
Anyone against C and C, pulled a AK"
Cam'ron Me & My Boo

Journee' On Traffic PART 2

This is a Empress Journee' scientific FACT! People who drive with their hands on ten and two Photobucket.... Are NOT driving the speed limit! In fact they are driving 10 below it! & they are really going to start traffic! & they are really the cause of road rage everywhere. I SAID IT!

AND people people people.... Please take this next lesson from me & remember it when your driving. If you are on a four lane street. Two going north Two going south (Or what have you). And there is two solid yellow lines or median Photobucket . A road like this.... If a bus stops on the opposite side of the road then you are on. You don't have to stop... They can't pick kids up from the opposite side of the road. They will have to come back around and pick them up. So only the lane that has to stop is the one going in the same direction as the bus. Not all damn four! Come on people put your thinking cap on! People.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Journee on Flirting

The oddest things happen to me when it comes to men.


But its this one time that just stands out in my mind. I was @ this R&B open mic set. I'm standing up looking towards the stage when this man walked up behind me. And whispers in my ear
"Is that real"
I flip around in full you too close to me. You need to step back. You about to lose ya pinkies and don't know it mode. & fell for it.
"Is what real?"
I knew he wasn't talking about my butt. Because lets be real I don't have a fatty. I knew he wasn't talking about my hand bag. Come on now. I honestly couldn't figure out what he was talking about.

He looks at me and says "is your hair real!"
& Before I had a chance to answer him this fool took his whole hand and stroked my hair! REALLY like finger entanglement. Like wrapping my hair around his fingers type rub, & said "Yeah more women need to start wearing their real hair." This man looked like he was good and 45 years old! So I knew he knew better! I like to had lost my mind! Not only did he disrespect my space. But he touched a brown chicks hair.

His life was in danger and he knew it.

I BLANKED on that ass. Nicely.

Journee's dating rule number one would be KEEP YA HANDS OUT FOLKS HAIR! Don't get our wig split unnecessarily!



OK I told you guys I read too. I just got finished with this book called Big Juicy Lips. For some reason it didn't grab me right off the back. It should have but it didn't. I think that was just me. But let me tell you. Towards the end I couldn't put this book down. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW @ everything that came out of left field. I wasn't READY! For the turns this book took. Stop playing. I honestly think the book didn't grab me from the start. Because of the main character was getting on my nerves. LOL... Real life. If you can read this book and not want to bitch slap her please let me know how you did it. LOL.

Over all this book is a good read.


If we can't have trust then you can't hang with us
We respond to those who show respect with respect

I am having the BEST WEEK EVER

Photobucket! Honestly. I don’t know what’s changed, well I know what’s changed. But who knew letting go could feel so good. My friends are the best. I feel like I’m back in college right now. Last night we all went to the IHOP for free pancakes lol. This whole week I have been thinking about how lucky I am to have such good friends. Last year was the worse year of my life. HANDS DOWN. And all my friends just gathered around me. And brought me back to my Empress status. And I was sad reading this chicks blog I follow. When she said that best friends were over rated. And another blog that said she didn’t have close friends like that. I was sad because I use to be that chick too. Until the right group of people came and changed my life around. I know everyone out here aren’t good friends. You have to watch out for fake people. But don’t push everyone away because you are afraid to open up. I know if I didn’t have these great people in my life. Man. Life would be an unadventurous BORE. We are all so different but it works. We are never afraid to let our different personalities to shine. We encourage each other in everything we do. & hold each other down. I so love our weekly happy hours and just coolin out. So everyone of my blog friends do something for me please. Just take some time this weekend to enjoy your friends. I know I will! The Crazy’s!








And I had to just take a second to scream out I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for everything!

I send this record to the well respected
Friends that I've collected, I hope I am what you expected


Kam Moye

I tried to told you guys. I hang with a lot of hot rappers.... Naw I'm not a group-e just dat Promoter name Empress Journee'! But you can't help but make these guys your fam once you get to know them. Talk about some of the coolest. Sweetest. Most talented guys in the world! Well anywho. i just so happen to had been in ATL for this video shoot. And I ran across this interview that Kaos did with my homeboy Kam! You gotta check it out.

Señor Kaos Interviews Supastition from Señor Kaos on Vimeo.

Don't sleep on these guys. Photobucket

If you want more from Supa BKA Kam Moye hit up his site

Reform School Music and present...


direct link:

Kaos site is on the side under sites I like i think... Click that! ----->

For more on Clan Destined / Amdex

And yes I will make my big return to the A! Next weekend for the Ozy Reigns CD Release party.


PS..... You owe it to yourself to stop shaking your Stanky Leg and start pumping some hot shit. If you tired of these BS tracks do something about it. It's time to change your style of music! Trust good shit is on the way up again. Don't get left behind. Open your ear and embrace tomorrow's music today!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Room 401

Man this was my favorite show when it was on. I'm pissed it had such a short run. Because this right here.... This foolishness right here. Was great. If that boy hair Photobucketwasn't the best of all.... Trust him breaking out "He GONE!" made me bout wait myself. But please pay attention to how he run. It's the best!

But I have to say this guy is a great friend. LOL. Because he did yank her ass and made sure she was cool. Had this been me and my brother. I think his ass would have left me lol. Let's keep it real.

Journee’s Pet Peeve’s

I have many. I am a very complex person. I really don’t like when people repeat themselves. Like “ Did you see that game the other night. Yeah …. Yeah…. Yeah…” That shit works my last good nerve. But we had a meeting today. And I got stuck in there with one of those chicks who just didn’t know when to shut the hell up. You know like the chick in class who just asked so many questions! The class ends up running way behind the bell. The mother fucker in traffic school who thinks, that this would be a great time to share their life story. That bitch. I guess I wouldn’t be so pissed if we didn’t have a 30 min meeting last week! That stretched to two hours behind her asking these dumb questions. And telling horrible stories to go along with it. I was waiting on her to bust out “This one time @ band camp….”Photobucket That’s who that bitch is. She already gets on my bad side for being beyond loud on calls. You can hear her mouth while you’re @ the front door. Picture a football field! You on one end she’s clear on the other end. And it sounds like that trick is right beside you. I mean I come from a family of loud folk. So for me to say someone’s loud like this. You know there is a problem. Then the same chick sits beside me and bust out. I have strep throat. I promise you guys I was about to choke that bitch. You just going to sit beside me and tell me you are the out break Photobucket. I will never understand why people come to work sick. Hell we got sick days use them. Trying to take the whole office out because you got hit with the bird flu. I honestly think DJ Hughley said it the best…. “There is always one mother fucker at your job that’s this close to you beating their ass.” . Thank you for listening. I just can’t stand Loud know it all’s that be wrong as hell. And wasting other people time. I’m thinking about taking up a collection so I can hire someone to do a drive by bitch slap lol. So I can run up after it happens and be like “NOOOOOOOOOO! Why would someone do that to you? Are you ok.?” & then laugh my ass off. O what it means to dream.


So I woke up this a.m. with a major smile on my face! And it’s really not in me to just get up on my soap box. But it’s unlike me to ignore something like this. OK in my life and in my friendships the worse thing a person can do to me is LIE. It’s worse coming from friends. But fibbers are one of my major pet peeves. I put it out there from day one of the friendship. That lies are unnecessary. Most people say “I’m the realest. I have no reason to lie.” But they know good and damn well that they lie more than a little bit. But me I keepest it real. Hell honestly I would be one of the 1st candidates for “when keeping it real goes wrong.” (For the Chapelle heads
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong... - Celebrity bloopers here) LOL (I’m working on my tack though)

To the point.

So anyway. I have (had) this friend who just recently told this lie that he has to be put on blast for. A few years back he moved away from here. & he’s now like major hours away. Far from a car ride away. (Anything over 3 hours 5 is pushing it. I’m flying! Period.) So he don’t get to come home often. So when I get this text telling me that he was in town. Photobucket I got happy. As you can see my friends are dear to me. So when one returns after one has been away from the fold for so long. We welcome them home BIG TIME! So soon as I got the text. I sound the alarm. I was busy the night I got the text, So I set everything up for the weekend. He texted me over the next few days. And he is telling me of all this stuff about how he’s in the city. And what he’s doing in the city. I mean for days. He’s building on the fact that he’s home. So weekend comes. I’m about to go pick him up. & he’s like naw man I’m just playing with you I’m not in town…. What in the bloody hell. That’s not playing. That’s a boil face lie! In real life! Who over the age of 16 years of age would just create this lie? He is not even in a position where he should be wasting lies Photobucket . I always think you should save your lies for something major. And not just waste them on things like this. I mean who really puts that much time and energy in a fucking lie. I think that shows you have a real problem. Why would you just hit someone up and tell them you are somewhere you not. Like that lie won’t ever be uncovered. People are going to notice if you’re not even in this state. The only reason he got away with it for as long as he did. Was because his folk stay on the polar opposite sides of the earth compared to where the crew and I. We all pretty much live on the same side of town! Oddly off the same street. So when it comes to leaving our side of time to go across hell. It’s a trip that we don’t take lightly.

I just can’t trust a person who can do such a random lie like that. I mean that was the most random shit ever. I’m sorry I just don’t like lies. Let alone random lies. Like who do shit like that?

I know I’m ranting but I really don’t like LIE-ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR’s…… it’s the most random thing to do.

What’s the point for lies?


(Although I'm very much pissed about the lies that were told. One of my friends told me, that I wouldn't really put ole boy on blast! About this childish shit he did! But as Miss. Beyonce say... "YOU MUST NOT KNOW BOUT ME.... ~BLASTO~!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rap Battle.

My home-boy showed me this battle and I got a kick out of it. Thought i would share.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Now Y U wanna go & Do Dat?

OK I was really done blogging this weekend. But of course life tosses me a curve ball. If you guys can't tell I have a wide range of friends. So when my buddy Q (Quill) told me he had a show tonight. I was down for the cause. I always try and go out support the arts! And mos def support my friends. (Going to the show was NOTHING.) So me and DD got there and it was packed.... (We ended up catching a couple slipping for their seats. ) But was really enjoying the show (One of my readers wanted me to do a VBlog a little more so check it.)
As we tend to do. The group that went on before Q (& nem) wasn't a cd I would buy. But it was something to bop my head to at that time. Then Q and his crew got on stage and got to doing their thing. I was in a deep flow enjoying myself. When all of a sudden it happens...... "A Nigga Moment!" Photobucket(For those of you who don't watch the boondocks please take this min. to expand your knowledge. & enlighten yourself with what a " Nigga Moment" is ) So in the middle of his set. I see a bunch of people jump up. I thought for about 2.1 sec that they were going to the stage. But nope The crowd seemed to be getting closer to where we were sitting. & me being a QC WC chick. I knew what this type of crowd shuffle meant. Someone is about to go off. So me and DD made our way to the door. (Ced the Entertainer was correct. Brown folk don't look around 2 see what's going on. We don't need no run coordinator nothing!) Some chick was having a "NIGGA MOMENT" from what we heard she had pulled out a knife. Needless to say I didn't stay long enough to see what was in chick hands. But now I'm left PISSED. I feel like that chick owe me $16 for the ticket. & $10 for the gas it took for me to get there. Why do people feel the need to act a donkey in the club. I will never understand it. Everyone (almost everyone) paid to get in there. Just cool the hell out and have some fucking fun. True I have been known to cut a fool @ The Walmart and a BK... OK Micky D's too. But I have not never been kicked out a club. It's childish. I just don't undertand why she wanted to go and do dat. Fucked the party up for everyone. We in the poetry type spot. We should be in there snapping our fingers and sharing the good vybes. Not shanking folk. I didn't even get to see the rest of Q's Photobucket show :-( Couldn't even speak. But me being on that A game as normal. I do have the video showing that yes I was in the venue. & Showed love. I enjoyed what I saw.I just will never understand why people feel the need to show they ass at a chill out outting.

& Really hate that one monkey stopped the show for me. But in the mean time make sure you

check my people out Photobucket Photobucket

Krispy Kreme

While I was gone for five years away from my hometown something errrrrrrrrrful happen. They took away all the damn Krispy Kreme's Photobucket! And all of a sudden these nasty cake like Dunkin Donuts started to plague our CITY!

Don't nobody want that shit! But Banging bagels>

This made the move home so hard for me. Because in Greensboro I lived right behind a KrispyKreme. {A thick chicks dreams! I'm a baller like that. I make my dreams come true lol.} So I finally found a Krispy Kreme on the out skirts of town in Matthews. Which isn't a bad trip. But I just found out that they are closing the Krispy Kreme! What kind of shit!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? The only one for miles Around!!!!!!! And they are going to be so rude to the good people Charlotte Monkey Funkin North Carolina! To do something as evil as to CLOSE the only Krispy Kreme around! This is some (as my mother would say) FragleNaggle Boilish. I had 1/2 a mind to protest. Tie myself to the hot now sign. And tell the people THEY WILDIN!
[Yes its that deep!]
I read on Yahoo not too long ago that Krispy Kreme may be going bankrupt by the end of 09. Big Folks need to be uniting. Right now. How the hell can they take the 0 trans fat sweet wonder treat! Yes I am flaming hot. & Blogging about the removal of my favorite fatty treat!


It's one thing to take Circuit City Hell you can buy what they pushing anywhere. But where the hell are you going to find Krispy Kreme greatness????

I mean you may not need to be around when me and my homegirl see that HOT NOW sign. Photobucket Your puppy your shopping bag. Hell if I'm hungry enough your foot could be in danger! Just move out the way! It's like a rush! I will jump a speed bump tires off the ground rolling on two wheels to get to those tasty treats. And they want to take them away. What is this world coming to? B-Rock has to do something about this.
Save the Krispy Kreme.

I wrote this while eating my Krispy Kremes....
Smiling... 4 now.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Read TOO!

OK this is not the book I'm reading right now. But Its the one I finished before this one right now. I'm not ready to my stamp on this one yet.... But Photobucket Desperate Hoodwives is EJ approved! I read this book in something like two days. I just couldn't put it down. i often found myself talking back to the book... "O that was so disrespectful!" "Beat his ass girl" LOL "Where the hell did that come from?" LOL. This book is mos def a good read great buy!

How it started. Introducing Ozy Reigns.....

I was going to wait a little while to intro my best friend. But hell why wait. I met my best friend O about four or five years ago randomly, when he was just Ozy. A little bit before I started to take my career from a DJPhotobucketto promoter. We use to play this hip hop game we made up. (How started or who made it up. I have NO idea. It was the most random thing ever!) Who had more hip hop knowledge then the other. LOL. (I spanked him. He may tell it a little diff. LIES) Anyway. One day I woke up and was like "I'm going to be a indie hop hop promoter!" Yeah it wasn't a well thought out plan. I just woke up and said I would do it. {Well it was a wee bit deeper but that's not a Ozy story. Its one for another day.} So my 1st show was crazy. Musically & weather wise. Photobucket. On everything. All day it was overly pretty all day!!!! Not too hot. Sun was bright bright. Then I lie to you not. Right after I finished getting my hair and make up done. I was walking to the car. & the bottom of the sky fell out. I was caught in a Monsoon! It was still a packed house. But I had to re-do the show. If only to have better pics lol. Everyone had got rained on. I would drop the one pic I was in... But hell I look crazy. (It was a long night) lol. Anywho the 2nd show is where i'm trying to get to.
[ But you guys know I like getting side tracked lol.
Photobucket This is the show I talked Ozy into coming to the QC for. Because we have some ill ass rappers in our city. And trust they were all on the bill. But Ozy has a different style. It's crazy. And now that I think about it. That show was even crazy-errrrrrrrr then the 1st. Complete with our own crack head hype man. (We named him "white T guy")
That show started our bond!Photobucket
From that day on we were musically inseparable.

Me being the chick I am! I can't do the same thing all the time. If your not growing in life and as a person. Then what are you doing? So I made the change from promoter to personal promoter. And Ozy having that never ending support of me and my dreams! He signed on to be one of my 1st artist. Since then we've don't countless shows. Photobucket. <Random side thought. I really don't like Jon B. He can eat a dick!>Photobucket
And he over the years have become one of my bestest friends ever. I don't know he keeps me grounded & focused. He let's me make my mistakes. & never says "I told you so!" Well maybe he says it. But I know the place it's coming from. & hell he most likely did tell me. LOL. But our friendship is far from being one sided. I believe in his talent! He is not a fly by night artist. Out here snapping his fingers. Or doing some dumb ass dance. He is really saying something. Not just ridding a beat. Making music for the masses. But also making music for the 25 and over people too. I'm honestly tired of music coming out that I can't relate to. The over all random junk they putting out these days. So trust I have no problem shouting my message to the mountain tops. He will take over the music world. And everyone will respect it.
I Almost forgot He acts too....

Over the years I have watched him grown not only with his music. But as a person. There aren't too many people as focused as him. I've watched him go from Ozy to Ozy Reigns. And I see nothing but great things ahead of him. Photobucket (yeah I was natural for a few years.)


And if you don't believe me. Or think I'm just saying these things because he's my best friend. Well hell take it from my mom and brother! They only like Prince and P-Funk.

If you can't tell I love all my friends. And I feel so blessed to have such a strong team in my life. I don't know what I would do without them. (I think I will intro my girls next.)


Make sure you check him out

Friday, February 20, 2009

*College* Flashback

I have like the best random moments from being a young lady (early 20sPhotobucket). And I was just talking to my best friend. And we have been clowning this young man for years and years. And I think this would be a perfect BLAST-O. And its funny as hell. It took me forever to go to the Olive Garden. I never saw a reason to go. Because I'm a Carrabba's chick. (That's what started it all.) So this freshman asked me out. LOL (I was above the freshman level.. We will leave it at that.) So i was bored and agreed to go out with this young fellow. He asked me where did I want to go. Seeing that everyone was raving about this "Olive Garden" I thought I would give it a try. So I said Olive Garden. (You would have thought a chick said Ruth's Chris Steak House or something.) So he came over to my place to pick me up. And I honestly don't know what the hell I said to tick this young man off. But I said something that made him mad. I mean he was turning
And he stood in front of me. With him 'On everything I love face'! I mean his so for real face... & kat hit me with....




Photobucket IN REAL LIFE! I guess I should have showed compassion. But I'm a fucking ass hole. I rolled to NO FUCKING END! I laughed til I cried. This grown ass man just called me a fucking cherry blow pop. As a insult. So I bust out "Made from Charms!" Which pissed him off even more. He say I bet you going to tell your girls about this when I leave. I said "NOPE! Who waiting on you to leave." And I just hit my speed dial to inform my homegirl of this new insult. He storms out. Then he calls me. And I answer rolling still. Hay I never been called a damn cherry blow pop before. That's the new new.

So then he bust out. "I hope you know this means no OLIVE GARDEN FOR YOU!" {why he say that for?} That just got him played. I had to put my sad voice on. I stopped laughing and everything break out with. "What no $7.95 soup and salad? What What no free bread sticks?" Boy STOP! That shit was the best. Til this day we roll about that greatness. Damn I miss Aggie Land @ Times.

Yeah my life is full of random moments.

Now in honor of such fooolishness I found a drink recipe called "Cherry Blow Pop" Thought I would share it with the group lol.