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Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday's

I can't fuss about a problem (As I have on many a blog day). And not do anything about it. So I will not only educate the kiddies with the real music of the past. But also Just post ish I want to listen to while I'm @ work. lol. So enjoy.

1. A Tribe Called Quest Electric Relaxation


(One of my favorite groups of all times. Hands Down)

Favorite Line/Bar

By the way, my names malik
The five-foot freak
Lets say we get together by the end of the week
She simply said, no, labeled me a hoe
I said, how you figure? my friends told me so.
I hate when silly groupies wanna run they yap
Word to god, hon, I dont get down like that

2. KP & Envyi Shorty Swing My Way


(OOOOOOOO This takes me back to the sugar shake for real lol. )

My Favorite Line/ Bar
Then I walked over to him slowly
I know that you don't know me
But this might be my only shot at
A tenderoni
He told me that we can do this
Cuz a girl like you I can't resist
Got straight to the point, no time to play
Didn't need no game, just had to say

3. MoKenStef He’s Mine


(Yeah I took it there! )

Favorite Line/ Bar

I'll tell you something that just aint cool
Never fall in love with a man who don't love you

4. Candyman Knockin Boots


(If you don’t know about Candyman you aint a 80s baby! So stop fronting)

Favorite Line/ Bar
(Being in the Biz trust I see groupies play their self everyday)

At each and every show, thers's this groupie

Artis knows what she wants to do to me

She knows my name, knows every rap routine

But how she get in my limousine

Don't act fool, don't drool

I'm just a performer

5. Father MC I’ll Do For You


(I’m not even playing no more. Mary J. Killin the background vocals! )

Favorite Verse / Bar
Cause I'm ah protect me and look out for my
Feelings and thats why I always try
To be loyal and gentle and lay and lent
Observe the female incase I must leave camp
And if I have to break out you don't deserve
To live a good life and love a black hummin bird


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

hope u dont mind the drive by, but what u know about father MC lol rawdawgbuffalo

Empress Journee' said...

I don't mind. But I had to take you there lol.

NightFall914 said...

MOKENSTEF....oh shit you just took it bacC.That's wassup!

Empress Journee' said...

Man people forget I use to be a DJ. Trust I have more tricks in my music bag come next Friday lol.

riva. said...

The theme to the Wayans Bros. Electric Relaxation is my SHIT.


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