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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kam Moye

I tried to told you guys. I hang with a lot of hot rappers.... Naw I'm not a group-e just dat Promoter name Empress Journee'! But you can't help but make these guys your fam once you get to know them. Talk about some of the coolest. Sweetest. Most talented guys in the world! Well anywho. i just so happen to had been in ATL for this video shoot. And I ran across this interview that Kaos did with my homeboy Kam! You gotta check it out.

Señor Kaos Interviews Supastition from Señor Kaos on Vimeo.

Don't sleep on these guys. Photobucket

If you want more from Supa BKA Kam Moye hit up his site

Reform School Music and present...


direct link:

Kaos site is on the side under sites I like i think... Click that! ----->

For more on Clan Destined / Amdex

And yes I will make my big return to the A! Next weekend for the Ozy Reigns CD Release party.


PS..... You owe it to yourself to stop shaking your Stanky Leg and start pumping some hot shit. If you tired of these BS tracks do something about it. It's time to change your style of music! Trust good shit is on the way up again. Don't get left behind. Open your ear and embrace tomorrow's music today!


Mala Mala said...

Wow that song black enough.... Was really great
Like the words are for real
like they really hitt home

especially like the first 10 seconds or soo
The light skin, dark skin thing is gettin old
Im tired of boys fronting on dark skin girls
and im tired of hearing girls say shit like " i dont like that BLACK ass nigga"

It really pisses me off.

Empress Journee' said...

I'm happy you feeling Kam. He's no joke out here.

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