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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I woke up this a.m. with a major smile on my face! And it’s really not in me to just get up on my soap box. But it’s unlike me to ignore something like this. OK in my life and in my friendships the worse thing a person can do to me is LIE. It’s worse coming from friends. But fibbers are one of my major pet peeves. I put it out there from day one of the friendship. That lies are unnecessary. Most people say “I’m the realest. I have no reason to lie.” But they know good and damn well that they lie more than a little bit. But me I keepest it real. Hell honestly I would be one of the 1st candidates for “when keeping it real goes wrong.” (For the Chapelle heads
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong... - Celebrity bloopers here) LOL (I’m working on my tack though)

To the point.

So anyway. I have (had) this friend who just recently told this lie that he has to be put on blast for. A few years back he moved away from here. & he’s now like major hours away. Far from a car ride away. (Anything over 3 hours 5 is pushing it. I’m flying! Period.) So he don’t get to come home often. So when I get this text telling me that he was in town. Photobucket I got happy. As you can see my friends are dear to me. So when one returns after one has been away from the fold for so long. We welcome them home BIG TIME! So soon as I got the text. I sound the alarm. I was busy the night I got the text, So I set everything up for the weekend. He texted me over the next few days. And he is telling me of all this stuff about how he’s in the city. And what he’s doing in the city. I mean for days. He’s building on the fact that he’s home. So weekend comes. I’m about to go pick him up. & he’s like naw man I’m just playing with you I’m not in town…. What in the bloody hell. That’s not playing. That’s a boil face lie! In real life! Who over the age of 16 years of age would just create this lie? He is not even in a position where he should be wasting lies Photobucket . I always think you should save your lies for something major. And not just waste them on things like this. I mean who really puts that much time and energy in a fucking lie. I think that shows you have a real problem. Why would you just hit someone up and tell them you are somewhere you not. Like that lie won’t ever be uncovered. People are going to notice if you’re not even in this state. The only reason he got away with it for as long as he did. Was because his folk stay on the polar opposite sides of the earth compared to where the crew and I. We all pretty much live on the same side of town! Oddly off the same street. So when it comes to leaving our side of time to go across hell. It’s a trip that we don’t take lightly.

I just can’t trust a person who can do such a random lie like that. I mean that was the most random shit ever. I’m sorry I just don’t like lies. Let alone random lies. Like who do shit like that?

I know I’m ranting but I really don’t like LIE-ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR’s…… it’s the most random thing to do.

What’s the point for lies?


(Although I'm very much pissed about the lies that were told. One of my friends told me, that I wouldn't really put ole boy on blast! About this childish shit he did! But as Miss. Beyonce say... "YOU MUST NOT KNOW BOUT ME.... ~BLASTO~!)


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