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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Journee's People 2 Watch: Antoine Williams

I really LOOOOOOOOOOVE being from Charlotte NC. Some call it the Queen City or even 704. But around my way... We know QC as one thing "God City"! Which happens to be the name of a hella great art crew here too. I find it crazy that some people don't know, painters still exist! So let me take this time to break down that myth. Support the arts!

One of my favorite painters period (& yes I know art. Studied it for two years as a minor!). Is Raw

Nothing Last Forever


Prey For Peace


The Bullet or The Ballot
And my original favorite called Speak through the code

For more information on Raw BKA Antoine Williams Check out his site... make sure you buy some works. If you don't have art in your home your incomplete and don't know it!


raw said...

This "raw" guy isn't nearly as cool as you. But I bet he would really apprecicate you giving him a shot out on your blog.

Empress Journee' said...

You just don't know him like I know him! He's "Super Cool" word to your mother. :-) & I hold him down because he's a great artist and is going to shine brightly.

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