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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Law of Gud Day....

OK I have to be real with my blog friends. I feel bad for not having anything truly deep or well thought out to say. (I sorry) lol So I thought this would be a good time to introduce the world to Journeeizm... {You know I have to drop a background story! "What a treat" lol} As I have grown from young Journee' to Empress Journee' I have made up different rules and codes to live by.
(A women gotta have a code! Don't believe me you better ask Omar from The Wire Photobucket {Side Note: I really miss that show...})
To keep the world where I need it to be. Sometimes I forget that everyone isn't up to date with all the rules codes and such. And I end up having to drop some knowledge. I was reminded of this a few years back when me and my homegirlsPhotobucket took a trip to D.C.! We are some fun loving females. We like to go to different cities and find the best shopping, greatest
restaurants and the hottest night spots. This trip was no different. We ended up at this long row of clubs. (I don't recall the names. We were club hop-n)

Now before I go on lets just put it out there. No I'm not that "blocking friend in the club"

But when you have been friends with a group of ladies soooo long. [Trust my ladies out there know!] We already have our escape routes mapped out! Hand signal's sceret lanugages and code words! For when that kat you don't want to talk to approaches you. You know the one that don't take NO... Move... Or GO AWAY for an answer. You know this guy ----> .
Well I met that kat for real in DC lol. He was on my friend likeshe was free pair of J's or something. So after 15 min's of this kat she tossed me the sign. I went through with escape route one... (Can't give that one away {women code}) lol real simple. Kat didn't catch on to it. So she moved the conversation closer to me. & just started talking to me. He just going to stand there looking real simple. So I hit him with...

Did you lick the bus windows when you were in school???? Gud Day.

We move a few feet... His simple ass follow us. My friend was laughing uncontrollably. He was being a 100% bug a boo now! And it vexed me the hell out. I said.... SR! I said GUD DAY! He pops off.... "whats this good day about whats that all about" (wow hope he's not the bright one in his family).

I'm not rude so I excused myself. I mean we were in a different city. & maybe @ the time D.C. just wasn't up on it. Who knows. But I surely broke it down for him.

When someone tells you "GUD DAY" that means the conversation is over. Period! Not Comma. There is nothing left to be said. You should just exit stage left. Do not pass go! Do not collect $200. Had this been back in my high school days I would have pulled out my "Bitch be gone spray". You are no longer welcome to talk to me.... Or anyone around me. If you are within a birds eye view you are too close. You have been officially BANISHED!!
If you make a breathe that gives me a thought that your trying to form a word. You will be bitch slapped! So I say again.... Sr. Gud Mother Funking Day!

I guess a group of people had come around by the end of this whole "Gud Day" break down.He hung his head in shame and left...

If you don't believe me, next time you are being bugged to no end. Try it...

Note this isn't something that just females can do. Its gender friendly. Men Women don't matter. it works either way.

Becareful using the Law of Gud Day may leave you with a "I don't give a fuck attitude."



KayJay said...

Gud Day!

I rather say "no thank you" or "I'm not interested" & keep it movin'. But niggas be hella thirst.....

Empress Journee' said...

"no thank you" "i'm not interested" and k.i.m. don't be working these days. We are talking about the super desperate!!!!! Gud Day comes out in ----> Extreme <----- cases. Like the man in the clip lol. "CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER. CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER. CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER."

Ex. Back in the day I was in a club coolin. & this guy comes up ask me for a dance. I said no I will pass. He kept on kept on until i broke out with "Look I don't know how to dance" this fool grab's my arms and yanks me clear in the middle of the dance floor.... & try's to teach me "how to dance" Forcing me to do a reverse arm hold on his ass (I got brothers!) Told him to look in on direction, while I ran in the other... Yes I mean RAN!!! It's some crazy's out here.

Mala Mala said...

This is hillarious

Im a teenager, 17 to be exact
but i seriously deal with this behavior everyday from teen age boys and other men lol

I always try not to be rude, Lol and i never thought of that "good day" thing
Ima try it lol

Empress Journee' said...

Girl I was 17 once! I didn't have as much tack as I do now lol. Trust when I was your age... I was hurting feelings lol. Let me know how this works for you.

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