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Friday, February 20, 2009

*College* Flashback

I have like the best random moments from being a young lady (early 20sPhotobucket). And I was just talking to my best friend. And we have been clowning this young man for years and years. And I think this would be a perfect BLAST-O. And its funny as hell. It took me forever to go to the Olive Garden. I never saw a reason to go. Because I'm a Carrabba's chick. (That's what started it all.) So this freshman asked me out. LOL (I was above the freshman level.. We will leave it at that.) So i was bored and agreed to go out with this young fellow. He asked me where did I want to go. Seeing that everyone was raving about this "Olive Garden" I thought I would give it a try. So I said Olive Garden. (You would have thought a chick said Ruth's Chris Steak House or something.) So he came over to my place to pick me up. And I honestly don't know what the hell I said to tick this young man off. But I said something that made him mad. I mean he was turning
And he stood in front of me. With him 'On everything I love face'! I mean his so for real face... & kat hit me with....




Photobucket IN REAL LIFE! I guess I should have showed compassion. But I'm a fucking ass hole. I rolled to NO FUCKING END! I laughed til I cried. This grown ass man just called me a fucking cherry blow pop. As a insult. So I bust out "Made from Charms!" Which pissed him off even more. He say I bet you going to tell your girls about this when I leave. I said "NOPE! Who waiting on you to leave." And I just hit my speed dial to inform my homegirl of this new insult. He storms out. Then he calls me. And I answer rolling still. Hay I never been called a damn cherry blow pop before. That's the new new.

So then he bust out. "I hope you know this means no OLIVE GARDEN FOR YOU!" {why he say that for?} That just got him played. I had to put my sad voice on. I stopped laughing and everything break out with. "What no $7.95 soup and salad? What What no free bread sticks?" Boy STOP! That shit was the best. Til this day we roll about that greatness. Damn I miss Aggie Land @ Times.

Yeah my life is full of random moments.

Now in honor of such fooolishness I found a drink recipe called "Cherry Blow Pop" Thought I would share it with the group lol.


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