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Friday, February 13, 2009

Homeless People Don't Like Me.

I know this may sound odd. But 99.9% of homeless people don't like me.
My cousin thinks one of our funniest moments together was with me and this homeless guy.
We were walking back to our car from having dinner (Up Town CharlottePhotobucket ) When this homeless man asked me for some change.... Now I rarely keep cash on me. But I did have a to go box of food. (One of those nights I wasn't really hungry. Just knocked back a few fries. But took the rest with me. Knowing I had this full meal. I offered it him. Hadn't even touched it. & this man BLANKS on me. "I don't want that fucking shit... Fuck You" Now by this time I'm just in shockPhotobucket . & walked off. You could hear him as I walked off. & my cousin til this day seems to think its the funniest thing ever. That this man just spassed on me like that.
Which made me think back to the time I was running some errands for my mother. Which caused me to pass the same homeless person twice. The 1st time I passed him I gave him $3. 2nd time round. He knocks on my window and asked for more. I say "I just gave you $3" He blanks on me. Photobucket What the fuck yo.... So this last time I had got blanked on by a homeless person, was when I was in Greensboro. This is when I just said FUCK IT. It just has to be something wrong with me. To make these men just spass on me like this. No one else I know has been spassed on like this. But when I was @ this stop light in Greensboro A man with a sign was walking up and down the highway. My window was down. He just looked down at me. & said "Don't worry I'm not going to ask your broke ass for no money. Look @ the car you drive. (Yes I use to drive a Saturn! & it wasn't dirty!) Its all dirty and shit you need to wash it.....etc." Photobucket He went on til that light changed. I couldn't believe this man was coming at me. This homeless man begging for change. Is talking shit about me. I mean pure SHIT. I just don't understand it. That's been on my mind today for some reason. And hell.... I keeps it real with the blog friends. This is the life of a Empress. Random Homeless people blank on me. And honestly That last one I spassed out on. But I do often feel bad talking back. I know they been through alot but, I just can't have people talk to me like that. Talk about your catch 22! What should you do? LOL.


Unbreakable said...

This is funny as shit, well wait until to travel to New York, they don’t take shit from people, but that guy at the stop light really gave it to you, lol look at that car u driving lol lol this is funny!

iM.R0Ni said...

LOL. DAMN I SORRY. i rarely give homeless ppl money. dnt want to contribute to their drug or alcohol addiction. so i jus buy food if they dnt want tht...then they dnt want help

JKisz said...

lmfao i'm dyin right now! lol i'm sorry but it's absolutely hilarious! there are so many homeless people in NY it's ridiculous. and SO RUDE! omg! lol.

Empress Journee' said...

Not to down NY by no means. But I wouldn't make it. My blood pressure would be up everyday from blanking on the RUDE HOMELESS and then trying to dodge the slings and arrows of the everyday ignorant mother funkers on the streets. Man that's a full time job right that. I can't do it lol. Hell I was one word from jumping out on that last cat and going toe to toe!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

omg I always write "lol" but seriously tonight I really did LOL, EXTRA HARD AND LOUD! lmao ahh I needed this!

laine_cakes said...

lmaoooo wat a blog... damn mama.. i feel bad.. how dare him?! lik i agree wif iM. R0Ni lik if they dont want food im not givin nuffin up.. if they dont wanna take that && they blank.. i wuld jus say fuck it,, i atleast feel better cuz there was sum effort on my behalf

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