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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Journee’s Pet Peeve’s

I have many. I am a very complex person. I really don’t like when people repeat themselves. Like “ Did you see that game the other night. Yeah …. Yeah…. Yeah…” That shit works my last good nerve. But we had a meeting today. And I got stuck in there with one of those chicks who just didn’t know when to shut the hell up. You know like the chick in class who just asked so many questions! The class ends up running way behind the bell. The mother fucker in traffic school who thinks, that this would be a great time to share their life story. That bitch. I guess I wouldn’t be so pissed if we didn’t have a 30 min meeting last week! That stretched to two hours behind her asking these dumb questions. And telling horrible stories to go along with it. I was waiting on her to bust out “This one time @ band camp….”Photobucket That’s who that bitch is. She already gets on my bad side for being beyond loud on calls. You can hear her mouth while you’re @ the front door. Picture a football field! You on one end she’s clear on the other end. And it sounds like that trick is right beside you. I mean I come from a family of loud folk. So for me to say someone’s loud like this. You know there is a problem. Then the same chick sits beside me and bust out. I have strep throat. I promise you guys I was about to choke that bitch. You just going to sit beside me and tell me you are the out break Photobucket. I will never understand why people come to work sick. Hell we got sick days use them. Trying to take the whole office out because you got hit with the bird flu. I honestly think DJ Hughley said it the best…. “There is always one mother fucker at your job that’s this close to you beating their ass.” . Thank you for listening. I just can’t stand Loud know it all’s that be wrong as hell. And wasting other people time. I’m thinking about taking up a collection so I can hire someone to do a drive by bitch slap lol. So I can run up after it happens and be like “NOOOOOOOOOO! Why would someone do that to you? Are you ok.?” & then laugh my ass off. O what it means to dream.


Nick said...

lmao, this is really funny. lol

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