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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Read TOO!

OK this is not the book I'm reading right now. But Its the one I finished before this one right now. I'm not ready to my stamp on this one yet.... But Photobucket Desperate Hoodwives is EJ approved! I read this book in something like two days. I just couldn't put it down. i often found myself talking back to the book... "O that was so disrespectful!" "Beat his ass girl" LOL "Where the hell did that come from?" LOL. This book is mos def a good read great buy!


Mala Mala said...

I read this book and i loved it !!
I swearrr i was talkin back to it too

You gotta read Shameless hoodwives, by them too

Empress Journee' said...

GIRL! I'm waiting to read that one on my flight to CALI! Give me something to do. But trust II lovvvvvvvvved that book! All I'm saying is.... If someone threw something like that @ me... They just telling me. It's time to fight. That @ that moment. That there is nothing else to do in this world but fight. You know what I'm talking about! I don't want to give it away. but I honestly had to put the book down for so many reason. One being That was just so out the blue and disrespectful! LOL> I'm still mad at that moment.

Eighty4 said...

owwww i love a good book,i gotta pick it up

Amber ♥. said...

i LOVE that book

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