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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Journee' In Atl!

(Just some random moments from my life....)

This past weekend I was invited to ATL for the Ozy Reigns Video shoot. & had a Great Time !!!!! Ozy is my best friend so whenever we get together its going to be some foolishness... I touched down Friday night in time enough to sit in on another video shoot that was going on, for an Atlanta artist Amdex. Which was real cool. Because my homeboy Kam Moye was down for it. Photobucket (Nice to see people from the QC out and about) And the fact that I got to hang out with these amazing rappers is just ill in itself. So after such a long day of working and being on the road for that long. Oz decided to cook. Yes my best friend can cook his ass off... Ladies don't sleep... I really don't know what he did to that spaghetti.... & he wont tell me how to make it... But DAMN!!!! It was BANGING!!!!! He can cook, rap Photobucket (Picture taken by Carla Aaron-Lopez) and cute as hell... I need to put him on ebay lol... (Talk about a hard find lol. Well not really he has a blog too lol. Anyway by the time Saturday came around it was jam packed of things we had to handle for the video shoot. Before we made time to check out Mojo Swaggers ATL B-Girl Fest.... Which was crazy. We made a stop @ the Geisha House... *People let me tell you... SAKI Photobucket is NOT tea!!! Don't fall for it lol. * {Yeah I'm slow as hell! Like its some tea named samurai! }Photobucket By the time we got to the B-Girl fest i was nice... messed around and got sucked in with all the poppin and lockin... I was 1/2 a beat away from trying to spin on my head. Then I got to see the hardest female mc's Photobucket i've seen in a long bloody time. I even got to hang with hot producers. After hearing Illa's stuff it makes me want to rap. LoL Photobucket (My mic sounds nice check one lol) Photobucket (Kaos & me lol) I really can't wait for part 2 next year. So Sunday we started the video shoot for Ozy's single Sun Among Stars!


Its a banging song... But I got busted for not knowing the lyrics like I should have... I have shame. I'm normally on my A Plus game. But I did drop the ball on that one. I still think I did my thing on the video..... I'm shocked my two step didn't hit youtube yet... But trust I broke it down! A hard two step with a slight back up... I hold it down for the 25 and over crowd. LOL. (But I didn't crank anything. I will leave that for those young wipper snappers. )Photobucket (He hates my bookbag for some reason.... I love it lol. ) When its all said and done. I had a ball! I really thought about giving in and moving to the A. Well until we drove pass this guy laying on the ground in the middle of this like garage lot. To the point where we were fussin over if he was dead or not... Really. Even pulled over & got out to see if this man was alive. He wasn't moving wasnt answering nothing. We stood over this man for like 30 min's trying to fuss our points. It was such a "Boys in the hood" moment. "poke him with a stick or something" But the police were called.... & eventually the man woke up. But not when the sirens or nothing went off. I think they poked him with something. But I rather stay in QC where people don't just linger in lots to that degree!!!! But over all it was a great trip. I can't wait til I got back down March 6 for the Ozy Reigns release party.


Miss.Fortune said...

looks like FUN take me with you next time

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