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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Journee' & The Crackhead named Romeo!

Yeah you read right.... Me and the crackhead.


OK If you can't tell by now. Random odd things just happen to me. Its always been that way. (That's why I got the mini cam now. Because some people think I make some of this stuff up. Trust I'm not this creative! Its just the world the way I know and see it.)

And after spending the afternoon with one of my good friends. I road by this street that reminded me of, me and this crack head I met.

*I can't just tell you how I got there without telling you why! Don't want you to be lost*

So after five years in college (Yes 5!) I've had more then my share of roommates. But I only still hang with onePhotobucket (I will fill you in about the other roommates later. Just let me know when you have some time and a lot to drink lol)! Anywho she moved to my home town of Charlotte NC a few years ago. So she still don't really know the ends and outs. So when one of our Aggie buddies came down wanting to party. We decided to meet up and hit this new spot. Now why in all bloody hell did she pick the Bo J's on the hoodest part of town is beyond me.
So before even thinking about agree-ing to make this the meeting spot! I tell her... It's crack head CENTRAL over there. I mean if I meet you over there you better be on time. None of this C.P. time!!!!!! (Out of all my friends I seem to be the only one with a concept of time. But I love them still) So I get to the Bo J's lot I'm sitting there. Was she on time HELL TO THE NAW! So I take a look around and see crack heads crack heads..... But I know the deal. I went to high school on the west side. You learn how to handle such folk. So I went into "Crack Head Avoidance Mode"
Step One: Do NOT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TURN THE CAR OFF!!! Do not put the car in park!
Step Two: Do not make eye contact.
Step Three: Do not have a polite look on your face.
Step Four: Keep all windows up and doors locked!
(please print off those rules and leave them in your wallet or purse! They may come in handy one day I'm trying to learn you lol) So I see this crack head on the right side of me.I turn my music UP! & Look straight ahead. (Play no games.) But this wasn't your everyday crack head. This fool comes and rides right in front of my truck! EYE LEVEL.... (O I forgot to tell you guys he was on a 10 speed) It was no avoiding this man. everywhere I turned my head he pushed his bike to that side. To the point where he was semi-circling the car. Telling me to roll down my window.... Now I've had a run in or two with some crack heads so I know how to handle myself pretty well when it comes down to it. So I roll my window down 1/2 way. & say "How can I help you." I kept my eyes on his hands and the large bags on the handle bars of his bike! He is riding around with 6 sodas on his handle bars, and candy bars out the ass. He telling me he just ran up on a hook up and was trying to get rid of the sodas so he didn't have to roll around with them. I told him I didn't have any cash on me. He kept on and kept on. & here we go with homeless/crack heads bringing my transportation in this.... "Look at the car you drive. You know you got it" (Yes a major upgrade from my Saturn) But I still didn't have it. Then he go in on flirting with me. Tell me his name is "ROMEO" Photobucket This man on this bike is telling me how he has a home in "Mint Hill" (4 those who don't live around here i got a pic of where he say he live.) Photobucket and a BMW! Of course me being the ass hole I am say "Yeah I guess it's mad e-z-errrrrrrrrrrrr to push those sodas off on the bike huh" He still going on and on *Where is my homegirl.... Your guess is as good as mine.* I'm waiting on her. While this man is really kick his grade A game to me. "Yeah I'm going to take you to Red Lobster and spoil you.... Soon as I get these soda's off. You know you want a soda just give me a dolla! (He going to take me to Red Lobster but I got to pay a "Dolla" for a soda) So I just ended up looking in the cup holder and finding something like 15 cent! That's it. I tell him look I will give you 15 cent if you just pedal on down the way! He just wont take the damn 15 cent and leave! He ended up giving me three two liter Cheerwines and a bag full of candy for 15 cent! LOL. Now 25 30 min's later my friend finally gets there. And ole Romeo is eye-ing her now. So I took my foot off the brake and flag her to keep going keep going.... As we sped off...

(Now what I did with those soda's and candy bars.... Story for another day! Photobucket )

The moral of this story is....... PEOPLE get off that C.P. time!


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

LMAO ah I love how guys have no SHAME and will holla at a woman even when they know they have nothing to offer! lol

Empress Journee' said...

Me and that damn crack head there.... goodness!

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