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Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 Super Hero's!

OOOOOO I love FOOLISHNESS!!!!! I have to give a massive thanks to my homie on twitter for this one.{Mehkavelli} These foolish folk think they are super hero's. My mom told me never to laugh at the people licking the window on the short bus! But this right here is out of control!Photobucket I have words but not really. They are super out of control. Look at the one in the neon green pants. WOW. They are really about to get their fool selves hurt. I believe they are going to get hurt! O they need help! I hope Charlotte gets some super hero's talk about a treat! That would entertain me greatly! I know its sad to say but it would damnit!

(Make sure you follow him! )

Monday, April 27, 2009

Things That Work My Last Good 1!

There are things that just errrk the hell out of me. This being one. I will leave names out of it because I'm not trying to call no one out. But i honestly just don't like when people act like this. And then hell it's more then one person who act like this. But I don't see the point.
OK on the realest shit I have ever wrote on here. I am fully comfortable with myself! I love me up to stuck up levels. LOL. Sure we all have days when ok we may not feel we are totally on point. But hell I floss on my off days. Its nothing. And I notice that some people aren't in touch with their "Star Player" and feel the need 2 try & drag other people down in order to make them feel better. But in the case of "Empress Journee' " the shit always back fires. HA HA HA HA HA HA I have a lot of friends. Like people I can depend on when shit hits the fan. I can truly call them friends because they have proven their friendship to me. I have very little secrets from my friends. And if they don't know I don't think its a secret. It may more so be something that just hasn't come up. But if they were to ask I would tell them! The few regrets I do have learned to live with. And would gladly share my lessons learned.... In life, love, business. All you have to do is ask. I hold my friends very dear to me. I have a few blog post where you can tell. So I hate when other people who don't realize how close I am with my friends. Come in the circle and try & pull my card. By telling a stories that are meant to embarrass me. But where that whole plot flips on the person. Is when the friend already knows all the "embarrassing" stories. So who ends up looking dumb. HAAAAAAA Really. Only those who have very low self esteem try and embarrass others to make themselves feel good. It's really not a good look on their part. Even going as far as to put their selves in stories they know good and damn well they were nowhere around. Or you taking third party hand me down information. I find it really funny honestly. I've notice that there are people out here who are scared to stand on their own. Scared 2 take the steps to make their dreams come true. But they see you out here grinding not accepting less. & instead of them making their own foot prints in the world they rather ride off your name. What is that. I just find that shit funny. Instead of putting others down to make yourself feel good. You should find another way to feel good about yourself. You really wont get that far that way. Its really time to start feeling yourself. If you not happy with you. Don't take that out on others. find a way to start feeling yourself. I can't help you with your self esteem. Why because thats esteem of yourself. Mine is in tack. I'm good. I know I'm not perfect. But I love my not perfect-ness! I own my faults. Yes I am rudely blunt burp/curse like a grown ass man. Trip on a everyday base. Fall more then most. Have high bitchy moments. I have times where I don't want to talk or be bothered. Who don't. I know I'm one of those people who you either really like. Or curse out under your breathe because you know you don't want to take it there with me. This is me. Love me or fuck off. I'm Just Journee'

Dodgeball Part 2

OK I touched on this topic a few days ago. So I want to show you guys the clip I saw which sparked the whole blog topic. I want to know what you guys think... I think they are over reacting and its out of control. These people need hugs!Because they are actting really extra.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm Such a Lady

So some know some don't. But I have horrible allergy/sinus problems. Like nature is trying to kill me. And they have been overly hard on me since I got back from LA. So yesterday I broke down and went to the hospital. I hate going to the hospital! Its so many sick people there. (LOL) So I try and sit by myself. but the only seat was beside this women who I hate to say it... But she looked like she was on her last leg! She was around 90-100 years old. In a wheel chair looks like she fell off something! Because her son or husband (he was older man I couldn't get the just of their relationship.) But he was laying on the floor holding ice packs on her foot. While she talked on the phone. My face had puffed up so bad my left eye was almost closed. I was a mess.... (I'm a recovering mess today) But to the point.... I go and sit beside her somewhat it was like a few chairs between us. Four or five. I sat beside her because I doubt you can catch old age (o we should be so lucky). & I think her problem was with her foot! Everyone else seem to be foaming at the mouth and carrying on. & with that Swine flu out! I thought I would keep it to what looked safe and hold my breathe! So I sit down and it seems like right when I sat my stomach got to hurtin and faster then i could control it. All I knew was that i had to fartPhotobucket! I tried to get up but it was too late it dropped..... & no it wasn't a puff of air and pass by. NOPE it was a "BLOODY HARSH ONE" I have only once in my life done one like it. A few years back when I still had my favorite car Photobucket I was rolling down.... I will never forget statesville road to by myself. Listening to Reasonable Doubt & out of nowhere this "BLOODY HARSH FARTPhotobucket" comes out I do the fastest window action you could have imagined! It just made it worse. I pulled my rear view mirror down and looked to see if someone had jumped in the car without me knowing. But no such luck. It was ME! I was so mad! So I pulled over to the side of the road. Got out the car and truly contemplated leaving it there and taking a L on the whole transportation thing! But I got back in the car. Still mad with my face frowned up! & I refused to even talk to myself. No singing along to the radio NOTHING!..... I finally found a store that had some strong as spray and decided I would keep my car! So when I had that same feeling yesterday. I just got up and walked away from myself. & sat on the opposite side. But I looked @ the little old lady who I was sitting by. Who looked like she wanted to throw something at me. You could tell she wanted to try and roll away but couldn't because her hands were so fragile! So she just looked over @ me and gave me the look of death! I really felt bad about the whole thing. But she didn't have to look @ me like that! She was so extra! (OK maybe she wasn't but still she didn't have to do all that) As for my hospital visit. I have a sinus infection! ERRRRRRRRRRRRR But I didn't have to get poked or pricked! YAY! My face is slowly getting back to normal. And my friends/fam are taking amazing care of me. HUGE THANK YOUS are going to my dad (I'm such a daddies girl and it took me over 13 years to figure that out! My step dad is the best!) One of my best friends Bishop! Why is he still single is beyond me. & of course Ozy making sure I'm OK & checking up on me all the way from the A! O.D.M. & Of course Ice Cold. My homegirl!
O & seeing that I really don't feel like leaving the bed. Let alone trying to cook i decided to order a pizza (Pizza Hut you already know) & I open the door the pizza man would be BEYOND FINE! I'm saying he was from the Virgin Islands. Accent all sexy! Tatted neck (If you don't know a tatted neck is my weakness!) He had 11 tat's. Seeing that my normal pizza guy is a chunky Mexican cat i really didn't put on anything spiffy to open the door. So when I open the door in my cheerleader shorts & dead prez fuck the world middle finger shirt on. & hair uncombed. He had jokes "You just order a pizza & fall asleep!" But we ended up talking for a minute. Yep I was getting macked on with a puffy face! YEP! I still got it lol.

& yes I know I'm such a F-N LADY for sharing!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brave New Voices

So I was watching HBO wishing Def Poetry Jam was still on. When I saw these young kids spitting poetry! And they were amazing. Come to have it its a new show called "Brave New Voices" MAN! These kids have some true skills. You really should check it out. The past shows are on demand. & new shows come on Sunday nights. Photobucket i was blown away by some of these kids. I think my fav. poem thus far was the little girl who did the poem "Beat Em Beat Em Till They Turn Blue!" WOW. I thought I would fall out the chair. Trust they are talented!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's wrong with dodgeball???

So if you follow me on twitter ( then you have recently found out about one of my favorite shows... "HBO SPORTS" I know don't care too much about sports. But the stories behind the sport gets my attention. So I just found out for like seven years a elite group of people are trying to get some games out of school like...... Tag, Musical Chairs, even taking the ropes out of jump ropes! WHAT IN THE HELL. Their biggest problem was with dodge ball! The 1st thing that comes to my mind is... Are you fucking for real..... You have that much time on your hands to come up with such foolishness. Musical Chairs lowers people self esteem. What the fuck? They act like Someone has been laid the hell out by dodgeball! Photobucket Now you know what... I have no reason 2 try and front at old age. I played tennis growing up. But never had the best of luck in this game "DODGEBALL" But I don't think I have had any deep rooted pain for taking a rubber ball to the gut. Hell if anything it got all the meanness out. Hit who you didn't like. Hell I think it cut down on a lot of fights. lol. But really taking Dodgeball out of school. Are we really at that point. I think they have way too much time on their hands. One school in I think New Mexico has even gone as far as to start a game of tag where you don't touch. What the hell type shit is that. Touch less Tag! Even Have one school doing shadow tag. If you running how are you going to see someone step on your shadow unless you standing still. Whats next? No Kick Ball.... Kick Ball was my game! LOL. Now holla @ me when they take jump the brook out of schools. I sucked @ that game! Lets put it this way. I'm 5 foot flat as an adult! I have NEVER been tall. Me jumping over sticks was a joke. But O do I think these people needs to simmer down.
They have invested way too much money in this thought! For real. Jump rope with no fucking rope! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! They making it to the point where kids are afraid to be kids! This is bonkers they already took marry go rounds away from parks. What the fuck was that about. I love marry go rounds. I wish it was one around here because i would be on it all the time. Trust when I get rich. I'm finding the maker of the marry go round to make me one @ have crew from god city pimp it out. ( And I wish someone would come and try and tell me I can't have it. Blah.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Granny Get-N Tatted

I'm so hype!
Needless to say I have a bunch of tat's.
I remember when I 1st got them... well when I 1st started my tat's. Not honestly this is when I had a tongue ring. I was 18 (had a tat already but my mom didn't know) But it was much harder to hide the fact I had a tongue ring. She was HOT! I mean HOT! HA HA HA (I laugh now. OK well hell I laughed then) Screaming "Why would you do this to your body willingly?" lol I mean she went on... For @ lest 30 min's. Just so happen we were on our way to my Granny's house. & she said "You better not let your grandmother see it!" My tongue was swollen so it was really no hide n the fact that something was "wrong". My Granny pulled me aside and was like whats wrong? And I showed her. Much to my mothers surprise she was more amazed by it. & wanted to know "did it hurt, how long idd it take, how do you clean it...." i mean all these questions! Far from being mad. So we ended up going back through this when I got my ankle tat lol. (I really don't remember my tat order) So we are going to go with ankle tat. My mom was mad all over again. "I didn't raise you to get all these tat's" lol. She told me when I was 16 "get tat's when you go to college so i can say you went to college & went wild!" lol my moms funny! But I showed my granny again she LOVED my tat! But she really loved the one I got in honor of my grandfather. Which is on my ankle and foot. She said "If I got a tat when I was younger that would have been the one I would have got! She really loves it!
So to my point!
This weekend we were talking over a plate of satti. When she told me she wanted to go with me next time I got my tat's touched up. My granny cool as hell so I'm with it. Then it hit me.
"Granny let's get matching tat's"
she said no she was too old to get a tat.
which proved my point, that being old was the best time to get tatted! :-) To quote myself "Not like you going on no job interviews or nothing!"
Which made her say
"Your RIGHT! We can get matching tat's"
:-) My granny's the coolest! You know i'm going to tape this one! I'm so geeked up! I tried to get my mom to cave in but she not falling for it :-( But me and granny going to be kicking it! W/ matching tat's & Klondike Bars! :-)

{Picture of me and my granny when I graduated from NC A&T SU! ~Yeah we were spiffy!~
If you want to see how crazy my granny and mom are you can catch them both on Ozy Reigns TV!
Granny is the 1st one that starts playing.
Mom is like three video's in}

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Folk @ Funerals...

OK I'm not putting any pics up of people @ funerals because that's just a little to Adams Family <span class=for me. But its some things that must be said. I recently lost my great grandmother (Yes I was sad. But not too sad. Hell she was 90 years old, she lived one hell of a long good life!) But being at this funeral made me think of all the one's I've been to. Something foolish has happen @ every single one! One was for my cousin Ant. I mean damn I wish I had a camera for this on going foolishness! talk about crazy. My own uncle (my cousins dad) said "Look @ these nikkas in here act-n a fool" Long story short a man jumped up ended up knocking one of my cousins in the head. Ran up and down the aisles with his tambourine which broke and hit my aunt in the 4 head. It was like that Martin episode when cole was clippin his toe nails and it flew and hit gina in the 4 head. (foolishness) I mean it was the longest most colorful funeral i have ever been to. No time to be sad with so much foolishness going on. They passed around the collection plate 4 damn times. Man I had never seen such a thing in my life. Little did I know it would get better. I guess one of my hardest blows i took was losing my uncle. My father is a ass (i said it) so my uncle was like my father. So trust I was up set my brothers we all were up set. But the crazy thing about all this as the people who none of the family had ever seen before I mean cutting up. It was my cousins father and he had to help 1 of his friends up and walk him out. It was bonkers. My uncle was truly loved. But the funniest thing about his was when one of his jump off's popped off. I looked at her like all that is so damn extra. I mean cutting up in the church. It carried on to the grave site. wow. really. By this time everyone just wanted to do a family neck chop (where we line up and chop her in the neck one by one.) But I do believe my uncle reached down from the great beyond and put her back in check lol because in mid-jump she came down on a head stone flipped over that bitch and rolled down a hill! O me and my brothers wilded the hell out to that one lol. For all we know that women still rolling because no one i say no one helped her out. (Hay my fam has a mean side i wont front.) Hell we still laugh at that chick going over the stone! I reminded my mother of that moment yesterday on the ride to grave. She say "don't laugh at that lady you will be next." & what do you think happen. Nope I didn't fall over a stone but i did have a nice trip type tumble. Not a all out roll fest but you could really have got like five laughs out of it lol. O shit how can I forget yeah the two funniest things. I was late to my grandfathers funeral (i was going through a lot on that one) And as I was going to sit beside my mom. The usher put up her one finger and stop me. Saying "The front rows is for family only." Four people popped off before i had time to say anything. But I think the honest most shocking thing i've ever seen @ a funeral was yesterday. Some people there were taking pics by the casket. Like posing and shit. HOW TACKY!!!!!! PEOPLE O PEOPLE! Lets not....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Raido....

Man I'm far from a hater! I'm just stating!

1st I hardly listen to the radio @ all any more. But hell with all this greatness. MP3 players, IPODS, CDs, XM Radio. Really who wants to listen to the radio. But for the last few years I've noticed why I don't listen to the radio. Nope not because they seem to play the same songs over and over again. But damn.... The radio has turned into one never ending T-Pain Photobucketalbum. I'm not hating he eat-n! Get that money! But hell its like on a non-stop T-Pain loop! Errrrrr is he the only one in the world that can make a hit? If so where has the talent gone..... Really.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journees' Thoughts on College HIll

College Hill man this show is great foolishness Photobucket Great foolishness I say!

A. Kyle..... I would honestly mop that bitch (yes i said it). He is so fucking extra! It don't take all that. Really it don't! He's not even the funny gay person you want to just chat it up with. He's the one you want to bop in the head. I have plenty of gay friends. Who are mellow. Hell even the one's that are over the top... Don't over do it like him. & he wear that super small blue button down with every! Can we say Everything. I really hope they are cutting up different days and making it one. And he really has only wore that shirt once. Yeah that's what I'm going with. He scream way too fucking much. He needs to simmer the hell down.
B. Brandon.... He is so not what they talk him up to be. I have really missed it. He's aight. Nothing to drop no thongs over. And he is always talking in these hush tones. I don't know is that this sexy voice? Hell it may just be me. when i was in school men used their grown man voice! All though this show is still getting started the rest of the cast is pretty forgettable. Sad but true.

This just in... Check out Kiwi's blog

YES I read others blogs. And Kiwi has done it. You see since I read my own blogs. It kind of started to look like I was on some "I hate Beyonka" stuff. So when I saw her new commercial I just left it alone. But -O- Am I happy someone put it on blast. (No I don't feel like I'm the line leader of pointing out Beyonka's slow moments!) And I had to give a huge THANK YOU out to Kiwi! Thank you soooooo much for that call out. It was like i was holding my breathe about to turn blue! Thank you for pointing this out just thank you!

PS all those games look boring as hell. They have a gardening game.... Really.

Dirty Laundry

My blog readers my blog readers know i am a cheerleader for foolishness! So when I was looking for a new dvd for the collection my cousin put me on to this one called "DIRTY LAUNDRY" Man ~o~ man. This is some great foolishness. Here. I'm going to buy the movie tomorrow. It wont let me post the youtube video on here. But click on the url

The whole clip its freaking hell-lar-ree-us. make sure you pay careful attention @ 8:40 That little girl had me crying laughing. "Do you wanna see the routine" she wasn't playing. I don't want to give away too much of the foolishness in this clip. But I am going to have to see this movie on my TV.

American Violet

This looks like a good movie. I'm going to have to check it out! I mean really go to the movies and see this one.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Journee's Thoughts on "The Game"

So Journee' is so fucking tired of the CW. They are some bitches 100 down. They always try and pick up Af. Am. shows like they are down for the community. Then soon as they got us hooked on their funky ass channel they push our shows to Fridays (Knowing good and damn well we be out and about not thinking about no damn TV) and then scream "No Ones watching......." How fucking Rude!!!!! So when I found out that it was just a nasty rumor that they were cutting off The Game..... Check the youtube-age

Hosea Chanchez Photobucketis my speed I tell ya!
But anywho they have a thread going to try and get The Game extended to an hour. What a treat. I'm with it!!!!! So do your part! And know that i'm not just pissed @ the CW. I'm super pissed @ BET. I haven't really watched BET like that for the longest. But hell I do love the college hill foolishness. (I really do) But they pick up all these a million and two reruns. But they couldn't pick up Girlfriends? That was a good ass show. And hell CW didn't even let them end the show. Commerical break came on and they went off.... That's it. What the fuck? SOmeone could have picked up girlfriends all i'm saying.... So we got to fight for The Game its not like we have that many shows for us left.... Much love to Everyone Hates Chris.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Journees' LA Journey

I am home now. I had an amazing trip but hell Im a east coaster to the bone! DIE HEART! But I have a special place for the left side. I went over there to spend some time with my fam.<span class=(few of my cousins) & Help Ozy on this mission to spread great music to the world. {Side note: You can still download The Exciting Times CD for free @! <span class=} This trip was a true blessing for us. Got to link up w/ a bunch of folk. Made major business moves. This year has truly been amazing and its only April! LOL. I can't wait to see what else is in store for me. But my thoughts on LA.... Good and Bad.
1. My allergies were the devil out there. I didn't care for that too much. So alot of my pics are going to show me with a puffy face.
2. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles is the most over rated place ever! But the Waffles are banging service piss poor. And its ran by Mexicans. <span class=
3. Now me being a non-beef/pork eater! I loved LA for their variety! You can get turkey bacon or sausage Damn near everywhere. Even get turkey burgers @ fast food spots like Fat burgerPhotobucket. Even turkey dogs @ hot dog on a stick <span class= {O i messes w/ the lime lemon aid! I messes with it HARD.}!
4. They have the best sweets! Like you just reached your hand in the TV and on the food network. O I'm going to miss that! lol <span class= Yes Parker looks tasty but we are talking about the cake.
5. Don't fall for it. Tony Tone Toni lied. It rains in Cali. And is often cold! LOL.
6. You can buy any and everything on Hollywood blvd. <span class=
7. Its some fucking Odd ass people out there. <span class=
Like this Jimi Hendrix
impersonator I honestly wasn't going to tip him but gave in. Trust its a million and two of these impersonators and everyone wants a damn dollar. So you really have to pick and choose, or keep walking. But Jimi had "management" they caught me. <span class= <span class=
and by the way. Some of the impersonators are really bad! LoL Hay I kick the truth. Ozy wasn't feeling this kat. Said he's trying to get paid for moving slow. LOL. <span class=. LOL But my cousin Era loved the big finish. He did some mild poppin & locking lol. "Mild"
8. So many people ride bikes & skate boards. Its crazy!
9. Everything closes @ like 2am. So not like the NYC. Or even some places in ATL.
10. Man Hollywood is amazing.Photobucket War of the Worlds crash... bonkers right... Photobucket this is a real plane they took apart and made messy crazy what people have the know how to do. Just crazy. I really wanted to climb on it lol. Maybe for Halloween. They even have the Bates motel Photobucket from Psycho! Photobucket same spot see how crazy hollywood is?!?!?!?!?!?!? And yep O called me a geek when I got excited about going through who-ville. :-) I did get extra happy. Photobucket
11. Wii is fun in any town! LOL

12. Traffic out there is so disrespectful its like dents in every ones car! lol.

All in all I love LA. And its mos def a trip I think everyone should take @ lest once!

Y I will not Fly USAIR Anymore

Needless to say I have recently taken a trip to LA... I'm home now. :-) But I have to blast my list of a million and two reasons I will never fly USAIR <span class= again. I normally fly American Airlines and have a great trip. You buy your ticket you pick your seat and its gravy. But no USAIR has a million and three hidden fees. Hell I didn't know if they were a air line or a cell phone company! So I get my tickets *Months* in advance. Didn't price line the ticket just got it right out. They asked where I wanted to sit I picked my seat both ways. So day before I go and pre-check in and these fools have me in a aisle seat. (I picked two windows) And told me in order to get the seat I wanted I would have to pay another $15. Now I just paid $15 to check my bag. Paid for the ticket. Wasn't about to pay for a seat that's not in 1st class. BLAH. So I let that go. Then they want to charge for p-nuts and 25cent chips. Starting @ $5 and going up. WTF? OK so I wasn't hungry just pissed that all these fees kept popping up. But the reason why I really was up set w/ usair is hell.. I flew across the country. YES from East coast to West Coast and back again. We talking about five hours in the air. NO MOVIE. Are you for real. I always get a movie. I've made this trip a few times. Never was there not a movie. I mean they didn't do a musical dance number, a mini play NOTHING. What the fuck? They honestly were the worse. Coming back I was stuck in the middle seat which wasn't that bad. (2 all the jack asses that fly don't take your life on the plane. Who wants to wait so long?) But going I can't tell you how many times those air waitresses banged my L-Bo. I couldn't bend it for the 1st two days of my trip. Coming home they were so unorganized I have honestly never been on a plane that did a u-turn to go to another gate. I do give them a over all 3. 1 point for get-n me to and from safely & on time. 1 point for the nonstop flight. and 1 point for my returning air waitress. He was cool. But I will never fly USAIR again. 5 hour flight no movie. What the fuck. And it took them 30 mins to tell us where our bags were going to be... I was pissed to say the lest.

Im just happy to be home.

Trip recap coming....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

NC Awards in Winston







Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts on LA so far....

I do believe the east coast may have lost one. I am loving CALI! The weather the people the whole feel of this place is great. I've been here once before but didn't get to the meat of things like I am doing this trip. The whole fam is over here. From all over! And even my number one best friend Ozy is out here. He lives in ATL so its always a treat to get to hang out with him. Hell my DJ (Yahtz) came in from FL the other day. So we are really out here deep.

I have to show you some flicks we have taken thus far.

Ozy Reigns In LA from Empress Journee on Vimeo.
Photobucket had to get my chicken and waffles on... But the chicken wasn't good.... Don't believe the hype. It should be called chicken and tea.... Because the tea was on point. Photobucket

Photobucket {Ozy Reigns & DJ Yahtz} I think the best part of this trip has been getting Ozy's music out on the west coast. And they are feeling the Ozy Reigns take over! But my 2nd fav part of this trip was getting to see my play brother Parker. You may recognize him from being on that show Big Brother (Talk about a raw deal) But he's been my friend for years. Watch out for him because he is making things happen. Photobucket But you have to check out some of the clips we have taken since we got here. some kids @ vence beach having fun.
Teens having fun dancing! from Empress Journee on Vimeo. Dont get me on this crazy right here.
Snake Man from Empress Journee on Vimeo.

vence glass walker from Empress Journee on Vimeo. Foolishness is not the word. I've done so much thus far and the trip isn't even over yet. :-) Can't wait to show you what other foolishness I can get myself into...

New Music Fr Kam Moye A.K.A. Supastition

Everyone looking for good new music make sure you check out this new one from Kam Moye!!!!! All in all this is a great time 4 music.

Bay Area based MYX Music Label signed Kam Moye (a.k.a. Supastition) to its roster of stellar artists for his newest project entitled Splitting Image, to be released Fall '09 on MYX Music Label/Koch. This collaborative venture is an exciting move for Kam Moye, as he has adopted a new artistic direction, which is being fully supported and encouraged by MYX Music Label.

MYX Music Label founder Karim Panni says Kam Moye's growth in his music and message are the first things that stand out. He states, "Kam is making next level music, and in my opinion, is easily making the best music of his career." With MYX Music Label's backing and Big Dho's (Hall of Justus) management, Kam Moye plans to showcase his evolution as an emcee with Splitting Image. The album represents the transformation from Supastition's braggadocio personality into Kam Moye, a more conceptual artist. Although still using his alias Supastition for select collaborations and projects, Kam Moye plans to shift his creativity towards the personal and substantive side of the spectrum.

Kam Moye, as Supastition, has a discography to be proud of. He has not only experienced success and critical acclaim with his previous two albums and three EPs, but has also been featured on projects with KRS One, Little Brother, Royce the 5′9, Stoupe (Jedi Mind Tricks), Rhymefest, Elzhi (Slum Village), Bahamadia, Cunninlynguists, Akrobatik, and many others. In 2008, when he began using his birth name, he released his free EP, Self-Centered, which received over 4,000 downloads in less than 24 hours. Additionally, his outspoken music video, "Black Enough?," garnered serious attention and views on sites such as Okayplayer, Nahright, Onsmash, and WorldStarHipHop. As Kam Moye embarks on this new path with MYX Music label, fans should expect the same standard of authenticity, but with a higher level of artistry.

free download :

Kam Moye - "3 Ladies" -

Please contact Big Dho at for interviews and other inquiries


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LA Confessions lol.

Just caught word that its snowing and mad cold! Back east.... That fucking SUCKS! But LA has been a treat! So here's some beach footage to keep you guys back home warm :-) Ozy Reigns Empress Journee' Live on Vence Beach!
Ozy Reigns Live on Vence Beach from Empress Journee on Vimeo.

What am I listening to????

Suck on some of this new music from Rugged and Raw! Something to keep your head rocking while i'm gone!


Want to hear more from him?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Racism @ The Wal-Mart

So I made it to Cali ok and I'm having a great time. I wasn't going to blog until I got back but something happen before I left that I have just got to blog about. You see USAir is a cheap ass company who will try and rape you for every dime you have. I mean its not enough for you to pay for the flight and an additional $15 (maybe more) to check ya bag. No No No No you have to pay for your damn snacks too. YEP! Snacks like those damn p-nuts you got to buy those. Aint that about a bitch!) {And they didn't even have a movie playing on a 5 hour flight. Talk about some bullshit! I will NOT be flying with them any more.} (Aint Anywho getting away from my point. So in my effort not to make this air line any richer I went to the wal-mart Photobucket for a snack run (I have a unhealthy addition to hot tamales Photobucket and gobstoppers Photobucket ) My homegirl Ice rolled with me because hell I'm going to be gone for a while. And we had to catch up on our gossip before I left. And we are in there happy not having a problem. When all of a sudden this white lady ran over my foot with the cart. It was all most as if she went out her way to do so. So I said....
J: Damn take over the whole Wal-mart.
And we kept it moving.... -> Now this is when she pushes her cart a side and turns around and says....
WL: What did you say sweetie?
{In my head I said I know this bitch didn't just call me "sweetie". Trust me when I say I now understand what my mothers been telling me for years. It's not what you say but how you say it!}
J: I said you could have fucking said excuse me.
WL: You don't own the fucking wal-mart!
J: You know what Fuck You.... I'm not about to sit up here and go and forth with your dumb ass. & me and my homegirl walks away. When this bitch runs behind me like she want to get her ass beat!!!!!!!!!! But stops short of my personal space line. So she was close enough to feel like she was big shit. But far enough away that if i went to choke her ass. It would take two steps at my fastest of paces. And this bitch says the unthinkable.
Just because the president is your color! Don't mean you run the fucking world.
(Then she rubbed her are a to i guess refer to my skin color.....)
1st where the hell did that come from because we were talking about her rude ass. B-Rock had nothing to do with nothing.
2nd She was in a store full of B-Rock supporters and trust they weren't having that shit. So a side from me spassing on her dumb ass. Ice jumps into too. Now she getting scared and backing down. No we weren't going to jump her. But she was running up on me like she want the business. And trust if you want drama I can accommodate you with you problems. With no problems. And lawd when you get me and Ice together its a wrap. We have been known to fuck up a few wal-marts in our college years. So this was just a fun flashback to us. The lady started getting scared when Ice got in it though. I guess she thought she could take me because I'm short. O but no please don't get fooled by my whip appeal or baby face. Im not a e-z win! So around this time I guess she started to notice that she said the wrong thing about the wrong man. Because wal-mart was shutting down. Cashiers closed their lines. One came around the way with a broom in hand. This older lady came and stood by me and ice you would have thought we came together. But she was waiting on that chick 2 jump stupid. Trust we were blanking on this lady hard as fuck. My homegirl is a beast out here and dumb as hell told her "You shouting in the right church.... about to get saved."
And she had a few more good ones in there too. But the police were called. & managers came up front. They came to us 1st (They were both B-Rock supporters as well) I told them what was said. They asked us to calm down. Which by the time they got there I was calm. I really was calm the whole time because other wise they would have been pulling me off her and not talking to me. So I told her what happen and what was said. She got pissed at the women too! & told me the police had been called and they were going to handle it. So the end result was that the lady had like two carts wroth of food in one cart. (It was the 1st of the month.) And no one would check her ass out. And her kids mom I guess is who that lady was. And husband all left her there looking about dumb and mad. LOL My point is I really didn't know that B-Rock being pres. was so painful for people to handle. I didn't know it was that deep. I mean he's been the pres for how long now? Hasn't gone to any other country and popped off because someone tried to kill his pops. Didn't start no wars. Hasn't hiked the gas up $3plus. Hasn't done shit. So why she got so mad and said that shit is beyond me. And further more the pres. is not my "color" I'm a native. So she looked like a ass and then some when it all falls down. Hell At the end of the day I made her feel stupid. I got my candy for the flight. And bonded with my fellow B-Rock supporters. Out come was good. Do I feel bad I didn't pick up a can of pork and beans and smack her into some sense. Yes. But its OK! Because I know her dumb ass had to go to another location and pick out all that food again. But I'm happy to know that there are a gang of B-Rock supports who will attack @ a moments notice for their pres. God Bless America.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Out To Lunch

So before I get to the point. I must give love to the good folks @ West Meck High School. Who had me come and judge their Sr. Exits. I had a ball over @ that school this week.

Now.... On 2 my new point.

Well if you are one of the 500 something odd people following me on twitter I'm sure you know that I'm headed to LA for a few weeks w/ my number one best Ozy . Photobucket
{I can't believe so many people like hearing my random ass thoughts but hay what a twit. If you happen to be one of the people who want 2 read my 140 or less rant. And aren't on my twit yet and Ozy's is} So my blog is most likely going to be slacking. But needless 2 Beyonka has a movie coming out. So you guys know I'm going 2 have a story to tell. Me + Her Act-n= WHOMP WHOMP.... But I will watch with a open mind. But I should come back with some with plenty to blog about. So be on the look out! Who knows like Illa said I may come back with a X realty show boyfriend lol.

In the mean time...... PEACE!!!!!

and please download his cd Exciting Times. Its great and its free.