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Monday, April 20, 2009

Granny Get-N Tatted

I'm so hype!
Needless to say I have a bunch of tat's.
I remember when I 1st got them... well when I 1st started my tat's. Not honestly this is when I had a tongue ring. I was 18 (had a tat already but my mom didn't know) But it was much harder to hide the fact I had a tongue ring. She was HOT! I mean HOT! HA HA HA (I laugh now. OK well hell I laughed then) Screaming "Why would you do this to your body willingly?" lol I mean she went on... For @ lest 30 min's. Just so happen we were on our way to my Granny's house. & she said "You better not let your grandmother see it!" My tongue was swollen so it was really no hide n the fact that something was "wrong". My Granny pulled me aside and was like whats wrong? And I showed her. Much to my mothers surprise she was more amazed by it. & wanted to know "did it hurt, how long idd it take, how do you clean it...." i mean all these questions! Far from being mad. So we ended up going back through this when I got my ankle tat lol. (I really don't remember my tat order) So we are going to go with ankle tat. My mom was mad all over again. "I didn't raise you to get all these tat's" lol. She told me when I was 16 "get tat's when you go to college so i can say you went to college & went wild!" lol my moms funny! But I showed my granny again she LOVED my tat! But she really loved the one I got in honor of my grandfather. Which is on my ankle and foot. She said "If I got a tat when I was younger that would have been the one I would have got! She really loves it!
So to my point!
This weekend we were talking over a plate of satti. When she told me she wanted to go with me next time I got my tat's touched up. My granny cool as hell so I'm with it. Then it hit me.
"Granny let's get matching tat's"
she said no she was too old to get a tat.
which proved my point, that being old was the best time to get tatted! :-) To quote myself "Not like you going on no job interviews or nothing!"
Which made her say
"Your RIGHT! We can get matching tat's"
:-) My granny's the coolest! You know i'm going to tape this one! I'm so geeked up! I tried to get my mom to cave in but she not falling for it :-( But me and granny going to be kicking it! W/ matching tat's & Klondike Bars! :-)

{Picture of me and my granny when I graduated from NC A&T SU! ~Yeah we were spiffy!~
If you want to see how crazy my granny and mom are you can catch them both on Ozy Reigns TV!
Granny is the 1st one that starts playing.
Mom is like three video's in}


G*Two said...

Go Granny. Lol.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

You have a beautiful grandmother! I can't wait to see the tats ;)

L.Alexandra said...

Grandmother's always understand more than parents lolll. What kind of tatts are you getting?

Empress Journee' said...

@Tuotierugif >^..^<© Thank You (And don't think she don't know she's cute either lol. She will tell you)
@L.Alexandra i was thinking about something on the thumb. But she hasn't picked what she wants yet? I have no idea what to get this go round but i know i want one on my arm.

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