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Monday, April 13, 2009

Journee's Thoughts on "The Game"

So Journee' is so fucking tired of the CW. They are some bitches 100 down. They always try and pick up Af. Am. shows like they are down for the community. Then soon as they got us hooked on their funky ass channel they push our shows to Fridays (Knowing good and damn well we be out and about not thinking about no damn TV) and then scream "No Ones watching......." How fucking Rude!!!!! So when I found out that it was just a nasty rumor that they were cutting off The Game..... Check the youtube-age

Hosea Chanchez Photobucketis my speed I tell ya!
But anywho they have a thread going to try and get The Game extended to an hour. What a treat. I'm with it!!!!! So do your part! And know that i'm not just pissed @ the CW. I'm super pissed @ BET. I haven't really watched BET like that for the longest. But hell I do love the college hill foolishness. (I really do) But they pick up all these a million and two reruns. But they couldn't pick up Girlfriends? That was a good ass show. And hell CW didn't even let them end the show. Commerical break came on and they went off.... That's it. What the fuck? SOmeone could have picked up girlfriends all i'm saying.... So we got to fight for The Game its not like we have that many shows for us left.... Much love to Everyone Hates Chris.


NightFall914 said...

That is one thing I'll say about the youtube, twitter,etc,etc.....generation is that with very little cost the media is more in control actors and artists.And in a situation like this the wall between Hollywood and the public is non existent. The show is ok, haven't watched much but I always liked those twins(as a pair or separate). :) Hope they achieve their goals.

Empress Journee' said...

well keep my show on for me lol.

.dsade. said...

ooooooh they better NOT take off my damn show!!! uh no i wont allow it!!!! =[

KayJay said...

I caught a few episodes & I can honestly say that this show is actually worth tuning into. And Afro-American TV shows have been historically shitted on, Girlfriends bein' the poster child. I never watched Sex & The City (whatever it's called) but I ain't never mind watchin' an episode with the Missus.

I hope they stay on air. I'll start watchin' it while I'm @ work again!

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