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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's wrong with dodgeball???

So if you follow me on twitter ( then you have recently found out about one of my favorite shows... "HBO SPORTS" I know don't care too much about sports. But the stories behind the sport gets my attention. So I just found out for like seven years a elite group of people are trying to get some games out of school like...... Tag, Musical Chairs, even taking the ropes out of jump ropes! WHAT IN THE HELL. Their biggest problem was with dodge ball! The 1st thing that comes to my mind is... Are you fucking for real..... You have that much time on your hands to come up with such foolishness. Musical Chairs lowers people self esteem. What the fuck? They act like Someone has been laid the hell out by dodgeball! Photobucket Now you know what... I have no reason 2 try and front at old age. I played tennis growing up. But never had the best of luck in this game "DODGEBALL" But I don't think I have had any deep rooted pain for taking a rubber ball to the gut. Hell if anything it got all the meanness out. Hit who you didn't like. Hell I think it cut down on a lot of fights. lol. But really taking Dodgeball out of school. Are we really at that point. I think they have way too much time on their hands. One school in I think New Mexico has even gone as far as to start a game of tag where you don't touch. What the hell type shit is that. Touch less Tag! Even Have one school doing shadow tag. If you running how are you going to see someone step on your shadow unless you standing still. Whats next? No Kick Ball.... Kick Ball was my game! LOL. Now holla @ me when they take jump the brook out of schools. I sucked @ that game! Lets put it this way. I'm 5 foot flat as an adult! I have NEVER been tall. Me jumping over sticks was a joke. But O do I think these people needs to simmer down.
They have invested way too much money in this thought! For real. Jump rope with no fucking rope! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! They making it to the point where kids are afraid to be kids! This is bonkers they already took marry go rounds away from parks. What the fuck was that about. I love marry go rounds. I wish it was one around here because i would be on it all the time. Trust when I get rich. I'm finding the maker of the marry go round to make me one @ have crew from god city pimp it out. ( And I wish someone would come and try and tell me I can't have it. Blah.



KayJay said...

Wait....Hold up!

I smell conservative Christians!

I'm 23 years young & I'll still play dodgeball with a group of 10 year-olds with no hestitancy. There is no better rush than catchin' a gut shot on a moving target while falling back @ a 45-degree angle! Matrix moves were taken from dodgeball. Betta ask somebody!

Kickball? KICKBALL?! They better not fuck with kickball! I was the Ken Griffey Jr. of kickball. It was so much fun, cause it got everyone involved, it was high scoring & no one sucked (unless you couldn't kick worth shit).

These kids already got technology holding them back from recreational activities. There is a cry for kids to go out & be active. Then you got groups like these idiots tryna take away the best games from them. So, what are they supposed to do for fun?

Empress Journee' said...

Ken Griffey Jr. I have no words! But I must shit talk. You don't want none! lol. I'm thinking about doing a kick ball game w/ all my crew here that would be hot as hell. Foolishness about to happen!

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