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Monday, March 30, 2009

Music Break

OK back in the day I use to be a DJ. Rocking out hard. Went from the tables 2 the booth. As a on air personality @ WNAA 90.1. Where I met a lot of cool people if you cant tell by the way I talk about my graphic designer Photobucket (who is still single sexy with no kids.... O yeah he's not the only one. I roll with a lot of spiffy guys. You have 2 check out Ralph 2. But ladies watch out... He take his clothes off for it..... I joke I joke.... I kid I kid! Love those 2.) But I also met the homie Mike PhillyPhotobucket. We use 2 cut up on in person outtings on the mic. Cool kat. He is still doing his thing up north on the radio. And now he has a podcast. You have 2 check it out. Download it 2 ya ipods or just let it play during your work day. Good Stuff.... PHILLS MANIA RADIO ... (Only Takes 4-6 mins to download.)

And while I'm on the music tip. Make sure you check out my man Big Pooh Photobucketof Little Brother: He has a new single and video out called The Comeback


Man I wish I have been blogging for years. But since I've just started. We have 2 go back 2 past rants. & now classic Journee' Itching. Talking to my bestest friend LiL' "O" yesterday it got me rethinking about Ghostwriting. Needless 2 say we all know Bow Wow Photobuckethas had ghostwriters for years.
{Side note}Why 4 he thinks yes "Y 4" he thinks he is one of the greatest of all times..... I'm still trying 2 figure that one out. Your not the greatest because T.I. has ghostwrote for you. That makes T.I. one of the greatest.
Anywho thinking about this.... Made me think back to his song he had out with Omarion Let Me Hold Y0u. Now I can't front Omarion should have been on that track alone. Because I was loving his part. Then here comes Bow Wow. Nothing out of his norm. Blah flow. Until he hit me with this gem. Photobucket
Down down, around
Atlanta, Atlanta fo-found
Everybody know now
What I'm tryin to do
I say, Down down, around
Atlanta, Atlanta fo-found
I'm just tryin to get you to
Down down, around
Atlanta, Atlanta fo-found
Everybody know now
What I'm tryin to do
Down down, around
Atlanta, Atlanta fo-found
I'm just tryin to get you to.
Really. Now I will be the 1st to say I haven't done any research to see who wrote this song. But so far my thoughts are as follows:
1. Was that Bow Wow's attempt @ writing? Is this what the greatest is made of?
2. C/O LiL "O" Was it a joke and guess what the joke was on him!
3. Will that nigga say anything someone tells him?
I Got Questions!
4. Do he have any friends. Because I promise you if Ozy came @ me like "Yo J, you gotta hear this.... Its fucking ill!"
Side Note: That's why I love Ozy so much! He never hypes up his own shit. He lets me hear the track and then tell him my thoughts. His shit is real! It needs no hype. Listen for yourself. download your free copy of Exciting Times on his blog Photobucket Great music for free.... What a treat.... Back 2 the regularly scheduled rant.
& hit me with a nursery-rhyme! Really? I'm a real friend I would have shut that thing down. Joke he he ha ha now record over that.... now. NoT now but Rite is Rite now! Keep that on the low low.

Which brings me to this chick... Miss Keri Baby Photobucket as she calls her self.
Side note If your aren't up on one of my fav blogs Absolute Brook you need 2 get up on it. "Real Bitch Island" I'm trying 2 told you! She keeps it real. & Keeps me rolling.

But Brook also touched on this topic. But from a wee different point of view. You have 2 read it!

When it comes to this chick what I think about is. Damn! Did she make that much money writing for others in the past that to the point she feels she can burn those bridges. LOL .Really chick. I think she bold as FuCK! I mean right now she has one hit. Which doesn't set her forever status in the game. Hell right now it can go left or right. & she poppin shit like that. WOOOW . She may have wanted to wait until the 2nd cd 2 start poppin shit. Not 1st single! And she was writing for some big names too. You really think people are going to want to fuck w/ you when out here talking reck-less. Really. I think she should have stayed in her lane on this one. What Chapelle tell ya. "When keeping it real goes wrong!" LOL Look @ Gullie.. (Sp) The kat who came out talking all that shit about Wayne. Saying he write this and write that. Funny how Wayne became his hottest after he was out the crew. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I must laugh.
But when it comes 2 Miss. Keri what really pisses me off is like Brook said how you going to back paddle after you say the shit. O no I wasn't talking about Ciara or Beyonce. But on the track she say check the credits find my name or some shit to that degree. So how in the hell is she talking about just some chicks that tried 2 hold her down? Random girls my ass. I think she noticed her paper wasn't as long as she thought it was and thought she should pull up. If you going to pop off pop off. Don't start thinking after the fact. Damage is done. & You know Miss. Beyonka has a ego. She not about to let Keri get away with that! I bet that's one chick she not going to be writing for no more lol.

And I'm sorry Keri don't dance better then Ciara. Just is....

These new age Diva's I tell ya.

Friday, March 27, 2009

P.J.A. = Public Journee' Announcement

Yes I think its time for a P.J.A. Photobucket (Hair & Make Up done by Era of Glam Inc.
Now a little background on what I do. I'm a personal promoter in the indie hip hop world. So I meet and work with a lot of different people. On a lot of different projects. & I'm far from being a chick stuck in some type of box when it comes to music. Good music is good music rather it be dance, hood, crunk, R&B, Neo-Soul, lyrical hip hop, pop, rock... Whatever {Feel free to test my knowledge} But I have a major problem when it comes to stuff like this......: My homeboy is in the music world. He often tosses me business because hell I am the best at what I do. I appreciate the look out fully! But the other day my ultimate pet peeve accrued. He refereed this I guess group to my company.


Is all I can really say. I have never heard of these Kats before and I guess this is why they need help on the promotions side of things. But the guy calls me and I PROMISE I thought he was speaking some 3rd world language! All I could understand was
"A Mayne................................. yeah manye .............................. you know mayne"
And it took a hell of a lot to even figure out the manye. I Honestly couldn't understand this man or in his words mayne. I don't know who taught this man how to speak but I'm pretty sure MushmouthPhotobucket had a lot to do with it. I guess he caught on that me and him wasn't communicating to the point and put on his interrupter! Who wasn't that much better. But I got the point. But I'm thinking these two non-talking motherfunkers are calling themselves rappers. If you can't talk how in the hell are you going to rap? I honestly don't even want to hear that mess. Yes I'm calling it mess because the man couldn't hold a conversation. So how the fuck is he going to hold a crowds attention.
People take this music business as a game. Its really a career! Its a real business. You have to practice You have to take pride. Don't just think you can get up on a stage and stand there spitting off a million and two 16s. Sorry it don't work like that. And I more importantly I don't work like that! If you don't take pride in yourself and your work. Don't ring my bell. Text my phone. Or try and give me a cd when I'm out. Because I don't operate like that. My team is ever ellite. I deal with people who are focused and who take pride in mastering their craft. Whatever that may be.

Moral of my blog today is.... Don't come to me 1/2 assin! Your wasting your time.

And please for those who have done this... Stop busting out in 15 min freestyles when I'm on a date or out with my people. Just give me your card and keep it moving. I'm not puffy I can't do shit with your freestyle. Save it for 106 and Park!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

People 2 Watch: Maronzio Vance

Stop Sleeping on this kat! He is funny as fuck! If you have been to D.C. and not from D.C. you know you said the same shit! He is on the come up. Don't front! And I wish like hell I could take a picture like this..... But lest be real my left thigh wouldn't fit in there lol.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scarlet Takes More Than a Tumble

OK I wasn't blogging when this greatness came out! But O believe this never gets old to me! Everytime I see it, its like the 1st time. & seems to get funnier as time passes.

But in true Journee' Fashion!

1. What the hell was she singing???? Please let me know. And why did this song cause her to not only take off her house shoes and put on her wedges! & get up on the table!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I thought the table was going to break. But ooooooooo What a treat!!!!

I've heard so many rumors about this. I heard her mom posted it. Had that been my mom. She would be doing a bid in the old folks home. Period. Some say her boyfriend posted this. Really O really. Can we say break up! And hell if she did it herself. WOOOOOW she's a brave chick. because trust know and believe this shit right here. Would have never got out had it been Empress Journee'. Trust I'm far from a balanced chick. I fall often. (Nothing as great as this right here, but I have been known to do a tuck & roll) But who ever put this greatness up online I just want to thank them for letting me see Scarlet and her Tumble.... Nope call it what it is... Her busting her ASS!

My mom hasn't seen this greatness yet. I'm going to tape her watching it. It should be some foolishness by itself.

Journee' on Movies!


Confessions of a Shopaholic

OK I was in no rush to see this movie. But I got a kick out of a bill collector stalking people to that degree! I can't picture that happening to people I know! That is so unrealistic because someone would end up hurt! What the hell was he really going when he found her.... Repo someones weave? Come to work with them everyday? Then snatch the check & run!!!! I got questions. You got to see this movie if only to see the bill stalker! And think about who you owe and what would happen if they did that to you. Let Fanny come stalking me if they want to! Get their feelings hurt for real.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My 2nd Blog Check It Out!

OK me and one of my best friends (Bishop) have decided to start a blog together! Called:
Let The Liquor Tell It!

We have the best conversations and we think its time to share them with the world. And get others thoughts! Because we can only fuss with each other but so long! The 1st official blog is up and I think its a really good topic! On Steve Harvey's new book! Make sure you check it out and add the new blog on your list!



Monday, March 23, 2009

Download Ozy Reigns New Album Exciting Times....

So I know those of you who been on my blog for a while know I talk about my BFF OzyPhotobucket! And how much I believe in him and his music! But hell I'm having a Lavar Burton moment. You don't have to take my word for it. Peep it for yourself. All I ask is that if you like it.... Blog about it! Your feedback is important! But I promise you its what the games been needing!

feedback and how well you express your opinions via your blog or a forum post. Just send us a link to it.

Here's the link to download it and the track-list.

Thanks again

1- Intro The Dragon - produced by C Dubb
2- Mr. Now - produced by D.R.U.G.S.
3- LivN - feat. Nefarious produced by Mr. Q
4- Maintain - feat Tay produced by Illastrate
5- Wants & Needs - feat. Dean Caine and Dat Boy Tragic produced by D.R.U.G.S.
6- Wack Break 1
7- Candy Apple Dream - by Lil Trey and Yong Fuzz
8- Soul Takeover - produced by Rock Most
9- Git Em Hi - feat. Stahhr and DT of Clan Destined produced by Illastrate
10- 93 BPMs - feat Naira produced by Illastrate
11- Descent
12- REIGN OF FIRE - produced by D.R.U.G.S.
13- Glow 2 - feat Mojo Swagger and Stanza produced by Illastrate
14- Jook Joint - feat Dynas and Amdex of Clan Destined produced by Illastrate
15- Wack Break 2
16- U Already Slow - by Lil Trey and Yong Fuzz
17- OProlific - produced by Illastrate
18- ALB2 - feat. Tori Alamaze produced by Koda
19- From Zingtrark - produced by Koda
20- Dreamers - feat. Boog Brown and Dillon produced by D.R.U.G.S.
21- Runaway - with Dynas and Akir produced by Illastrate
22- Foolish - feat Mojo Swagger produced by DJ Shakim
23- Git Dowwwn - feat. Binkis Recs produced by Koda
24- Turkey Gravy Interlude - Principle Greesy
25- Oh Please! - feat. Clan Destined produced by Amdex
26- Space Travel/Our Time - produced by Jae Scott


101 Radio! Meet My Buddy!

So now its time to meet someone very very very important to me. I love him too death! I met him my freshman year @ NC A&T SU! (Aggie Pride) When I was a DJ on 90.1. & we have been tight ever since. He's my friend and so much more. He has supported my business from day one. Best graphic artist ever. He has handle everyone of my graphic projects but one. (I have another homie that's a graphic artist and I had to use him @ lest once. But its me and Chris Photobucket all day!) Trust its not too many people who can understand me when I get to trying to describe what I want. Big small colorful i mean more colorful! I will be the 1st to tell you I can be scattered brained! But he always pulls off excellent work. Photobucket PhotobucketBut trust it don't stop there! He is also a hella great producer! Yep! Can you say SKiLLZ! The boy is BAD. Make sure you check out his pod cast Yep he's doing the damn thing!

And ladies he's above 25 sexy as FUCK! College educated and single no kids!!!!!! Plug!!!!!! {Ha he's going to kill me! Its all love!}
Make sure you check him out for your producing and graphic needs. Photobucket

Carolina's on My Mind!

OK IBITCH now....
So almost EVERY time I have a musical conversation with someone that's not from the wonderful state of NC. The same thing comes up. I say NC is a wonderful place for music. We have some of the hottest rappers doing it! But nooooooooooo They want to go and throw Petey Pablo Photobucket in my face. Like they had a Carolina rap vote and this son-bitch won! FUCK NO! Empress Journee' stands on the following statement!

Petey Pablo don't define Carolina hip hop! All he did was show what the hell was wrong with Carolina hip hop! The wack gets backed!

I said it. And it seems like since then the world don't trust us with rappers no more! LoL Like nooooooooooooo we gave you guys a shot you gave us shit! Your chance is up! FuCk that! I don't care if I have to inform the world one by fucking one that Carolina's is about to take over musically. And bring back some adult friendly rap! Then that's what will be done. There is nothing wrong with club tracks... But if I said it once I will say it a million more times who wants to be in the club all day. I need some o cool out stuff. Hell this rant has motivated me to put up a Carolina video!

Duh shit I support true hip hop underground! So how about you rock on this one!!!!! This is from my big homies "The Others"Photobucket! Watch Listen & Love!

And don't sleep NC also brought you Ant. Ham.! Photobucket Little Brother Photobucket Jodeci! Photobucket Forget what they are going through now. The music they made has been a classic since the day they dropped! You know you babies are still being made to that joint!

The world is going to respect my state damnit! Discover North Carolina!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

People Who Could Have Been Left Off That Song!

Man I was on my normal Sunday walk in the park. Listening to my new Sony WalkmanPhotobucket ... {Yes I put the Empress Journee' Stamp on this product! I love it. Hate the head phones but upgrading sometime this week to some skulls. Yes I admit it damnit I'm so spoiled!} But back to the point. I was having a good walk when one of my favorite songs came on! Bobby Valentino's PhotobucketAnonymous featuring Timberland! The song is dope. "I wanna know I wanna know...." Then here comes Timberland's big goofy ass. & I'm at a lost for words. Why for he had to come mess up a perfectly good song? Kathyann or Mary-Lee. Just shut up! I always turn the song off when his part comes on. I just don't understand it. Like damn did they not push that part throug a test group. Tim really needs to stick to making beats and shutting the hell up!
This made me start thinking... Who else could have been left off that song? LOL. And I know I'm about to catch hell for this next one. But I honestly hated that LiL Wayne Ms. Officer track. But again I loved Bobby V on that track. I just wanted him to be on there lol.
Lil Wayne - Ms. Officer Insane Mixaken Rmx from Insane Mixaken Music on Vimeo. So yes I'm saying LiL Way could have been left off that track.

DJ Unk Photobucket could have been left off the Walk it out remix! I said it! He was a waste of a 16! And the last on my list for today has to be Bow wow. Although I don't care for him much at all. But he really could have been left off of the track he did with OmarionPhotobucket . Let me hold you! Omarion was holding it down... Then here comes bow wow's none rapping ass fucking up the whole track! I have a list of people who could have shut that track down. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooo his wack ass just had to mess up the flow. I can't even talk about this no more i'm getting mad.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ikea Commercial

Can someone tell me where they found that spooky old lady @ on the Ikea Photobucketcommercials?? She really scares me!!!!!! I walk into my kitchen waiting to hear a faint husky voice talking about my cabinets! I couldn't find a example of the commercials on youtube. But I know i'm not the only one who has seen this lady!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making The Band

Really I think QPhotobucket from making the band is a fucking *BITCH*! After watching a few making the bands he just has a huge amount of BITCH in him. I don't get it. He really needs to put on his big boy draws! And walk this shit out. I honestly don't think he is made for this business. I never understood how he made it over that sexy ass DeAngelo Redman Photobucket is beyond me.... I really was @ a lost for words when he didn't make it. What the hell. & now we are stuck with this bitching ass Q. Mark my words he will be Day 26's down fall!!!!! He weak. They might as well weed out the damn weak now before he drags them down any more.

Damn that boy get's on my nerves! You would think I knew kat personally!


But I have to give much love to Mike in Day 26 holding it down for the Carolina's! He reps us very well! Thank Ya Love! Photobucket Stay sexy!

(Yes I used pink to highlight the level of bitch i think Q is.)

HTDOGWTR {Hot Dog Water}

On my blog I try and bring you the purest of my thoughts. From music, art, and hell I'm not a fashionista but I do know what I like. & I want to put the world on to that Journational Style of thinking. And maybe introduce something new to you. With that being said I have to put you on this kat I went to high school & college with. Now I know I don't tell him this but hell what better way to tell someone something nice then in a blog! Well I have watched this young man grow and really follow his dream. & I'm very proud of him. His name is Jeffrey Lee Sawyer Photobuckethe has a fashion line out called HTDOGWTR!!!! Trust he is as unique as the companies name. Photobucket Make sure you check out his web site make sure support new comers. Drop him a line let him know what you like. Hell go one step further and buy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bring Poetri Back

OK its no secret that Poetri is my fav. poet!!!!!! And recently he has caught the acting bug! With parts on Bones (One of my favorite shows! What a treat!) & House of pain! He played a cable guy! And damnit I want to see him on the show again. So a petition to get him back on the show is going around. By signing this petition you are letting TYLER PERRY you want to see him back on the"House of Payne" show? Click this link!

If for no other reason just do it for me!!!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Journee's adventures in Music! Mattic Ed.

I told you guys I would be putting up different facts and blurs few videos about my interesting friends. & its Mattics turnPhotobucket! I had to catch him while he was in the states because he spends most of his time in France. (How hot is that! Yes there are brown people in France!) Muscly he's a major force in the over seas market. I promise you it blows my mind how I know people who have like rocked
Madison Square Garden
Photobucket type venues. & can't get no love in the states. That's the problem with the US. The states dick ride. Go off of whatever gimmick is hot @ that time or moment. Instead of respecting the music. Listening to its content. Nothing is wrong with having dance songs. But when that's all it is. That's a problem. But that's another blog all together. This is about Mattic. He is honestly one of the nicest and smoothest kat's I've ever met! He has a sway to him that you can't ignore. He really don't need too many fancy words from the likes of me. Meet Mattic
He honestly rarely performs here so getting this free style footage is truly a treat.

This is my life as a Indie Rap Promoter! {The mighty DR on the 1's and 2's}

Charles Herron New Single

Everyone knows I just love new artist. I came across this cat Charles Herron! You got to check him out. He has a single with Sonny Cheeba of Camp Lo. Shit is hot! Get on it!

Charles Herron new single Quarter 2 Eight Hoppa Feat Sonny Cheeba

You know you love it! Free good music. It gets no better!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Credit Checks 4 Jobs

I think this is the dumbest shit ever! Credit Checks to get a fucking job! In real life! Talk about holding poor people down! I just don't understand how can someone get a job to get out of debut.... If they can't get a job because they in debut? PLEASE break this down for me. I mean its out of order for places like TJ Maxx & Target to do fucking credit checks! Really just because your in debut don't mean:
A. You can't count.
B. Your going to become a thief to get out of debut.
I honestly hope B-Rock kill this practice because this is straight BS. Nope I'm not fussin because my credit is screwed to hell. I'm good. I think my credit score is high enough to get me a job (aint that some shit). But I still call out wrong doings. This shit right here! WRONG! I don't even see it as a brown or clear thing. Because i know its clear people who have bad credit.
{Now if the brown & clear person both have bad credit & same qualifications that's a different story!} I just don't think that your qualifications should be the only thing that's looked at when applying for a job! Period. Can this person do the job.....

They want to make sure people stay down.... Talk about the big bullshit. Photobucket

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ike Turnah

I guess its no big shock that I hold my friends very close! I mean they are about off balanced as they come and I love it. And seeing how my friends are so different. A great deal of my friends are rappers. & no not your everyday rappers. I mean good ones. Some who have major over seas success. And a lot who are making there way to the top here. So I was thinking to myself. (SELF) why not show the world a different side of them you other wise wouldn't see. Photobucket 1st up to bat is Ike Turnah. I think this clip shows you our friendship @ its greatest! Because we are like this everyday. We not showing off. Its just us! Photobucket! He is so out the box. Enjoy. And I promise you this is how he acts everyday! Got to love him! & if bug-n w/ us makes you want to check out his music

Friday, March 13, 2009


Who thought of this tarded ass shit? And more importantly who the fuck would co-sign it? I blame Beyonce. {Nope she didn't do anything to bring me to this conclusion. But hell she has been the cause of my rants in so many blogs. Its just kind of natural for me to blame her. But o you can't front it sounds like something she would start. With the matching NO HOMO dance. "If ya not gay then put no homo on it.... o o o o o o o o o"My Sorry.} But in real life what makes people think by putting "No Homo" on something just turns them straight. I will never understand the logic behind this statement. Like a man can come in and say "I just sucked 5 dicks. But no homo tho." "Damn that nikka got some juicy lips. No Homo." NO people NO! That's very much Homo! Wearing jeans that show your dick print. HOMO! Men running around with pearls and halter tops. HOMO. Stop with the No Homo. It don't make it straight. It's not like No Homo has healing powers. It don't cure you of gay. If you are homo just be the best homo you can be. Yes be Fierce darling! I think i'm going to start a counter statement to be said in the case someone says "No Homo" The new thing is going to be "Yes Homo" I figure if "No Homo" is a cure for these in closet homo thoughts. Then Yes Homo will be the cure for people who don't want to acknowledge what they really are! You better come out now while Kanye's turning the world gay. And blame it on the alcohol! Just stop with the no homo.


Now my homeboy Will Hatcher has found the man who made up "No Homo" and has scored a exclusive interview with him. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If I were a boy....

Here we go again. Journee' is bitching with a cause.....

I have to 1st jump on Ciara. Because she started this foolishness and Beyonce just dick road it. Photobucket When this track 1st came out almost every female I know was like "YEAH YEAH I feel her Yeah she kicking the truth." I don't know if I was listening to the same song or what. Because I saw where she was going. But in the end it just made me feel like she needed to work on her pimp hand more. There was NOTHING.... I repeat NOTHING. In this song that I don't do, haven't done or couldn't do if i wanted to. Gender has nothing to do with it.

Hell I'm a single women living by myself Yeah I take my trash out. I have security codes on everything because hell I know some nosy ass people. I don't know what is in this song that she or any women couldn't do. It's not like she said "Take a piss standing up like him...."

I'm just trying to help some women look between the lines. There is nothing in this song you couldn't do if you aint want to. Its time women start working out their pimp hand. For real. I am really concerned about the future of women who feed into this foolishness.
Then to make matters worse. Here come Beyonka's follow the leader ass with If I were a Boy. Saying the same shit Ciara just said. The issue was lacking to start. She did nothing to help it out. Again Journee' says if you want to act like that then do it. Hell I love being a female. I control my emotions I control when I take out the trash. I'm good. LOL. I was so happy when R. Kelly jumped on the Beyonce remix and just broke out. So bloody hard. "BUT YOUR NOT A BOY!!!!!!!!!!" Cause your not. Get over it.... Or do reverse drag. If so many women want to be men so bad. Why don't you go to the sex shop get a strap on. & Walk down the street grabbing your rubber nuts. In the mean time SHUT THE FUCK UP! Because you can do everything in those songs. Hell look @ Sam Photobucketfrom Sex in the City! These tracks aren't the truth! Listen to the lyrics. Think about what's being said. And if I'm wrong please correct.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Journee' Sucks Right Now

I know I know I have been mad slack on my blog. But I've been off doing what I love to do. Its hard being a Indie Rap promoter but it's also the greatest at the same time. I'm just getting back from my trip to ATL. The Ozy Reigns release party was bloody ILL! I've been listening to the his Exciting Times album non-stop. Its honestly the future of hip hop. In like 20 something tracks. He put hip hop on his back. & holds it up proudly. I'm so proud of him. Its crazy! I will go into details a little later. I'm really trying to recoop. My life is changing in so many great ways. I'm just trying to take it all in. Get on track. It's a lot of work to be done in a very small amount of time. But all is working out for the best.

In the words of Little Brother "I still hustle just like you. I still struggle just like you. Just so happen that "Journee" doing what I love to do"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Journee' on Pastor Troy

Now I wont pretend like I know this man personally and I don't want you to think I'm hating. But I really don't like this cat's musics. I never understood his point of view. So if someone out there is a fan. And can get down with what this cat is saying. Please drop the knowledge on me. Because I surely think he be on some 100% high talk. I mean who would really come up with this whole vice versa concept. This track came out when I was high school. & we did have the people who bust out and try and break down the knowledge of the song. (Who just so happen to be high.) Or the one's who just wanted it to knock @ the club so they could say YEAH!!!!!!!!
But the song its self just seems sinful to even listen to.
"Picture everything you thought was good was really bad."
Well hell anyone with a Ex can picture that.
I don't think this guy is deep at all. More or less full of shit and got away with it.
There are those moments where people just try and beyond "Overly" deep!
i know a few songs where this has happen. & they lost me all together. i am soooo mad @ myself for not remembering this song name or the artist.. I'm slipping
Around late 90s early 2000s that damn song worked my nerves!
when I do recall it i will prob post it. Over all he was being just too damn deep.
Around 7 dangling participles too damn much!
Which I think has happen in this case.
Honestly it don't even seem right thinking no shit like this.

[Pastor Troy - talking]
Yeah (yeah)
This song is called Goddamn, Vica Versa
(I'm doin' my best to save my people)
It's like, (The people & I will rely in God)
Picture everything that you thought was good, was really bad
Everything bad, was really good
(What if Heaven was on Earth nigga)
The whole world, vica versa
(Good is bad)
Vica versa (Bad is good)
(Dear Lord am I the only one?)
This shit here, Goddamn, gon'
Go'n get you a fat blunt of that 'dro
Smoke that shit
(It's all vica versa)
Look up in the air nigga
(We rich nigga)
(This is what we doin', it's vica versa)
I know all these real niggas gone feel this shit
Vica Versa, Pastor Troy
(Vica Versa)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What if Heaven was Hell and vica versa
If I told you go to Hell, would you tell I cursed ya?
I reimbursed ya with the truth so you know my fate
And pray I die, I'm that nigga that they love to hate
I wanna make you use yo mind, God has sent a sign
And when you listen to these rhymes, nigga take your time
Again I ask, Heaven was hell and vica versa
Would you start doin' evil in order to nurture--the spirit man?
Do you understand that there's a war?
It's ragin' on and the devil got some ammo too
Don't get me wrong, but I put my trust off in the Lord
It's too corrupt, know that God gon' help me blow 'em up
I give a fuck, Heaven was hell and vica versa, I have no fear
I done witnessed too much Hell right here, lend me your ear
Recall the beer we had to po'
For all our niggaz hit the Devil with the .44
Payback nigga
My liquor keep my from tryin' to enter, battle alone
And to deal with all this wickedness, I smoke a zone
Know I'm grown, but I'm still a baby
It's vica versa so I guess I'll beg Satan to save me
God I'm confused, the fuse of all these motherfuckers, makin' me sick
{*Virgin Mary never fucked nobody, but she suck dick*}
With a clique of nasty concubines, and vice-a versa
So she'll probably do the whole nine, that nasty ho
I don't know where I'ma go this Christmas, it's Satan's birth
I'ma try to smoke a pound of weed, and ease the Earth
While Jesus equiped with angels, the Devil's equiped with fire
For God so love the world that he blessed the thug with rocks
Won't stop until they feel me
Protect me Devil, think the Lord is tryin' to kill me
It's vica versa
Heaven is below, while this dozier keep me high
To see the Lord almighty nigga, I'm ready to die
My reply for any questions asked, "The Devil made me do it"
Who's the Devil may I ask?, It's so polluted
Up-rooted from all this stupid shit
See me cremated, my adaption to the climate
So glad I made it
Elated that they gon' go to Heaven
But do they know Heaven may not be th place to go
Again I ask, Heaven was Hell and vica versa
The devil's in me and I'll be damned if I'm gon let god hurt ya
Follow me...

[Peter the Disciple]
If it was vica versa, I'd be and angel, 'cause I'm a devil
A Down South Georgia Rebel, a whole 'nother fuckin' level
Remenisin' on all the good and the bad that I did
Bustin' caps and splittin' wigs
And servin' nicks and talkin' shit
This is vica versa no fuckin' commercial
Heaven or Hell, where do we go?
When we die, eternal fire or the street of gold
Only God knows, vica versa

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Journee' Loving B.O.B

Yes B.O.B. Photobucket has me buggin. I mean hell his song "I'll be in the sky" I love love love love this song.
Every time this track come on I just want to break out and do the soul church clap and rock a wee bit. If you not on B.O.B. then you better jump up on him. OK it really don't hurt that he's cute to boot. I mean damn.... OK <Journee' hangs her head down and walks out the room....> he still mad fly!



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carla Aaron-Lopez: "My (Black) American Life"

Remember my homegirl Carla Photobucket I told you about last month. Well her art show was crazy. Major success! You really should stop sleeping. Here are a few interviews she did during the show. Peep.
Carla Aaron-Lopez: "My (Black) American Life" from Art Relish on Vimeo.

Art Relish: