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Monday, March 30, 2009

Music Break

OK back in the day I use to be a DJ. Rocking out hard. Went from the tables 2 the booth. As a on air personality @ WNAA 90.1. Where I met a lot of cool people if you cant tell by the way I talk about my graphic designer Photobucket (who is still single sexy with no kids.... O yeah he's not the only one. I roll with a lot of spiffy guys. You have 2 check out Ralph 2. But ladies watch out... He take his clothes off for it..... I joke I joke.... I kid I kid! Love those 2.) But I also met the homie Mike PhillyPhotobucket. We use 2 cut up on in person outtings on the mic. Cool kat. He is still doing his thing up north on the radio. And now he has a podcast. You have 2 check it out. Download it 2 ya ipods or just let it play during your work day. Good Stuff.... PHILLS MANIA RADIO ... (Only Takes 4-6 mins to download.)

And while I'm on the music tip. Make sure you check out my man Big Pooh Photobucketof Little Brother: He has a new single and video out called The Comeback


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