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Monday, March 30, 2009


Man I wish I have been blogging for years. But since I've just started. We have 2 go back 2 past rants. & now classic Journee' Itching. Talking to my bestest friend LiL' "O" yesterday it got me rethinking about Ghostwriting. Needless 2 say we all know Bow Wow Photobuckethas had ghostwriters for years.
{Side note}Why 4 he thinks yes "Y 4" he thinks he is one of the greatest of all times..... I'm still trying 2 figure that one out. Your not the greatest because T.I. has ghostwrote for you. That makes T.I. one of the greatest.
Anywho thinking about this.... Made me think back to his song he had out with Omarion Let Me Hold Y0u. Now I can't front Omarion should have been on that track alone. Because I was loving his part. Then here comes Bow Wow. Nothing out of his norm. Blah flow. Until he hit me with this gem. Photobucket
Down down, around
Atlanta, Atlanta fo-found
Everybody know now
What I'm tryin to do
I say, Down down, around
Atlanta, Atlanta fo-found
I'm just tryin to get you to
Down down, around
Atlanta, Atlanta fo-found
Everybody know now
What I'm tryin to do
Down down, around
Atlanta, Atlanta fo-found
I'm just tryin to get you to.
Really. Now I will be the 1st to say I haven't done any research to see who wrote this song. But so far my thoughts are as follows:
1. Was that Bow Wow's attempt @ writing? Is this what the greatest is made of?
2. C/O LiL "O" Was it a joke and guess what the joke was on him!
3. Will that nigga say anything someone tells him?
I Got Questions!
4. Do he have any friends. Because I promise you if Ozy came @ me like "Yo J, you gotta hear this.... Its fucking ill!"
Side Note: That's why I love Ozy so much! He never hypes up his own shit. He lets me hear the track and then tell him my thoughts. His shit is real! It needs no hype. Listen for yourself. download your free copy of Exciting Times on his blog Photobucket Great music for free.... What a treat.... Back 2 the regularly scheduled rant.
& hit me with a nursery-rhyme! Really? I'm a real friend I would have shut that thing down. Joke he he ha ha now record over that.... now. NoT now but Rite is Rite now! Keep that on the low low.

Which brings me to this chick... Miss Keri Baby Photobucket as she calls her self.
Side note If your aren't up on one of my fav blogs Absolute Brook you need 2 get up on it. "Real Bitch Island" I'm trying 2 told you! She keeps it real. & Keeps me rolling.

But Brook also touched on this topic. But from a wee different point of view. You have 2 read it!

When it comes to this chick what I think about is. Damn! Did she make that much money writing for others in the past that to the point she feels she can burn those bridges. LOL .Really chick. I think she bold as FuCK! I mean right now she has one hit. Which doesn't set her forever status in the game. Hell right now it can go left or right. & she poppin shit like that. WOOOW . She may have wanted to wait until the 2nd cd 2 start poppin shit. Not 1st single! And she was writing for some big names too. You really think people are going to want to fuck w/ you when out here talking reck-less. Really. I think she should have stayed in her lane on this one. What Chapelle tell ya. "When keeping it real goes wrong!" LOL Look @ Gullie.. (Sp) The kat who came out talking all that shit about Wayne. Saying he write this and write that. Funny how Wayne became his hottest after he was out the crew. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I must laugh.
But when it comes 2 Miss. Keri what really pisses me off is like Brook said how you going to back paddle after you say the shit. O no I wasn't talking about Ciara or Beyonce. But on the track she say check the credits find my name or some shit to that degree. So how in the hell is she talking about just some chicks that tried 2 hold her down? Random girls my ass. I think she noticed her paper wasn't as long as she thought it was and thought she should pull up. If you going to pop off pop off. Don't start thinking after the fact. Damage is done. & You know Miss. Beyonka has a ego. She not about to let Keri get away with that! I bet that's one chick she not going to be writing for no more lol.

And I'm sorry Keri don't dance better then Ciara. Just is....

These new age Diva's I tell ya.


NightFall914 said...

Its all business. Bow Wow has been a pop kiddie marketing tool since day 1.Be it Snoop and T.I that was writing his material. As for Keri, I don't know I like her and it seems its more females up in arms about her remix verse then anyone else. It's not the first or last time a ghostwriter has spoken out in directly and truthfully none of us know just what the verse was referencing. Just playing devil's advocate. But if the fact is she turns out hits then regardless of her talk she'll continue getting business. Just like the Dream funny style self.LoL @ the industry.

Empress Journee' said...

You right! But having other folk write for you don't make you the best. LOL. He wants to be the best. But he is far from. I'm not up in arms about her remix just stating my facts. My homie Chris say females are hating on her. But I'm not hating on her. I don't like double talkers. If she going to be gully be gully. Stand by your shit. But don't 1/2 ass it. LOL.

brook lynne carter. said...

girl yes, bow definately had the ghost writer. and keri, oh boy. i wish she could have just kept it real and dropped names, i would have respected her for that. but instead, she punked out. i just learned from someone who knows her well, that she literally got worried, and didnt want bad press. so she denied it all, even tho everyone around told her to just go ahead and stand by it. uh..grrrl, bye.

Empress Journee' said...

LOL She already lit the match!!!! Now trying to blow it out. But I guess it is what she wanted. It has people talking. Fuck talk about good PR!

iM.R0Ni said...

bow is lame. lmao.

KayJay said...

Ok, we, as hip hop heads know this one fact: You cannot be mentioned as one of the greats if you have had a ghostwriter at any point of your career (Bow Wow, Weezy). Even thou Weezy looks like the exemption, I still question his ability with the pen, being that he DID sound like Gillie & Hova @ one point.

Keri's pen isn't on trial, cause she wrote hits for industry heavyweights. But it is ALWAYS a bad move when you run your mouth like she did (and does), on some Dream shit. Like, for real, you ain't never see Prince & MJ brag about who they wrote songs for! Just shut the fuck up, be humble at the fact you got an opportunity to show your talents, make your money & let the body of work do the talkin'!

These artists nowadays. Feedin' into this HS bullshit....

Empress Journee' said...

Thank you KayJay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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