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Friday, March 27, 2009

P.J.A. = Public Journee' Announcement

Yes I think its time for a P.J.A. Photobucket (Hair & Make Up done by Era of Glam Inc.
Now a little background on what I do. I'm a personal promoter in the indie hip hop world. So I meet and work with a lot of different people. On a lot of different projects. & I'm far from being a chick stuck in some type of box when it comes to music. Good music is good music rather it be dance, hood, crunk, R&B, Neo-Soul, lyrical hip hop, pop, rock... Whatever {Feel free to test my knowledge} But I have a major problem when it comes to stuff like this......: My homeboy is in the music world. He often tosses me business because hell I am the best at what I do. I appreciate the look out fully! But the other day my ultimate pet peeve accrued. He refereed this I guess group to my company.


Is all I can really say. I have never heard of these Kats before and I guess this is why they need help on the promotions side of things. But the guy calls me and I PROMISE I thought he was speaking some 3rd world language! All I could understand was
"A Mayne................................. yeah manye .............................. you know mayne"
And it took a hell of a lot to even figure out the manye. I Honestly couldn't understand this man or in his words mayne. I don't know who taught this man how to speak but I'm pretty sure MushmouthPhotobucket had a lot to do with it. I guess he caught on that me and him wasn't communicating to the point and put on his interrupter! Who wasn't that much better. But I got the point. But I'm thinking these two non-talking motherfunkers are calling themselves rappers. If you can't talk how in the hell are you going to rap? I honestly don't even want to hear that mess. Yes I'm calling it mess because the man couldn't hold a conversation. So how the fuck is he going to hold a crowds attention.
People take this music business as a game. Its really a career! Its a real business. You have to practice You have to take pride. Don't just think you can get up on a stage and stand there spitting off a million and two 16s. Sorry it don't work like that. And I more importantly I don't work like that! If you don't take pride in yourself and your work. Don't ring my bell. Text my phone. Or try and give me a cd when I'm out. Because I don't operate like that. My team is ever ellite. I deal with people who are focused and who take pride in mastering their craft. Whatever that may be.

Moral of my blog today is.... Don't come to me 1/2 assin! Your wasting your time.

And please for those who have done this... Stop busting out in 15 min freestyles when I'm on a date or out with my people. Just give me your card and keep it moving. I'm not puffy I can't do shit with your freestyle. Save it for 106 and Park!


KayJay said...

I know you hear your fair share of garbage. I appreciate it, becuase you do it, so the real lovers of this art form don't have to!

Empress Journee' said...

LOL you are crazy.

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