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Thursday, March 19, 2009

HTDOGWTR {Hot Dog Water}

On my blog I try and bring you the purest of my thoughts. From music, art, and hell I'm not a fashionista but I do know what I like. & I want to put the world on to that Journational Style of thinking. And maybe introduce something new to you. With that being said I have to put you on this kat I went to high school & college with. Now I know I don't tell him this but hell what better way to tell someone something nice then in a blog! Well I have watched this young man grow and really follow his dream. & I'm very proud of him. His name is Jeffrey Lee Sawyer Photobuckethe has a fashion line out called HTDOGWTR!!!! Trust he is as unique as the companies name. Photobucket Make sure you check out his web site make sure support new comers. Drop him a line let him know what you like. Hell go one step further and buy!


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