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Monday, March 2, 2009

Journee' On Single Ladies/ Single Ladies Gang Fight!

I know some of my readers may think I'm a Beyonce hater.... Never that I love a few of her tracks. Oddly this being one of them. And no don't get me wrong. I'm not one of these chicks out here feenin to get married. FUCK THAT. (Been there done that, don't feed into the hype) But knowing what I know this song entertains me a hella of a lot! So I remix the worlds. "All the single ladies. All the single ladies. Take the ring OFF..... O O O O O O O O O O" LOL. But these chicks out here be on some other stuff when it comes to this track. Like its a theme song. Like its going to get a man to marry them. But let me break this down 1. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it and not want it no more!

-----> Never get someone you dating name tatted on you. Best way to become a single lady and stay one. LOL.

I have said this time and time again. Don't let Bonyka [She looks more like a Bonyka then Sasha] get you messed up in this game. There is nothing wrong with being a single women. Don't feel like you need a man or a ring to be whole. Trust I'm not a love hater.... If that what you do then do it! I'm just saying don't be afraid to stand on your own! You can put a ring on yourself. Fuck if he like it. Wake up with your roses smelling like boo boo ooo oooooo It's ok to like the song but take it for what it is.

But another reason I now love this song is because I was lucky enough to witness something so just wonderfully foolish! To the point where people don't believe me when I said it happen. They think I made it up. I know a bunch of totally random things happen in my life. People I am really not creative enough to make up such greatness! I tried to tape it (before I got my flip) But its not the best. But you can look closely and see that it happen.

I was hanging out downtown QC with my cousin @ Rock Bottom one night. Rock Bottom has a area where you can sit and look out side and check out what's going on. So while I was sitting there killin my salmon salad I looked up and saw a group of gay young men in white zip up hoodies. And thin jeans. (Some of those kat's had on tights. No way jeans can be that thin... Yes THIN! They were beyond skinny!) And they had the bottom of their hoodies wrapped around their L Bows! Runway walking down the street.... I thought that was a treat in its self. But nope they were just teasing me.....


Like 5 min's later they come back down the street this time they were looking a wee bit ticked. Walking with diva like strength. So we are thinking... What the hell pissed them off.... And then we see it.... YEP! It was a rival gay gang coming up. (I suppose) They had on V necks and thin jeans (not as coordinated as the other crew) But it was something out of west side story Photobucket Like when they came down the block snapping! My cousins likes to say it was like MJ's bad video Photobucket !Which ever greatness was unfolding before our eyes lol. You see they ended up running into each other in front of Fox & Hound. It was like something out of a movie. I was glued to the window dropping dressing everywhere. Wondering what was about to happen. It was a few finger snaps and then the grand show!
One of the hoodie crew members broke out and started doing the single ladies DANCE Photobucket . I kid you not! Just randomly in front of us! YES YES YES... And was getting it too! But the oddest thing happen... Well since it was a battle I guess it wasn't that odd. But hell it shocked the hell outta me! When the one in the white hoodie crew dipped down. A member of the other team dips down too.... {Like he was saying... O hell*s* NO!!!!!!!!!} and they pop up doing the fist punching the ground part of the video! Photobucket O what a treat! I honestly couldn't take it. Because it was some jazz hands big finish! WOW! All that greatness care of Beyonce's single ladies! OOOOOOOOOOOOO I need to buy her a damn drink!!!!! Normally you have to pay big for entertainment like that. Yes I love it!

Single Ladies from Empress Journee on Vimeo.

single ladies 3 from Empress Journee on Vimeo.


Miss.Fortune said...

omg im laughin so damn hard..
mouth wide open lmao

Empress Journee' said...

My life I tell ya!

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