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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Journee's adventures in Music! Mattic Ed.

I told you guys I would be putting up different facts and blurs few videos about my interesting friends. & its Mattics turnPhotobucket! I had to catch him while he was in the states because he spends most of his time in France. (How hot is that! Yes there are brown people in France!) Muscly he's a major force in the over seas market. I promise you it blows my mind how I know people who have like rocked
Madison Square Garden
Photobucket type venues. & can't get no love in the states. That's the problem with the US. The states dick ride. Go off of whatever gimmick is hot @ that time or moment. Instead of respecting the music. Listening to its content. Nothing is wrong with having dance songs. But when that's all it is. That's a problem. But that's another blog all together. This is about Mattic. He is honestly one of the nicest and smoothest kat's I've ever met! He has a sway to him that you can't ignore. He really don't need too many fancy words from the likes of me. Meet Mattic
He honestly rarely performs here so getting this free style footage is truly a treat.

This is my life as a Indie Rap Promoter! {The mighty DR on the 1's and 2's}


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