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Sunday, March 22, 2009

People Who Could Have Been Left Off That Song!

Man I was on my normal Sunday walk in the park. Listening to my new Sony WalkmanPhotobucket ... {Yes I put the Empress Journee' Stamp on this product! I love it. Hate the head phones but upgrading sometime this week to some skulls. Yes I admit it damnit I'm so spoiled!} But back to the point. I was having a good walk when one of my favorite songs came on! Bobby Valentino's PhotobucketAnonymous featuring Timberland! The song is dope. "I wanna know I wanna know...." Then here comes Timberland's big goofy ass. & I'm at a lost for words. Why for he had to come mess up a perfectly good song? Kathyann or Mary-Lee. Just shut up! I always turn the song off when his part comes on. I just don't understand it. Like damn did they not push that part throug a test group. Tim really needs to stick to making beats and shutting the hell up!
This made me start thinking... Who else could have been left off that song? LOL. And I know I'm about to catch hell for this next one. But I honestly hated that LiL Wayne Ms. Officer track. But again I loved Bobby V on that track. I just wanted him to be on there lol.
Lil Wayne - Ms. Officer Insane Mixaken Rmx from Insane Mixaken Music on Vimeo. So yes I'm saying LiL Way could have been left off that track.

DJ Unk Photobucket could have been left off the Walk it out remix! I said it! He was a waste of a 16! And the last on my list for today has to be Bow wow. Although I don't care for him much at all. But he really could have been left off of the track he did with OmarionPhotobucket . Let me hold you! Omarion was holding it down... Then here comes bow wow's none rapping ass fucking up the whole track! I have a list of people who could have shut that track down. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooo his wack ass just had to mess up the flow. I can't even talk about this no more i'm getting mad.


NightFall914 said...

Yeah I may need to submit a few of my own cuz aint nothing worse then a hot joint that gets ruined because, Jim Jones, Piles or some random ass rapper had to jump on it.

Empress Journee' said...

ADD Feel free!!!!!! I feel you! Jim Jones had a ballin moment but need to step off...

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