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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Cross Country Trip

OK I have been m.i.a. lately for two reasons. One my lap top battery passed away and it took forever for the other one to ship to me. And B. I took a cross country road trip. But I'm jumping ahead of myself. You see. A member of the Stiletto Squad has decided to move across the world lol. OK to Denver. But its not like that's hella close. So she asked me to help her drive from Greensboro NC to Denver CO (YEP DRIVE!!!) So after her going away party Photobucket (The Stiletto Squad @ The Red Bowl) Then it was time for the trip.... WOW All I can say is damn I'm a good friend... Check out the route we took I'm happy I did this because I got to see so much amazing stuff. Sadly most of the best pic's came @ night when it was pitch black. But we were rolling.
Photobucket I
had I never gone to some of these places. So had I not gone I wouldn't have known how bloody much I HATE KANSAS... I HATE IT.... I found myself just making ugly faces in the car at the thought of how long it took to get out that state. 9 HOURS to get out that state is CRAZY.... It was the state that wouldn't end. On top of that it was HOT!!! I mean its the devils ass cheek and all the hell he do is fart dry air. I was ever so unhappy! And it seems like a non-stop compost pile through out the whole state. The highlight of Kansas was the Windmills Photobucket o and during long hour stretches of Kansas highway they don't have gas stations. We were running out of gas on one of these stretches.... The drama of finding a station. NEVER travel without a GpS. Talk about a life saver! The gas station was behind three corn fields and some woods. Then out of nowhere there's this little one light town Photobucket and no brown people. I felt like I was in he real life Tommy Knockers. Me no like-e.

Errrr 29 hours later we finally touched down in Denver. It was cool but I know its clear that I am far from a midwest chick. FAR!!! The weather was too much... One minute its a million and two degrees... And the next its -38 raining. Its crazy. So not my style. So I left Denver and flew YES FLEW (I didn't want to ride in a car for the longest after that car ride. But i took it up north east coast lol. I said it once before I'm such a east coast bitch. lol <- (in case you missed it) I was overly happy to make it the east weather was very nice. Even got to spend some time in NY! few clips from that. I found this to be hella random in a shopping center Photobucket
I had the best slice Photobucket !!!! I promise I would move to NY for the food and to date!!! LOL But the smell was a little much for me. Hung out in Trump Towers man it was a nice chill type place. Photobucket
Even had my fav treat waiting on me Photobucket! Really I felt so spoiled. But I had to come home it had been a very looooooooong week. I have honestly slept for like two days. All so I can turn around and do it again..... This time i'm hitting up the south.


I was on the road when I got the news that Michael Jackson had pass. But you know I had to dedicate a blog post to the King. Rest In Peace MJ take a minute to enjoy one of my favorite MJ songs.... You are not alone!!!!

MJ,you are not alone from da K on Vimeo.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Sex....

I seem to be the only one in the world who don't like this song? Its one of the most over rated tracks ever.... in short this track is telling me he is not giving "DA DICK" on a normal base. I need good everyday sex. Who wants to wait until one time a year to have good sex. Which is so disappointing because Photobucket He is a sexy young man. But something is telling me that he's not delivering DA DICK.. It's sad. And for everyone who is getting hype off that track... I'm going to need for you to work on your sex life. I just know 12-17 wont be the only day I had greatness.... Hell if he can only knock it out the park on ya birthday i think he needs to talk to sue johanson or some1 poor jeremih lol (yeah yeah yeah I said it) I'm going to check out his cd and see if he has some other tracks that I may like.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Moment In The Life Of Empress Journee

So I was hanging out with one of my best friends. And I simply told him that he was starting to looking like "Yellow Bastard Photobucket" from Sin City in the tummy area..... And he said "Fuck You" now who is the ass hole in this situation? lol.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Never Know Who People Are....

I just had a flashback moment. Which I thought I would share.
In the Indie Hip Hop world I can say with comfort my name is out there. I do what I do and I do a damn good job... But I like to keep a low profile. I know online I have some pics with the make up on. But in real life I'm one of the most natural chicks you have ever met. I wear the glam look to events because I am under contract with Glam Inc. The badest chicks out here doing it. Hair Make Up whatever its nothing. They keep me jazzy {if your on twitter @EraKanika scream @ your girl grab an appointment Charlotte NC}. But trust on the everyday its rare you will see me with make up on. I have no clue on where to start there. And in short. No time for it. And for some reason my pics make me look waaaaay taller then what I am. I'm 5 foot flat. All day. No hopes of being 5'1 lol. To the story.... So I went to handle some business @ this mall... I had a lot of folk I did business with in there so I always made time to speak to everyone when I was in the area. Now on this one day I was just running in and out had to pick up this outfit that was made for me. :-) o how I love my one of a kind gear. But before I went I stopped by my fav. record store to speak to my ace. I didn't want anything but to dap him up fast hug and keep it moving. He was talking so I just went behind the case gave him a hug. And was about to leave when the guy he was talking to just spassed. "That was so fucking rude...." This that and the 3rd. Now the old me would have been matching his ass spass for spass. But the old me is tired. I don't want to do no more fussin..... So I give him the slow look. Dap my partner and left.... Buggin off how random that shit was. So I go speak to my other folk have a good time. So I was on my way out when kat ran me down. I had my hand on my bag (it would be in your best interest not to go in this mall without.... shall we say a "friend"). He said to me all out of breath.... "Yo **** just told me who you were... I'm sorry lil lady... He told me I shouldn't just blank on people like that because you never know who they may be... But yo I'm a rapper...." Asked me for this that and the 3rd.... Gave me his math.... then said "Your not going to call me are you?!?!?!?!" LMAO I just walked off.... I had a great laugh about this in the car. You see that's the joy you have when you work for yourself. You pick who you want to work with. And me its never been about the money with me. I do alright for myself left or right. So sure I could have over charged him... But I rather just flex my power lol..... And I feel I was able to teach him a life lesson...
Watch your lip!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ugly Friend

I have to touch on this topic. I'm shocked I haven't said anything before tonight. But this is errrrking the hell out of me. I know guys think there is always one hating female in a group of females. But let me drop this knowledge on you. There is always one ugly friend in your crew. (This may hold true to females. But hell i'm talking about the guys tonight. I may feel the need to talk about females tomorrow.) So I will start with this thing I have noticed.
When a group of guys meet a group of girls.... It seems the following holds true.
  • There is a un-noted rule in the guys head thinking.... "Its three of them and three of us. This is a win win.

Wrong. I'm just saying.. just because the numbers match don't mean the personalities are going to match so don't push it!

  • Why is it the ugly-est guy out the crew always the one who talk the most shit?

OK ex. I went to a cookout the other night. One of my homegirls homeboy invited us over. (Kat can cook I wont front.) So he had a few and i do mean "FEW" of his homeboys over... ie three... (but it was four of us and then two random chicks who just seemed lost and out of place.)


I can honestly tell you one of his friends was DAMN DAMN DAMN (in my Florida Evans voice) His mother knew what she was doing when she made him. FLY! Man.... I get excited @ the flash back of this guy. He was NYYYYYYYYYYCE! The other friend was a cutie. Loved his smile had mad sex appeal. He was mos def above average. Good job @ picking those friends to our host lol. (And I honestly feel a trip to Florida if that's how they are pumping them out. I'm so in the wrong place lol) So the evening was going well. Good food drinking games... good shit....

(And PS let me go ahead and put this in writing.. I will NEVER no matter the weather play dare or shot again! EJ. you got it in writing lol)

Sooooooo we hear another friend is coming.... OK so from the 1st two friends its like o goodness this is about to be a sexy man over load. I don't know if my eyes can take such greatness. Until he came through the door.

Disappointment is not the word

happy the other two held their weight... Damn they were fly.... So when he come in he didn't really say anything too out of order. But then again he did. And it just made me think... damn why is the ugly-est one popping the most shit? So out of pocket.

So the point of my post tonight is to send out a P.J.A. (Public Journee' Announcement.) Sexy men. Please keep your ugly friends in check. I mean he could have been the nice-est person in the world but after some of his comments. It was like man in real life. SHUT THE HELL UP. I know I'm not alone in this quest. And if you are asking yourself who is she to be calling someone ugly.... well hell I'm Empress Journee' my ugly may not be your ugly. but hell my crew agreed so that made him ugly lol. Point is. OK we can make this male & female. Please keep your less attractive friend in check. O you know you got one.

And if your offended by this post... Then that may just mean your the ugly friend... good luck with that...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Fav Song

I know I've been m.i.a. for a second. But hell all I can say is bring some weed i got a story to tell (in my biggie voice) But thats a blog for another day. I just had to drop in and let everyone know that the best thing has happen. My favorite song of 2009 is now streaming for for @ LivN you can listen to it. If you love it like I love it you can download it. And give your ipod some good old soul flow. I just think it would be stingy of me not to pass along some great music. Let me know how you like it.

I will be back to fill everyone in on my crazy two weeks!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Find Journee'

OK I've been in a few videos this year. So here is the 1st one that's dropped. I want to know if you can find me lol. Keep your eyes open its real fast. But I will tell ya this much. My leg gets much video time. LOL. I should start a dance and call it the sexy leg lol

Ike Turnah - UPSIDEDOWN from kenneth owens on Vimeo.

Ike didn't want all my sexy flyness to take over the video thus making me the focus point. Talk about hating on a chick lol

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The new No Homo

I guess everyone knows how i feel about the no homo thing if you don't then please see ---> But while me and my boy Bis was @ Happy Hour the other night we got to talking about "Sexy Spec" is what I think he is calling his self now a days. And needless to say that whole foolishness with him in the red panties prancing around. So we decided that it will no longer be no homo. But now No Spec is the new no homo. Please introduce this new phrase into your vocab & start using it today!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday Night Mic Fight

So last night we had our weekly hip hop Monday Night Mic Fight! But on this Monday PMD from EPMD came out. And it was an amazing night of hip hop.. .. i can't front it started to feel like a family reunion. I mean everyone came out to show love. Even got to cut up with my homie Sonny Cheeba (Ladies check the arm and how he licks his lips. YEP he fly! He know it too lol.) Just check us out coolin
It just hit me I know some mad sexy men lol. And they talented. Stop playing If you need a laugh this cat is foolish It was great fun!