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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Cross Country Trip

OK I have been m.i.a. lately for two reasons. One my lap top battery passed away and it took forever for the other one to ship to me. And B. I took a cross country road trip. But I'm jumping ahead of myself. You see. A member of the Stiletto Squad has decided to move across the world lol. OK to Denver. But its not like that's hella close. So she asked me to help her drive from Greensboro NC to Denver CO (YEP DRIVE!!!) So after her going away party Photobucket (The Stiletto Squad @ The Red Bowl) Then it was time for the trip.... WOW All I can say is damn I'm a good friend... Check out the route we took I'm happy I did this because I got to see so much amazing stuff. Sadly most of the best pic's came @ night when it was pitch black. But we were rolling.
Photobucket I
had I never gone to some of these places. So had I not gone I wouldn't have known how bloody much I HATE KANSAS... I HATE IT.... I found myself just making ugly faces in the car at the thought of how long it took to get out that state. 9 HOURS to get out that state is CRAZY.... It was the state that wouldn't end. On top of that it was HOT!!! I mean its the devils ass cheek and all the hell he do is fart dry air. I was ever so unhappy! And it seems like a non-stop compost pile through out the whole state. The highlight of Kansas was the Windmills Photobucket o and during long hour stretches of Kansas highway they don't have gas stations. We were running out of gas on one of these stretches.... The drama of finding a station. NEVER travel without a GpS. Talk about a life saver! The gas station was behind three corn fields and some woods. Then out of nowhere there's this little one light town Photobucket and no brown people. I felt like I was in he real life Tommy Knockers. Me no like-e.

Errrr 29 hours later we finally touched down in Denver. It was cool but I know its clear that I am far from a midwest chick. FAR!!! The weather was too much... One minute its a million and two degrees... And the next its -38 raining. Its crazy. So not my style. So I left Denver and flew YES FLEW (I didn't want to ride in a car for the longest after that car ride. But i took it up north east coast lol. I said it once before I'm such a east coast bitch. lol <- (in case you missed it) I was overly happy to make it the east weather was very nice. Even got to spend some time in NY! few clips from that. I found this to be hella random in a shopping center Photobucket
I had the best slice Photobucket !!!! I promise I would move to NY for the food and to date!!! LOL But the smell was a little much for me. Hung out in Trump Towers man it was a nice chill type place. Photobucket
Even had my fav treat waiting on me Photobucket! Really I felt so spoiled. But I had to come home it had been a very looooooooong week. I have honestly slept for like two days. All so I can turn around and do it again..... This time i'm hitting up the south.


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