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Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Never Know Who People Are....

I just had a flashback moment. Which I thought I would share.
In the Indie Hip Hop world I can say with comfort my name is out there. I do what I do and I do a damn good job... But I like to keep a low profile. I know online I have some pics with the make up on. But in real life I'm one of the most natural chicks you have ever met. I wear the glam look to events because I am under contract with Glam Inc. The badest chicks out here doing it. Hair Make Up whatever its nothing. They keep me jazzy {if your on twitter @EraKanika scream @ your girl grab an appointment Charlotte NC}. But trust on the everyday its rare you will see me with make up on. I have no clue on where to start there. And in short. No time for it. And for some reason my pics make me look waaaaay taller then what I am. I'm 5 foot flat. All day. No hopes of being 5'1 lol. To the story.... So I went to handle some business @ this mall... I had a lot of folk I did business with in there so I always made time to speak to everyone when I was in the area. Now on this one day I was just running in and out had to pick up this outfit that was made for me. :-) o how I love my one of a kind gear. But before I went I stopped by my fav. record store to speak to my ace. I didn't want anything but to dap him up fast hug and keep it moving. He was talking so I just went behind the case gave him a hug. And was about to leave when the guy he was talking to just spassed. "That was so fucking rude...." This that and the 3rd. Now the old me would have been matching his ass spass for spass. But the old me is tired. I don't want to do no more fussin..... So I give him the slow look. Dap my partner and left.... Buggin off how random that shit was. So I go speak to my other folk have a good time. So I was on my way out when kat ran me down. I had my hand on my bag (it would be in your best interest not to go in this mall without.... shall we say a "friend"). He said to me all out of breath.... "Yo **** just told me who you were... I'm sorry lil lady... He told me I shouldn't just blank on people like that because you never know who they may be... But yo I'm a rapper...." Asked me for this that and the 3rd.... Gave me his math.... then said "Your not going to call me are you?!?!?!?!" LMAO I just walked off.... I had a great laugh about this in the car. You see that's the joy you have when you work for yourself. You pick who you want to work with. And me its never been about the money with me. I do alright for myself left or right. So sure I could have over charged him... But I rather just flex my power lol..... And I feel I was able to teach him a life lesson...
Watch your lip!


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