The Crew

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wendys Fries

Really... In real life.... Who told them to fuck up the Fries.... Dave WOULD NOT BE HAPPY!!!!!


Bring them back!!

This is all....

Christmas Time

Guess whose back... So I'm about to get back blogging... Past time.

So needles to remind everyone its Christmas time. I normally don't even acknowledge its coming until after the 17th. (Being a Christmas Baby its often hard to enjoy your day without it being over shadowed with Christmas things lol) Anywho. I've been shopping endlessly for my little brothers gifts.. He's @ that age where he is asking for less toys and more clothes and music. I'm beyond happy!!!! So when I saw that an MP3 player was at the top of his list.... STOP PLAYING!!!! I got it for him that same day!! Now the problem came of what to put on the thing.... I'm old so I just asked him what artist was he into these days.... I clutched all 52 of my pearls when he ran down his list that had everyone from Prince yes thanks to my mother he wants Prince. My 9 year old brother likes Prince.... (No words) dirty Money Rick Ross LiL Wayne and Rihanna.... I puts yep puts my foot down @ Rihanna.... I can't support such foolishness!!!!! So say I'm wrong or right I had to step in... And throw some vintage on there. Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, Ozy Reigns, Charles Herron, Boog Brown, B.O.B. I just couldn't let it go down like that. You have to educate the kids on musics beyond the mainstream.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Join The New Blog

OK OK OK So I super suck for not blogging in a while not for real blogging like I use to. But I have decided to put almost all my blog thoughts in to the show "Bangnat Radio" So I made a blog just for those thoughts. Please follow and subscribe and all that good stuff. Thanks for sticking it out with me this far. I promise you will love the show if you love the blog! And I am on twitter like the rest of the world follow me @EmpressJournee