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Monday, September 28, 2009

Derrion Albert Rest In Peace

CHICAGO (Sept. 28) – Three teenagers were charged Monday in the beating death of a 16-year-old Chicago honor roll student on his way home from school, a melee captured on a cell phone video that shows a group striking him with boards and kicking him as he lay on a sidewalk.
The death of Derrion Albert, a sophomore at Christian Fenger Academy High School, on Thursday has reignited community outrage over chronic violence involving city students and is putting pressure on school and police officials to address gang problems that often are at the root of such violence. More than 30 students were killed in 2008, according to district figures, and the city could exceed that toll in 2009.

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This is fucking crazy.... Out of the million and two people out there standing around watching no one could help this little boy? No one could call the police before things got to this point? It's really sad when people act like this type of violence is an everyday thing and just allow things like this to happen. I find it senseless that another young life has been ended over some bullshit. When will this stop?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exclusive A3C premier trailer for the film "PATHWAYS"

Exclusive A3C premier trailer for the film "PATHWAYS" will be held on Thursday Oct. 1st @ The Beatz & Lyrics 10th anniversary show hosted by JayForce. ATL Icehouse in the East ATL Village @ 9pm. $5 or free with A3C pass. Performances by J-Live, Toure, Ozy Reigns, Naira, Stahhr, DT and more.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Don't Get It

I've been shopping for my fall look. And I keep coming across shoes missing their toe's. Photobucket I do not understand these toe-less boots!!!! I cannot help but ask..... If it's cold enough for me to wear boots.... Why would I not want toe part to be missing? I am far from being a fashionista (is that what they call it?). So I may be a little slow overall sacrifice yours toes to be spiffy....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Radom Moment in the life of E.J.

Everyone seems to think I'm a little off... No 1 seems to think hay she has to get it from somewhere. Now I have no doubt on where this came from! As I was hanging with my granny today we got to talking. We always seem to talk about what she would do if she live to reach her 100's!!! Now the 1st time we had this talk I ask..... "Granny what would you do if you lived to be 110 or something like that...." She look at me and said "Steal.... What the hell are they going to do? Lock my old ass up?" LMAO So I fell out rolling at that one... We have almost the same question today! And her answer was so to the left..... I just had to look at her. And of course laugh to no end.... So here we go again..... I didn't ask what she would do at that age. We were talking about something a little different. But it still came up. She said "hell if I live to be that old (we were talking around 12o or something) people going to think I'm senile. But I'm going to remember evvvvvverybody who got on my damn nerves. And just go around jumping on them!!!! They not going to do nothing back because they going to say I'm old and don't know no better....."


You can always count on my granny to give you a good one. I promise!!!!!

HollyWood Africans


HollyWood Africans: A Celebration of the life and times of Jean-Michel Basquiat Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 Dialect design gallery Charlotte, NC

Monday, September 7, 2009

WTF Hardee's Wildin!!!

So Hardee's has a new breakfast menu which includes a freaking Oscar Mayer Fried Bologna Biscuit. Photobucket What in the hell were they thinking? Now who in the hell would pay for a fucking Bologna biscuit. I may not eat Bologna now but back in school this was the o aint nothing else on deck meal. Right now there with the Top Ramen!!! This is not a -O- I don't feel like peeling the red string off. Or waiting on the middle to pop! This is foolishness. I am scared to find out what ignorant shit they are going to come up with next.... I can't take it. I know I am not only one thinking this shit! A FOOL!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why would you wanna break up.....

So Mario has a new song out (aight not so new.... but far from the point) So this track break up is my shit. I know he's talking about tricking off the whole song. But hell! The beat is hot knocks in my truck! And Mario musical style is spiffy. I don't care for Gucci "Now its fuck shawty I don't like Gucci" Soooooooo true lmao..... but still not the point. Ok I didn't see the video for a minute. But all the time I hear the song on the radio not knowing who this Sean Garrett cat is.... I so stero typed him... (Hay I'm real with mine) I thought he was a skinny jeans wearing skate boarder jerking type kat. With this ole wee lil man voice. I see the video and all of a sudden this prison brake 230 full musle kat gets to singing..... wooooooooooow sounding like Ricky Bell from BBD. LMAO I can't take it. But I still love the song!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Journee's BITCH Slap of the DAY: Permanently Change Eye Color-Dont Do

This bitch stupid.... OK watch the video 1st!!!

OK this bitch stupid... I have to put the bitch slap down on this chick Laterra Photobucket So she wanted to permanently change her eye color.... And now she looks a hot funky mess.... And is mad that the operation came out wrong! Photobucket

I do not even know where to start.... But Just me.... being me.... Number one if I am about to allow someone to go digging in my eye's I am going to know everything it's about PERIOD!!!
Side Effects... How many cut slices it take! How many people have gone through with this operation. How do they feel about it. How it looks on them....... If I was not able to find anyone... Hmmmmm WHY cannot I find anyone who has had this operation!?!?!?!? Why is there, no INFO about this operation?!?!?!??!!?!? I mean I am going to have to research this thing to no end to make sure this is what it claims to be..... Again I say BEFORE!!! Then I am going to ask myself.... SELF!!!!! Why aren't they doing this operation in the states.... Why do I have to go to a Strange Land to get this done.... I mean hell I do not know anyone over here. How are their medical centers rated... How will their ratingss compare to the one's over here. Hell their A could be our F... Who knows... But these are the things that should be done BEFORE going to a strange land to let someone dig in your eyes.
But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
This dumb bitch going to do all that after the fact.... and now she want someone to be all sad and shit!!!! Now she wants to gang bang on the center because she spent 8G's and got fucked up.... It's sad it happen.... but O well That was a 8G lesson. I bet she will look in the mirror now before she goes pissin away 8G's on foolishness!!!!! I have no sympathy with her. Letting someone hack on your eye balls to higher self esteem. I do not get her logic. She did not want anyone know that it was not her eye color! So contacts would not do. Blah. This is a simple bitch if I ever met or seen one!!!! Now she is crying for the world.... Blah three times. She needs to grow the fuck up, go to the doctor and find out that she fucked up her cite for no damn reason. (Hmmm Here was an idea she could have used... Why the fuck did not see go to the doctor before she let these fools hack on her. And find out the side affects... Why did not she talk to them before! Let me tell you why she did.... not Because she knew she was doing wrong!) I would feel badly if it was a medical reasons like she did not have the insurance to get treated for some illness and had to go for what she knew. But noooooooooooooooo this bitch did this for no good damn reason..... now how is her self esteem.... Such a great idea on her part... You go girl.... (Where were her friends and family when she went to go do this foolishness... Although she is a grown ass women I still would think someone around her inner circle, would say "bitch your stupid... buy a gigglo and save the rest!" Something.... They should have done a group bitch slap!!!! This bitch crazy!)

She needs to start a war on herself!!!!
Worried about make-up matching... She needs to worry about going blind! With her dumb ass!!!!!

(Thank you Laterra I have not had a good cause to rant on in a minute! Thanks for being a dumb bitch)

She needs to start a war on herself!!!!
Worried about make-up matching... She need to worry about going blind! With her dumb ass!!!!!

(Thank you Laterra I haven't had a good cause to rant on in a minute! Thanks for being a dumb bitch)