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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why would you wanna break up.....

So Mario has a new song out (aight not so new.... but far from the point) So this track break up is my shit. I know he's talking about tricking off the whole song. But hell! The beat is hot knocks in my truck! And Mario musical style is spiffy. I don't care for Gucci "Now its fuck shawty I don't like Gucci" Soooooooo true lmao..... but still not the point. Ok I didn't see the video for a minute. But all the time I hear the song on the radio not knowing who this Sean Garrett cat is.... I so stero typed him... (Hay I'm real with mine) I thought he was a skinny jeans wearing skate boarder jerking type kat. With this ole wee lil man voice. I see the video and all of a sudden this prison brake 230 full musle kat gets to singing..... wooooooooooow sounding like Ricky Bell from BBD. LMAO I can't take it. But I still love the song!


KayJay said...

The song is catchy, I can't front.

But that nigga Gucci is ugly...

Hell, even the Haitians say he dreadful.
And they call every black person beautiful!

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