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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Radom Moment in the life of E.J.

Everyone seems to think I'm a little off... No 1 seems to think hay she has to get it from somewhere. Now I have no doubt on where this came from! As I was hanging with my granny today we got to talking. We always seem to talk about what she would do if she live to reach her 100's!!! Now the 1st time we had this talk I ask..... "Granny what would you do if you lived to be 110 or something like that...." She look at me and said "Steal.... What the hell are they going to do? Lock my old ass up?" LMAO So I fell out rolling at that one... We have almost the same question today! And her answer was so to the left..... I just had to look at her. And of course laugh to no end.... So here we go again..... I didn't ask what she would do at that age. We were talking about something a little different. But it still came up. She said "hell if I live to be that old (we were talking around 12o or something) people going to think I'm senile. But I'm going to remember evvvvvverybody who got on my damn nerves. And just go around jumping on them!!!! They not going to do nothing back because they going to say I'm old and don't know no better....."


You can always count on my granny to give you a good one. I promise!!!!!


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