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Friday, December 9, 2011

Lets Try This Again

So since my old blog friends haven't made it over to the new blog yet.... ( I just leave you guys in the dark... So for my latest thoughts and blogging make sure you check out the new new site But I will post all the shows you've missed. With a little break down of what the show is about.

We talking relationships.... Break ups, divorces, and dating.... No holds bar.

Life after Hip Hop. We are talking about the hip hop game people don't seem to want to talk about. With special guest Mattic, Kam Moye, and Veega. This has to be one of my favorite shows we've done this year.
We put Beyonce on blast for her biting ways.... Its sad when its all out side by side... No creativity.

Watch The Throne Review. When Kanye and Jay-Z dropped this album the world went wild. But did it live up to its hype.

The good people at Bangnat are trying to help men and women understand each other so we went out and asked ladies, what they wanted to find out for guys. And we got the guys to answer the questions. (A FOOL)) S/o to Trey Elliot, Boogie B, DJ Complexx, and Charles Herron for answering the questions no matter how hard they got.
You know we had to give the ladies a chance to speak on it... The things you only hear on Bangnat I tell ya.

With so many spamming artist with no dir out these days. We had to do something to help. Take the info and apply it to your promotion plan.

I know you not about to sing that song.... We play some of the most crazyest songs out. And talked about it. Its some crazy songs out man...

Questions for convo. Me and KB ran across some crazy questions which sparked up some good convos had to bring them to the people.

After hearing so many of my home girls say good men are hard to find. Well after looking around I found a few. And we brought them all together. And talked about what it takes to get guy on their level.

After getting into a crazy argument w/ a DJ who is not even from NC (Mind You) about the state of Carolina hip hop. And this is just part one. After this one you will be caught up.... I promise...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The World According To Journee has Moved...

Aight my wonderful readers.I know how much I fell off the blogging. But I'm back and blogging again. Feel free to follow the new and improved site ----> Hope to see you guys over there.

Friday, June 10, 2011

EJ Updates

So needless to say I have been gone for a minute... But I'm back!! And nothing changed. I'm still the same ole J. Getting into all such of foolish things. I recently had a run in with the dumbest bitch on earth! Although it is mixed with songs, I Soooooooooo stand by everything I said on the show. I'm tired of chicks thinking someone want their man when no one thinking about either of them! And as for the story KB told. All I'm saying is WHO STILL HERE!!!! :-) I win I win... Its time to put your grown up draws on and walk it out. If you ever been through unnecessary drama, had someone really smelling their-self. You should hear this one. Im at my wits end w/ the simple ish. It has to stop!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Note Fr EJ

Whats going on people!
I have been getting this question a lot lately and I felt it would be the best topic to blog about! A lot of people ask me what is it that you really do?!?!? Well I will break it down for you so it can forever and consistently be broke!! 1st I'm a radio show host over @ Bangnat Radio ( I have a wonderful co-host KB. And we be TRIPPIN!!!! Check out our B.I.G Trib. Along w the CIAA / SEA Awards recap.

But my 2nd job in this wonderful world of music. Is that of a Personal Promoter. Which is a fancy title meaning I handle different artist promotional needs. My roster includes...
Ozy Reigns
F.P. Streetz
D. Chiz
Ford Bound
Jeff Lucky
Charles Herron

Keep me very busy. These are my people that can call me and I drop all for. But I'm always up to help new artist get their promotion game on track. Scream at me. Some promoters like to be in the lime light. Thats never been my style. I feel if you know my artist or google them after you read this... And find them without having to dig. I've done my job. Of course theirs more to it... But if I give you all the details and inner workings now would their really be a market for me to D-Bo? LOL Nope. Then everyone would try and be a personal promoter lol. Just know I go to work... I get the job done!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

On today Martin Luther King's birthday! We felt it would be the best time to acknowledge the entertainers, who have touched our lives and entertained us through out the years, who have passed on. As we stated there was no way to fit everyone into this show. But we also would like to acknowledge Pimp C!
And North Carolina's own local legend Lil Buna

We also mention the J Dilla Foundation if you would like more info please visit

Everyone here at Bangnat Radio would just like to say thank you for your support, and for listening. New shows dropping soon.... And please take a little time to remember Martin Luther King. (We are living his dream!) Photobucket

And we are going to send a special thank you to our guest host Ozy Reigns for coming through and chilling with us!!!

If you enjoy the show you will looove the tweets Follow us on Twitter @BangnatRadio @HeavyMixxin (KB) @EmpressJournee (EJ) @OzyReigns (Ozy)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wendys Fries

Really... In real life.... Who told them to fuck up the Fries.... Dave WOULD NOT BE HAPPY!!!!!


Bring them back!!

This is all....

Christmas Time

Guess whose back... So I'm about to get back blogging... Past time.

So needles to remind everyone its Christmas time. I normally don't even acknowledge its coming until after the 17th. (Being a Christmas Baby its often hard to enjoy your day without it being over shadowed with Christmas things lol) Anywho. I've been shopping endlessly for my little brothers gifts.. He's @ that age where he is asking for less toys and more clothes and music. I'm beyond happy!!!! So when I saw that an MP3 player was at the top of his list.... STOP PLAYING!!!! I got it for him that same day!! Now the problem came of what to put on the thing.... I'm old so I just asked him what artist was he into these days.... I clutched all 52 of my pearls when he ran down his list that had everyone from Prince yes thanks to my mother he wants Prince. My 9 year old brother likes Prince.... (No words) dirty Money Rick Ross LiL Wayne and Rihanna.... I puts yep puts my foot down @ Rihanna.... I can't support such foolishness!!!!! So say I'm wrong or right I had to step in... And throw some vintage on there. Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, Ozy Reigns, Charles Herron, Boog Brown, B.O.B. I just couldn't let it go down like that. You have to educate the kids on musics beyond the mainstream.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Join The New Blog

OK OK OK So I super suck for not blogging in a while not for real blogging like I use to. But I have decided to put almost all my blog thoughts in to the show "Bangnat Radio" So I made a blog just for those thoughts. Please follow and subscribe and all that good stuff. Thanks for sticking it out with me this far. I promise you will love the show if you love the blog! And I am on twitter like the rest of the world follow me @EmpressJournee

Monday, October 11, 2010

Time To Vote!!!

Vote EMPRESS JOURNEE for "2011 #1 FEMALE PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR" U can text SEA123 to 25101 or go to


YEEEEEEEP I put on for my city!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cao 704 Dreams Video

I spoke on this song on the show and on the blog a few months back. Well the video has dropped. And you can see yours truly hold it down for the ladies of the 704! Good looks on this one. I had mad fun out there. Love Cap make sure you check out the behind the scenes video under the video. He's doing his thing.


You can also listen &download his cd Pose 4 Da Photo for free!!! Check out...