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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Time

Guess whose back... So I'm about to get back blogging... Past time.

So needles to remind everyone its Christmas time. I normally don't even acknowledge its coming until after the 17th. (Being a Christmas Baby its often hard to enjoy your day without it being over shadowed with Christmas things lol) Anywho. I've been shopping endlessly for my little brothers gifts.. He's @ that age where he is asking for less toys and more clothes and music. I'm beyond happy!!!! So when I saw that an MP3 player was at the top of his list.... STOP PLAYING!!!! I got it for him that same day!! Now the problem came of what to put on the thing.... I'm old so I just asked him what artist was he into these days.... I clutched all 52 of my pearls when he ran down his list that had everyone from Prince yes thanks to my mother he wants Prince. My 9 year old brother likes Prince.... (No words) dirty Money Rick Ross LiL Wayne and Rihanna.... I puts yep puts my foot down @ Rihanna.... I can't support such foolishness!!!!! So say I'm wrong or right I had to step in... And throw some vintage on there. Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, Ozy Reigns, Charles Herron, Boog Brown, B.O.B. I just couldn't let it go down like that. You have to educate the kids on musics beyond the mainstream.


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