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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ugly Friend

I have to touch on this topic. I'm shocked I haven't said anything before tonight. But this is errrrking the hell out of me. I know guys think there is always one hating female in a group of females. But let me drop this knowledge on you. There is always one ugly friend in your crew. (This may hold true to females. But hell i'm talking about the guys tonight. I may feel the need to talk about females tomorrow.) So I will start with this thing I have noticed.
When a group of guys meet a group of girls.... It seems the following holds true.
  • There is a un-noted rule in the guys head thinking.... "Its three of them and three of us. This is a win win.

Wrong. I'm just saying.. just because the numbers match don't mean the personalities are going to match so don't push it!

  • Why is it the ugly-est guy out the crew always the one who talk the most shit?

OK ex. I went to a cookout the other night. One of my homegirls homeboy invited us over. (Kat can cook I wont front.) So he had a few and i do mean "FEW" of his homeboys over... ie three... (but it was four of us and then two random chicks who just seemed lost and out of place.)


I can honestly tell you one of his friends was DAMN DAMN DAMN (in my Florida Evans voice) His mother knew what she was doing when she made him. FLY! Man.... I get excited @ the flash back of this guy. He was NYYYYYYYYYYCE! The other friend was a cutie. Loved his smile had mad sex appeal. He was mos def above average. Good job @ picking those friends to our host lol. (And I honestly feel a trip to Florida if that's how they are pumping them out. I'm so in the wrong place lol) So the evening was going well. Good food drinking games... good shit....

(And PS let me go ahead and put this in writing.. I will NEVER no matter the weather play dare or shot again! EJ. you got it in writing lol)

Sooooooo we hear another friend is coming.... OK so from the 1st two friends its like o goodness this is about to be a sexy man over load. I don't know if my eyes can take such greatness. Until he came through the door.

Disappointment is not the word

happy the other two held their weight... Damn they were fly.... So when he come in he didn't really say anything too out of order. But then again he did. And it just made me think... damn why is the ugly-est one popping the most shit? So out of pocket.

So the point of my post tonight is to send out a P.J.A. (Public Journee' Announcement.) Sexy men. Please keep your ugly friends in check. I mean he could have been the nice-est person in the world but after some of his comments. It was like man in real life. SHUT THE HELL UP. I know I'm not alone in this quest. And if you are asking yourself who is she to be calling someone ugly.... well hell I'm Empress Journee' my ugly may not be your ugly. but hell my crew agreed so that made him ugly lol. Point is. OK we can make this male & female. Please keep your less attractive friend in check. O you know you got one.

And if your offended by this post... Then that may just mean your the ugly friend... good luck with that...


Lyrik .x Stushy-Marie said...

lol .

in comparison to girls .

its always the ugly chick in the crew thats the most bold . she's the one ready to go up and bag some nigga .. lol

KayJay said...


And it's ture.
The ugly negro gotta be the one who tries the hardest.
Had one of those in the crew a few years ago.
Let's just put it this way: He kicked himself out!

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