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Monday, March 16, 2009

Credit Checks 4 Jobs

I think this is the dumbest shit ever! Credit Checks to get a fucking job! In real life! Talk about holding poor people down! I just don't understand how can someone get a job to get out of debut.... If they can't get a job because they in debut? PLEASE break this down for me. I mean its out of order for places like TJ Maxx & Target to do fucking credit checks! Really just because your in debut don't mean:
A. You can't count.
B. Your going to become a thief to get out of debut.
I honestly hope B-Rock kill this practice because this is straight BS. Nope I'm not fussin because my credit is screwed to hell. I'm good. I think my credit score is high enough to get me a job (aint that some shit). But I still call out wrong doings. This shit right here! WRONG! I don't even see it as a brown or clear thing. Because i know its clear people who have bad credit.
{Now if the brown & clear person both have bad credit & same qualifications that's a different story!} I just don't think that your qualifications should be the only thing that's looked at when applying for a job! Period. Can this person do the job.....

They want to make sure people stay down.... Talk about the big bullshit. Photobucket



All I want is a CHECK.....but before I can get a CHECK -somebody gotta do a lot of CHECKING...They gotta do a background CHECK...Then they CHECK my urine...Depending on the size of the CHECK I'm trying to get they might even CHECK my blood or my hair...I CHECKED and found out that they CHECKED 48Bars , CHECKED my Myspace page....I CHECKED some more and found out they even Googled ya boy..... Now what I don't understand is the credit CHECK....They CHECK my credit before I can get a CHECK...But don't I need a CHECK to payoff my credit?

So I wake up everyday, thank the Lord and CHECK my vitals, go to work....write something of substance on this Blog.....and CHECK my mailbox...knowing one day I will get that BIG ASS CHECK!!!!


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