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Monday, April 27, 2009

Things That Work My Last Good 1!

There are things that just errrk the hell out of me. This being one. I will leave names out of it because I'm not trying to call no one out. But i honestly just don't like when people act like this. And then hell it's more then one person who act like this. But I don't see the point.
OK on the realest shit I have ever wrote on here. I am fully comfortable with myself! I love me up to stuck up levels. LOL. Sure we all have days when ok we may not feel we are totally on point. But hell I floss on my off days. Its nothing. And I notice that some people aren't in touch with their "Star Player" and feel the need 2 try & drag other people down in order to make them feel better. But in the case of "Empress Journee' " the shit always back fires. HA HA HA HA HA HA I have a lot of friends. Like people I can depend on when shit hits the fan. I can truly call them friends because they have proven their friendship to me. I have very little secrets from my friends. And if they don't know I don't think its a secret. It may more so be something that just hasn't come up. But if they were to ask I would tell them! The few regrets I do have learned to live with. And would gladly share my lessons learned.... In life, love, business. All you have to do is ask. I hold my friends very dear to me. I have a few blog post where you can tell. So I hate when other people who don't realize how close I am with my friends. Come in the circle and try & pull my card. By telling a stories that are meant to embarrass me. But where that whole plot flips on the person. Is when the friend already knows all the "embarrassing" stories. So who ends up looking dumb. HAAAAAAA Really. Only those who have very low self esteem try and embarrass others to make themselves feel good. It's really not a good look on their part. Even going as far as to put their selves in stories they know good and damn well they were nowhere around. Or you taking third party hand me down information. I find it really funny honestly. I've notice that there are people out here who are scared to stand on their own. Scared 2 take the steps to make their dreams come true. But they see you out here grinding not accepting less. & instead of them making their own foot prints in the world they rather ride off your name. What is that. I just find that shit funny. Instead of putting others down to make yourself feel good. You should find another way to feel good about yourself. You really wont get that far that way. Its really time to start feeling yourself. If you not happy with you. Don't take that out on others. find a way to start feeling yourself. I can't help you with your self esteem. Why because thats esteem of yourself. Mine is in tack. I'm good. I know I'm not perfect. But I love my not perfect-ness! I own my faults. Yes I am rudely blunt burp/curse like a grown ass man. Trip on a everyday base. Fall more then most. Have high bitchy moments. I have times where I don't want to talk or be bothered. Who don't. I know I'm one of those people who you either really like. Or curse out under your breathe because you know you don't want to take it there with me. This is me. Love me or fuck off. I'm Just Journee'


KayJay said...

Man, This blog gets the standing ovation & thumbs up! I know exactly what you're tawlkin' about!

In my inner circle, as long as I can remember, there has been a few individuals who would try to put me on the spot & pull my card. They were goin' so hard to get the approval & acceptance from the rest of the squad, they figured I was the weakest link, on the strength that I never overextend myself & I play my position. Niggas spend so much time plottin' on your downfall, they neglect to help themselves & find a way to contribute to the cause...I can proudly say that those people vanished, never to be seen again...

Once again, you inspire me to pull out the pen & pad...Time to work on a new blog!

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