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Monday, April 6, 2009

Racism @ The Wal-Mart

So I made it to Cali ok and I'm having a great time. I wasn't going to blog until I got back but something happen before I left that I have just got to blog about. You see USAir is a cheap ass company who will try and rape you for every dime you have. I mean its not enough for you to pay for the flight and an additional $15 (maybe more) to check ya bag. No No No No you have to pay for your damn snacks too. YEP! Snacks like those damn p-nuts you got to buy those. Aint that about a bitch!) {And they didn't even have a movie playing on a 5 hour flight. Talk about some bullshit! I will NOT be flying with them any more.} (Aint Anywho getting away from my point. So in my effort not to make this air line any richer I went to the wal-mart Photobucket for a snack run (I have a unhealthy addition to hot tamales Photobucket and gobstoppers Photobucket ) My homegirl Ice rolled with me because hell I'm going to be gone for a while. And we had to catch up on our gossip before I left. And we are in there happy not having a problem. When all of a sudden this white lady ran over my foot with the cart. It was all most as if she went out her way to do so. So I said....
J: Damn take over the whole Wal-mart.
And we kept it moving.... -> Now this is when she pushes her cart a side and turns around and says....
WL: What did you say sweetie?
{In my head I said I know this bitch didn't just call me "sweetie". Trust me when I say I now understand what my mothers been telling me for years. It's not what you say but how you say it!}
J: I said you could have fucking said excuse me.
WL: You don't own the fucking wal-mart!
J: You know what Fuck You.... I'm not about to sit up here and go and forth with your dumb ass. & me and my homegirl walks away. When this bitch runs behind me like she want to get her ass beat!!!!!!!!!! But stops short of my personal space line. So she was close enough to feel like she was big shit. But far enough away that if i went to choke her ass. It would take two steps at my fastest of paces. And this bitch says the unthinkable.
Just because the president is your color! Don't mean you run the fucking world.
(Then she rubbed her are a to i guess refer to my skin color.....)
1st where the hell did that come from because we were talking about her rude ass. B-Rock had nothing to do with nothing.
2nd She was in a store full of B-Rock supporters and trust they weren't having that shit. So a side from me spassing on her dumb ass. Ice jumps into too. Now she getting scared and backing down. No we weren't going to jump her. But she was running up on me like she want the business. And trust if you want drama I can accommodate you with you problems. With no problems. And lawd when you get me and Ice together its a wrap. We have been known to fuck up a few wal-marts in our college years. So this was just a fun flashback to us. The lady started getting scared when Ice got in it though. I guess she thought she could take me because I'm short. O but no please don't get fooled by my whip appeal or baby face. Im not a e-z win! So around this time I guess she started to notice that she said the wrong thing about the wrong man. Because wal-mart was shutting down. Cashiers closed their lines. One came around the way with a broom in hand. This older lady came and stood by me and ice you would have thought we came together. But she was waiting on that chick 2 jump stupid. Trust we were blanking on this lady hard as fuck. My homegirl is a beast out here and dumb as hell told her "You shouting in the right church.... about to get saved."
And she had a few more good ones in there too. But the police were called. & managers came up front. They came to us 1st (They were both B-Rock supporters as well) I told them what was said. They asked us to calm down. Which by the time they got there I was calm. I really was calm the whole time because other wise they would have been pulling me off her and not talking to me. So I told her what happen and what was said. She got pissed at the women too! & told me the police had been called and they were going to handle it. So the end result was that the lady had like two carts wroth of food in one cart. (It was the 1st of the month.) And no one would check her ass out. And her kids mom I guess is who that lady was. And husband all left her there looking about dumb and mad. LOL My point is I really didn't know that B-Rock being pres. was so painful for people to handle. I didn't know it was that deep. I mean he's been the pres for how long now? Hasn't gone to any other country and popped off because someone tried to kill his pops. Didn't start no wars. Hasn't hiked the gas up $3plus. Hasn't done shit. So why she got so mad and said that shit is beyond me. And further more the pres. is not my "color" I'm a native. So she looked like a ass and then some when it all falls down. Hell At the end of the day I made her feel stupid. I got my candy for the flight. And bonded with my fellow B-Rock supporters. Out come was good. Do I feel bad I didn't pick up a can of pork and beans and smack her into some sense. Yes. But its OK! Because I know her dumb ass had to go to another location and pick out all that food again. But I'm happy to know that there are a gang of B-Rock supports who will attack @ a moments notice for their pres. God Bless America.


S Jones said...

Wow...Omg I Cant Believe Somebody Would Actually Say Something Like That...Smh, I Guess Some People Hold A Lil Resentment Cuz Barack Is President (But Who The Hell Would Say That Ish Out Loud). That Was Ignorant As HELL. Kudos To You Because I Would Have Lost My Mind In That Walmart.

Mista Jaycee said...

Thank you for NOT losing your ish! Glad U were in Cal though.

.dsade. said...

lol she sounds so ignorant saying that. i HATE when people feel the need to throw obama being black in a fight that has absolutely nothing to do with the situation

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Wow the nerve of that woman after SHE did something wrong! smh she deserved a beat down! lol

Empress Journee' said...

sorry for the type-o's everyone i will fix them when i get home. but she was a bitch. i bet she wont say nothing else bad about b-rock.

KayJay said...

You shoulda smacked her with a box of Lawry's for bein' so salty....

This is something that alot of people are gonna have to put up with for the next 3 years. And the B-Rock haters are gonna take it to the next level. I mean it's just the beggining. He's only been in office for 2 1/2 months & they're already showing how much they want him to mess up. I work in a federal building & they didn't even put up his picture yet. So, what does that tell you?

Good ish thou Journee....Kept your cool like the gangstress you are....

Empress Journee' said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa smack her w/ a box of lawry's for being salty thats the best. lol.

Man I couldn't do it because A. it was friday meaning if i would have did my norm pop off. I would have been in holding for the weekend. i had a 5am flight on Saturday! I couldn't miss this trip. OOOOOOOOOOOO but any other day. I would have jumped on her like a spider monkey.

Burghardt, Awake[and] Aware said...

Itz funny when bigots think that theyre slick & quick-witted... &wind-up gettin shitted on; Itz fuckin beautiful!

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