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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Journees' LA Journey

I am home now. I had an amazing trip but hell Im a east coaster to the bone! DIE HEART! But I have a special place for the left side. I went over there to spend some time with my fam.<span class=(few of my cousins) & Help Ozy on this mission to spread great music to the world. {Side note: You can still download The Exciting Times CD for free @! <span class=} This trip was a true blessing for us. Got to link up w/ a bunch of folk. Made major business moves. This year has truly been amazing and its only April! LOL. I can't wait to see what else is in store for me. But my thoughts on LA.... Good and Bad.
1. My allergies were the devil out there. I didn't care for that too much. So alot of my pics are going to show me with a puffy face.
2. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles is the most over rated place ever! But the Waffles are banging service piss poor. And its ran by Mexicans. <span class=
3. Now me being a non-beef/pork eater! I loved LA for their variety! You can get turkey bacon or sausage Damn near everywhere. Even get turkey burgers @ fast food spots like Fat burgerPhotobucket. Even turkey dogs @ hot dog on a stick <span class= {O i messes w/ the lime lemon aid! I messes with it HARD.}!
4. They have the best sweets! Like you just reached your hand in the TV and on the food network. O I'm going to miss that! lol <span class= Yes Parker looks tasty but we are talking about the cake.
5. Don't fall for it. Tony Tone Toni lied. It rains in Cali. And is often cold! LOL.
6. You can buy any and everything on Hollywood blvd. <span class=
7. Its some fucking Odd ass people out there. <span class=
Like this Jimi Hendrix
impersonator I honestly wasn't going to tip him but gave in. Trust its a million and two of these impersonators and everyone wants a damn dollar. So you really have to pick and choose, or keep walking. But Jimi had "management" they caught me. <span class= <span class=
and by the way. Some of the impersonators are really bad! LoL Hay I kick the truth. Ozy wasn't feeling this kat. Said he's trying to get paid for moving slow. LOL. <span class=. LOL But my cousin Era loved the big finish. He did some mild poppin & locking lol. "Mild"
8. So many people ride bikes & skate boards. Its crazy!
9. Everything closes @ like 2am. So not like the NYC. Or even some places in ATL.
10. Man Hollywood is amazing.Photobucket War of the Worlds crash... bonkers right... Photobucket this is a real plane they took apart and made messy crazy what people have the know how to do. Just crazy. I really wanted to climb on it lol. Maybe for Halloween. They even have the Bates motel Photobucket from Psycho! Photobucket same spot see how crazy hollywood is?!?!?!?!?!?!? And yep O called me a geek when I got excited about going through who-ville. :-) I did get extra happy. Photobucket
11. Wii is fun in any town! LOL

12. Traffic out there is so disrespectful its like dents in every ones car! lol.

All in all I love LA. And its mos def a trip I think everyone should take @ lest once!


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