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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journees' Thoughts on College HIll

College Hill man this show is great foolishness Photobucket Great foolishness I say!

A. Kyle..... I would honestly mop that bitch (yes i said it). He is so fucking extra! It don't take all that. Really it don't! He's not even the funny gay person you want to just chat it up with. He's the one you want to bop in the head. I have plenty of gay friends. Who are mellow. Hell even the one's that are over the top... Don't over do it like him. & he wear that super small blue button down with every! Can we say Everything. I really hope they are cutting up different days and making it one. And he really has only wore that shirt once. Yeah that's what I'm going with. He scream way too fucking much. He needs to simmer the hell down.
B. Brandon.... He is so not what they talk him up to be. I have really missed it. He's aight. Nothing to drop no thongs over. And he is always talking in these hush tones. I don't know is that this sexy voice? Hell it may just be me. when i was in school men used their grown man voice! All though this show is still getting started the rest of the cast is pretty forgettable. Sad but true.


.dsade. said...

lol you were dead on with this one!!!!alex be doing the most and brandon is cute,but he just aint like "omg sxiest man walking" type. and i hella dont remember the other people's name. besides terri,and she got kicked off

KayJay said...

I never watched an episode of College Hill. And I think this streak is gonna live on.

Those 3 ladies look fine, but they're not the "I'ma tune in just to watch them" fine.

And all 4 of those dudes look like actors, so I expect to hear people talk about some drama between them. And if I catch a commercial on BET (whenever I watch it), the guys are gonna try to be overly G'd up....

Mala Mala said...

i agree 100 % with everything u said !!!

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