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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm Such a Lady

So some know some don't. But I have horrible allergy/sinus problems. Like nature is trying to kill me. And they have been overly hard on me since I got back from LA. So yesterday I broke down and went to the hospital. I hate going to the hospital! Its so many sick people there. (LOL) So I try and sit by myself. but the only seat was beside this women who I hate to say it... But she looked like she was on her last leg! She was around 90-100 years old. In a wheel chair looks like she fell off something! Because her son or husband (he was older man I couldn't get the just of their relationship.) But he was laying on the floor holding ice packs on her foot. While she talked on the phone. My face had puffed up so bad my left eye was almost closed. I was a mess.... (I'm a recovering mess today) But to the point.... I go and sit beside her somewhat it was like a few chairs between us. Four or five. I sat beside her because I doubt you can catch old age (o we should be so lucky). & I think her problem was with her foot! Everyone else seem to be foaming at the mouth and carrying on. & with that Swine flu out! I thought I would keep it to what looked safe and hold my breathe! So I sit down and it seems like right when I sat my stomach got to hurtin and faster then i could control it. All I knew was that i had to fartPhotobucket! I tried to get up but it was too late it dropped..... & no it wasn't a puff of air and pass by. NOPE it was a "BLOODY HARSH ONE" I have only once in my life done one like it. A few years back when I still had my favorite car Photobucket I was rolling down.... I will never forget statesville road to by myself. Listening to Reasonable Doubt & out of nowhere this "BLOODY HARSH FARTPhotobucket" comes out I do the fastest window action you could have imagined! It just made it worse. I pulled my rear view mirror down and looked to see if someone had jumped in the car without me knowing. But no such luck. It was ME! I was so mad! So I pulled over to the side of the road. Got out the car and truly contemplated leaving it there and taking a L on the whole transportation thing! But I got back in the car. Still mad with my face frowned up! & I refused to even talk to myself. No singing along to the radio NOTHING!..... I finally found a store that had some strong as spray and decided I would keep my car! So when I had that same feeling yesterday. I just got up and walked away from myself. & sat on the opposite side. But I looked @ the little old lady who I was sitting by. Who looked like she wanted to throw something at me. You could tell she wanted to try and roll away but couldn't because her hands were so fragile! So she just looked over @ me and gave me the look of death! I really felt bad about the whole thing. But she didn't have to look @ me like that! She was so extra! (OK maybe she wasn't but still she didn't have to do all that) As for my hospital visit. I have a sinus infection! ERRRRRRRRRRRRR But I didn't have to get poked or pricked! YAY! My face is slowly getting back to normal. And my friends/fam are taking amazing care of me. HUGE THANK YOUS are going to my dad (I'm such a daddies girl and it took me over 13 years to figure that out! My step dad is the best!) One of my best friends Bishop! Why is he still single is beyond me. & of course Ozy making sure I'm OK & checking up on me all the way from the A! O.D.M. & Of course Ice Cold. My homegirl!
O & seeing that I really don't feel like leaving the bed. Let alone trying to cook i decided to order a pizza (Pizza Hut you already know) & I open the door the pizza man would be BEYOND FINE! I'm saying he was from the Virgin Islands. Accent all sexy! Tatted neck (If you don't know a tatted neck is my weakness!) He had 11 tat's. Seeing that my normal pizza guy is a chunky Mexican cat i really didn't put on anything spiffy to open the door. So when I open the door in my cheerleader shorts & dead prez fuck the world middle finger shirt on. & hair uncombed. He had jokes "You just order a pizza & fall asleep!" But we ended up talking for a minute. Yep I was getting macked on with a puffy face! YEP! I still got it lol.

& yes I know I'm such a F-N LADY for sharing!


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