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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Now Y U wanna go & Do Dat?

OK I was really done blogging this weekend. But of course life tosses me a curve ball. If you guys can't tell I have a wide range of friends. So when my buddy Q (Quill) told me he had a show tonight. I was down for the cause. I always try and go out support the arts! And mos def support my friends. (Going to the show was NOTHING.) So me and DD got there and it was packed.... (We ended up catching a couple slipping for their seats. ) But was really enjoying the show (One of my readers wanted me to do a VBlog a little more so check it.)
As we tend to do. The group that went on before Q (& nem) wasn't a cd I would buy. But it was something to bop my head to at that time. Then Q and his crew got on stage and got to doing their thing. I was in a deep flow enjoying myself. When all of a sudden it happens...... "A Nigga Moment!" Photobucket(For those of you who don't watch the boondocks please take this min. to expand your knowledge. & enlighten yourself with what a " Nigga Moment" is ) So in the middle of his set. I see a bunch of people jump up. I thought for about 2.1 sec that they were going to the stage. But nope The crowd seemed to be getting closer to where we were sitting. & me being a QC WC chick. I knew what this type of crowd shuffle meant. Someone is about to go off. So me and DD made our way to the door. (Ced the Entertainer was correct. Brown folk don't look around 2 see what's going on. We don't need no run coordinator nothing!) Some chick was having a "NIGGA MOMENT" from what we heard she had pulled out a knife. Needless to say I didn't stay long enough to see what was in chick hands. But now I'm left PISSED. I feel like that chick owe me $16 for the ticket. & $10 for the gas it took for me to get there. Why do people feel the need to act a donkey in the club. I will never understand it. Everyone (almost everyone) paid to get in there. Just cool the hell out and have some fucking fun. True I have been known to cut a fool @ The Walmart and a BK... OK Micky D's too. But I have not never been kicked out a club. It's childish. I just don't undertand why she wanted to go and do dat. Fucked the party up for everyone. We in the poetry type spot. We should be in there snapping our fingers and sharing the good vybes. Not shanking folk. I didn't even get to see the rest of Q's Photobucket show :-( Couldn't even speak. But me being on that A game as normal. I do have the video showing that yes I was in the venue. & Showed love. I enjoyed what I saw.I just will never understand why people feel the need to show they ass at a chill out outting.

& Really hate that one monkey stopped the show for me. But in the mean time make sure you

check my people out Photobucket Photobucket


.dsade. said...

lol awww theres always that ONE person,who just gotts f-ck it up for everybody else!

Empress Journee' said...

You know its sad. And what makes it worse is... That chick owe me money! LOL. I'm real for real about that I want my $26! lol.

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