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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Change Your Style

Man its crazy how everything just flows right now.... OK I was on my homie Kam's web site. When I came across something hell up-setting!!!! I knew we had a problem of wack music out here. But wack covers to boot stop playing!


Are you fucking for real.... I'm a real life 80's baby! I remember the 80s very clearly! And the care bears were a major part of that for me. And he just going to gun down my cuddly care bears? He has no shame. Has me scared of the green one now... Who knew he was a thug... After all these damn years. When did they go from care bear stares Photobucket to gang banging... Why would he do such a thing....

This isn't the only FUCKED UP COVER! Check out his web site for the rest of the foolishness...

But after seeing this foolishness they call covers. I think it will be a wonderful time to toss up the video from Amdex & Kam Moye Change Your Style! Wack music wack covers.... Come on.... I think its past time to Change YOUR STYLE UP... If you think this is whats hot in the streets! (you know killin care bears and shaking your stanky leg.) Then it's past time for you to change up your style.!

Kam hit that shit on the head. "You aint poppin in the streets! Stop googling ya self"

I'm about to start a save the care bears movement or something. Do we need ribbons for this? I'm worried....


NightFall914 said...

Smh @ Uncle Murda anyway. Whoever actually pays him to make the "music" he makes needs to be hung.

Empress Journee' said...

I don't think anyone is paying him to make music. I think he taints the world all on his lonesome lol.

Kofi Bofah said...


This man has demonized your sweet Care Bears?


Murda Muzik = Mobb Deep.


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